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  • ✦ introduction + customs

    Welcome weary traveler, to Fireclan. We are the clan of Hero's; of Bravery, of Honor, of Chivalry. If you are Strong of heart and valiant of mind you will find no better home then here within Fireclan. Please, take your time and look over our way of life. And if you believe that Fireclan could be your calling, then I look forward to having you join us.


    Fireclan, like the other three clans it borders, as well as the nomadic Tribe, believe in The Goddess Nyx and her children (The Elementals). Starclan also exists in this Alternate Universe, however they are viewed simply as the final resting place for those deceased and have no powers of prophecy or otherwise.

    Long ago, Nyx and her children created the world as we know it today. Each of her children is the physical embodiment of a vital element that was used to create the world and an extremely rare few today are rumored to be descendants of one of these children.

    The Goddess and The Elementals are the ones who deliver prophecies and omens to the mortal world, along with manipulating the weather/environment.

    As such, each clan territory has special attributes or blessings given to them in accordance with the Elemental that protects them.

    Fireclan: Camp is always a comfortable temperature no matter how harsh the winters become.

    Earthclan: The soil is especially fertile and many rare and exclusive herbs can be found growing there.

    Waterclan: Rivers and streams never run dry, heat waves are not a worry and fish are usually plentiful.

    Darkclan: Sounds are usually muffled here, making the territory much quieter than the other territories. As such, hunting is easier here and ambushing Darkclan on their own territory is next to impossible unless you have Darkclan blood in your veins.



    Ceremonies are to be held beneath the High Branch. Ceremonies are typically held at Sun-High.

    ~Kit to Fledgeling:

    Once a kit has reached the age of 6 moons, they will be eligible to become a fledgling. As is custom among the four clans, the young cat will then be given a mentor and spend the remainder of the night settling into the Fledglings den.

    ~Fledgling to Guardian:

    Once a fledgling reaches the age of 12 moons, they will be subject to a series of quests that will be assigned by their mentor. Only by passing all three quests successfully will the fledgling earn the right to become a guardian and gain their full name. After their ceremony, all new guardians will be tasked with a silent night vigil and be left to defend the camp for that night. ((Rpers are encouraged to use this silent vigil as a one shot!))

    ~Guardian to Knight:

    A guardian who is active within their clan will be promoted to Knight status. They will be expected to take on the responsibility of organizing patrols and keeping the camp in check for the full day of their promotion, to prove their knowledge and capability of running camp should the Ruler or Head Guardian be gone.

    ~Becoming Ruler Heir:

    When the Ruler of the clan nears the end of their nine lives, they will begin to look among the younger cats of the clan to begin training as their heir (successor). Normally this cat is chosen during their guardian ceremony, however it is not unusual for a Ruler to choose their heir from the older guardians or even the Knights. The Heir will only become Ruler once the old one dies or steps down to become a Wise One.

    ~Becoming Head Guardian Heir:

    The current Head Guardian normally chooses their heir at the same time the Ruler picks their own. The Head Guardian heir is preferred to be the same age or slightly older than the Rulers’ heir as they are trained side by side, and the two are expected to be closer than most (it is fairly common that the Ruler and Head Guardian become mates due to their closeness). As the heir to the Head Guardian, the training consists of supporting their Ruler, being whatever the Ruler lacks in order to best support the clan.

    ~Becoming Spirit-Talker Heir (Max of 2):

    Spirit-Talker heirs are chosen by the current Spirit-Talker based on signs from Nyx and the clans respective Elemental. Normally, these heirs are chosen while they are still kits, given the knowledge that they had been picked, however they will have the choice at 6 moons old to either accept or reject the path of healing. Only the Spirit-Talker has the ability to choose their heir.

    ~S-P Heir to Spirit-Talker:

    A S-P heir can be promoted for various reasons. Either, it is believed that two full healers are needed at the time or the previous Spirit-Talker can no longer fulfill their duties for whatever reason. The Heir will travel to the Goddess Temple with the Spirit-Talkers of the other clans and a secret ceremony will ensue to give them their full names.

    ~Becoming a Wise One:

    Should anyone, for whatever reason, decide to retire, they will be sent with well wishes and thanks for their hard work and loyalty to the clan. From the ceremony on, a Wise One shall spend their days peacefully and looked after by the rest of the clan.

    ✦ setting

    FireClans' territory can be found within a massive red wood forest. The sun shines bright over this land, and yet strangely it never feels TOO hot, always just right for each cat who calls Fireclan home. The Clam has lived here peacefully for the last four generations.


    At the very center of Fireclan territory, is the oldest tree in the forest. This large structure is where the camp is located. The bulk of Fireclans’ population are found to live within the roots of the towering tree, with most having their own personal living spaces and mates/families holding dens of their own. The Ruler and Head Guardian, along with their Heirs, take residence on dens that had been carved into the massive trunk of the tree long ago. No cat knows who or what made these dens, but it’s rumored that their Elemental (Fire) created them as a small gift to his son Ember during Fireclans’ founding.


