SHINE TOGETHER |Open + Poppykit intro|

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  • Poppykit was bored of the nursery, of her siblings clamoring about, the snoring queens, everything. She had awoke before everyone else that day, green eyes flickering across the sleeping bodies across the nursery while milky blue light of pre-dawn flickered in, squeezing herself out from beside her mother she shuffled out of the nursery, her tiny paws steady as she maneuvered across queens and kits, it felt like a whole journey before she was finally out into the frosty camp, taking a deep breath in of the crisp air she set off on exploring every nook and cranny of the camp, trying to find something that interested her- a new bug or flower or something. Finally she discovered a beetle crawling out from under a rock, pouncing on it she lifted her paw to take a look at it, the torbie kit brainstorming ways to use the beetle for her entertainment.


  • daydream boy

    he's been awake since dawn, watching the darkness slowly turn to grey light as the sun peaks over the horizon. anxiety cripples him, his mate's status always on his mind. he constantly remembers the horror of bloodstained children, her whisper of a word and her eyes rolling back. her well being is his top priority, so this morning is a calm break from worrying. a queen would come fetch him if anything was wrong, and he's been spending so much time in the nursery anyway that they're joking about building him a nest. a yawn stretches the tom's maw as he blinks tiredly, stomach rumbling. the clan will awaken soon, ready for another day of hunting and patrolling. argo hasn't slept well, but he'll nap later, he decides.

    as the tiny figure exits the nursery, the man's eyes are immediately drawn to her, affection in every sparkle of his eye as his daughter bounces about, settling on observing a beetle. large paws, moving quite softly for their size, wander over to her, and argo crouches beside poppykit. "good morning my little love," he purrs, swiping his tongue over her fuzzy head. "what are we doin' over here?"

  • Wolfkit had been fast asleep, comfortably nestled tight in between her siblings as she snored lightly in her sleep. She was just dreaming about tucking into a fat, juicy mouse - one that she had caught all by herself - when a gentle movement shook her out of her dreams. The mottled kitten stretched her front paws, eyelids fluttering open as she roused herself from her sleep. She cast a quick glance around the nursery, her gaze resting lovingly on her mother and siblings before she noticed something, no, someone was missing. A couple someones, at that.

    Careful not to disturb the nest, the grey kit picked her way across the nursery, fluffing her fur up against the chill that swept in from the outside as she nosed her way into the camp's clearing. She stood awkwardly, blinking a few times as her eyes adjusted to the light before sweeping her gaze across the clearing. There were a few cats up and about, none of which caught her interest until she spotted a fiery red coat. Dad! And right beside him, peering at something Wolfkit was unable to see, was her beloved sister.

    "Poppykit! Why didn't you tell me you were going out on an adventure?" Wolfkit called out, racing across the clearing and almost stumbling over her own paws as she did so. She skidded to a stop beside her father, eyes wide as she craned her neck over her dad's paws to see what her sister had caught.


  • Poppykit loved her father, dearly, but as the tom cat sauntered over she had to suppress a sigh, any other time she would have jumped with glee but she was in the middle of something right now dad!

    Letting out a mrrow of annoyance as her fur was suddenly smoothed down she scooped her prey closer to her, "daaad! I’m in the middle of hunting!" She scoffed, though her eyes lit up as Wolfkit stumbled over, "Wolfkit look! I caught something!"


  • 🕸️ ― COBWEBKIT

    a million dreams are keeping me awake!

    slowly, cobwebkit peeked his head out of the nursery to see what was going on. he had heard his sisters talking, and he wondered what they were doing; he felt, left out, in a way. he always felt a little left out since he was the only boy of the litter and all the girls had bonded, but he saw his dad with the two and wanted to know what was going on. the large kit creeped over to the two, coming up right beside argo, almost standing so close he was touching his father's leg. he was always a little standoffish, always a little nervous to dive right into things. "what did you catch?" he asked as poppykit exclaimed she had caught something.