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    titles guide & badge requests

    Welcome to the Painted Brigade’s Titles Guide & Badge Requests thread! In this thread you can look at the available titles, what it takes to get said titles, as well as request badges or titles. This guide was created by grace and is currently run by Kadota.

    titles guide

    clan royalty

    Royal Membership is awarded to characters in the children of the current and past leaders. For each leader the color of the badge changes. Royal Members receive Diplomatic Asylum within the Painted Brigade — no matter which clan they belonged to previously.

    badge requests

    To request a badge or title please fill out the form below. Please only request a badge/title if you have proof of receiving or earning it. Proof of earning for each of the titles are the links to all post/threads made that pertained to the requirements.

    1. [b]BADGE REQUEST[/b]
    2. [b]character name:[/b]
    3. [b]badge/title wanted:[/b]
    4. [b]proof of completion (links):[/b]