Black Butler Group RP AnyOne? (1 person needed!)

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  • Okay so I’m not sure if anyone here remembers the site Xanje but I remember doing a small group thread of black butler. And now I want to see if I can Roleplay it out again!

    So basically, I’ll be playing the watchdog like I did in the past Roleplay!

    Characters needed are: Sebastian, A male or female OC, and a demon OC who makes a contract with the male or female OC.

    The Roleplay I had done took place in modern day England. But I’m a huge historical nerd so we’re sticking with the original time era of Black Butler (late 1800’s)

    Basic premise is this: The OC is adopted by Queen Victoria and she raises them as her own child. The Watchdog (played by me) has a demon butler named Sebastian and basically does the Queen’s bidding. Well, Queen Victoria is murdered and everyone blames the OC and is out to get them. Desperate, the OC turns to a demon who makes a contract with them. The Watchdog is best friends with the OC and is seeking out to prove their innocence. But can they prove their innocence or will they fail?

    Now, imma just admit this: I’m terrible with platonic Roleplays. Platonic threads go nowhere with me and I tend to lose muse quickly so this will be a polyamory romance! Slowburn of course. A nice polyamory thread! SebastianxOCxOCxOC now it’ll seem strange at first given the fact that we’re dealing with Victorian England but hey... it’ll be okay.

  • I’m interested in seeing her!

    Well, I found my old character form that I had used so I’ll just roll with that but I’ll just change my character’s appearance and tweek a few things.

    Now all we need is a Sebastian!

  • Sorry this took so long!! It’s kinda short, had a form for her and it’s disappeared. Sadddd

  • It’s fine and she’s so cute!

    Well, here’s my character