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  • After hearing about the complete disappearance of her family, she mourned. She mourned, she mourned, she mourned. It felt as though one blow mercilessly came after the other. Lola was experiencing the stages of grief once more. She was finished with sobbing, though. Now was the time for action. The time for anger. Someone innocent had to pay for the crimes that life had committed. She needed someone to pay. She needed someone to be held responsible for her pain. Elian was an easy target, but putting paws on the Ruins' King was nearly impossible. She'd have to opt for someone easier. A cleaner target.

    Exilers itched for fights as often as she did. Surely there'd be some poor soul that she could find along the border. They were mindless, easy targets to pick off. But they were also merciless. If she were to get stuck in a sticky situation, it'd be her own fault. Huffing, she came to a stop along the sandy border. Her bloodstained claws outstretched into the sand below as she paced back and forth. The more she waited, the more she felt excitement pour into her chest. This was such an invigorating feeling. She couldn't wait for the bloodshed that was sure to come. Taking in a deep breath, she stepped over the scent line.

    Deep into the past, she'd been an ally of these creatures. They'd allowed her to roam their territory freely. But that was all buried in the sands of time, after all. She felt a manic grin creep over her maw as she ventured farther from the borderline. "Hello? Is anyone there?" She called out innocently, knowing her true intentions.

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