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  • alas, she had made it to the place called the coven of elysia. the quiet creature had only heard about the land in the sky, and yet it was all she needed to find her way. glowing white sockets locked onto the destination as the whirlwind of a mist was carried on thin wings to the third island.

    the misty mass would fold in upon itself as it settled on a bolder. the female would watch in silence as npcs passed, unaware of her presence in the territory. eventually someone would be bound to spot her, if not then she had not an issue with greeting herself into her new home. in fact, the shadowy silhouette might actually prefer the choice to not interact with others. they were always asking questions. name. business. none of which she new the answer to.

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Aphrodite was the first to stumble upon the mysterious stranger. Gliding to the ground, the Polaris pulls her wing in close to her sides. A smile blooms on her face, soft and kind. Of course, Aphrodite could spot her. The Polaris knew her members well, and she could tell that this girl stood out. "Are you new here? I don't believe we've met yet - I'm Aphrodite, the Coven's leader."