    The river is the source of life for FireClans' home. It's waters move slowly and peacefully most days, though after stormy weather the undercurrents become stronger, and actually offer perfect opportunities to strengthen one's swimming abilities.


    This is the Area where the Fledglings are trained, either with their mentors or with other fledglings. Due to FireClan camp being so far from the borders with the other clans, the Fledglings aren't as strictly observed when in this meadow. It is close to camp, and the High Positions can easily observe training from their dens in the camp tree.


    If you follow the river past camp and to its' end, you will find yourself in Moss Grove. Moss covers every rock, tree, and bush in this area, and it is the best location for bedding material, herbs, as well as a fun place to practice climbing for those adventurous enough.


    What was thought to be another gift bestowed upon Fireclan from their Elemental, a large field that grows only flowers of reds, oranges, and yellows blooms every day of the year. It has become an unofficial tradition that cats will pick and present these flowers to loved ones as a gesture of affection. (Red is love, Orange is family, Yellow is friends).

    ✦ plot summary


    (Please feel free to offer plot ideas in your applications!

    ✦ rules


    • Defend your Clan, even with your life. Inter Clan relationships and their level of acceptance is usually determined by the Ruler of that clan.
    • Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory. In times of hardship, the clans are known to come together to ensure that others survive.
    • Wise ones and kits are to be fed first. Those who break this law are subject to punishment as the Ruler sees fit. The only exception to this rule are the wounded.
    • Prey is killed only to be eaten, thank the Goddess for it’s life.
    • A kit must be at least six moons old to become a fledgling.
    • Newly appointed guardians will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their full name.
    • Only the Heirs of the HPs’ will succeed them after death or retirement. At the event there was no heir, the Spirit-Talker is to try and get a sign from the Goddess to see who should lead them.
    • Seasonal Festivals are held 4 times a year, these are SACRED and there is to be no fighting among the clans during them. Any cats who disrespect this rule is subject to punishment, to be handed down from the Rulers of all four clans.
    • Boundaries must be checked and marked daily.
    • No guardian can neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different Clan. Kits are considered precious, any mistreatment of them is subject to exile from all the clans.
    • The word of the Ruler is Law.
    • An honorable guardian does not need to kill other cats to win his/her battles. Life is a gift from the Goddess and to take it is the largest disrespect to her and her authority. Cats who commit murder are banished from the clan territories and a cursed is placed upon them from the Elemental of their birth clan.


    [1] Please be respectful towards your other RPers.

    [2] This is a very loosely based Warrior Cats AU. Despite the different religion and beliefs, there are NO powers.

    [3] Bullying will absolutely NOT be tolerated.

    [4] Include everyone. No cliques please.

    [5] If you're having problems with another RPer, contact the current leader's player and inform them

    [6] If you have any questions or concerns not listed in the Q&A section of the guide, post here.

    ✦ characters


    [Total ( ) / Female (1) / Male (0)]

    Queen: Midnightfire ~ Black she-cat with amber eyes Queen Midnightfire

    ~Daughter of Sunflower (deceased) and Stormrise (deceased)

    ~Mate to Hawkice

    ~Mother to Lionkit(fang), Briarkit(light), Jaykit(talon), Emberkit(claw), and Copperkit(spark)


    Head Guardian: Hawkice ~ Dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes kiwifrosty

    ~Son of Sunstrike and Brambleclaw {Deceased}

    ~Former Loner

    ~Mate to Midnighthawk

    ~Father to Lionkit(fang), Briarkit(light), Jaykit(talon), Emberkit(claw), and Copperkit(spark)


    Spirit-Talker: Fallowsoul ~ White, black, and brown she-cat with green eyes White_Raven1387

    ~Daughter of Midnighthawk and Froststrike

    ~Sister to Driftfire, Lakethunder, Shadowkit(frost), and Airkit(strike)

    ~Half-Sister to Ryewhisker, Splash-Heart, Acornpaw (deceased)



    Pinescorch ~ Brown Tabby tom with a white chest and paws, green eyes Sweetpea&Honey

    ~Son of Moonwilow (deceased) and Oakfall (deceased)

    ~Brother to Tigerstrike, Honeyfern, Nightfire (missing/believed deceased)

    Tigerstrike ~ Golden tabby tom with yellow eyes Sanctuaryforall1

    ~Son of Moonwillow (deceased) and Oakfall (deceased)

    ~Brother to Pinescorch, Honeyfern, Nightfire (missing/belived deceased)

    ~Mate to Robinshine

    ~Adopted father of Darkflare, Stormwhisker, Brambleslash

    Robinshine ~ Light grey she-cat with bright blue eyes and white belly Sanctuaryforall1

    ~Daughter to NPC and NPC

    ~Former Loner

    ~Mate to Tigerstrike

    ~Adopted mother of Darkflare, Stormwhisker, Brambleslash

    Honeyfern ~ Golden she-cat with green eyes ||-WickedLillies-||

    ~Daughter of Moonwillow (deceased) and Oakfall (deceased)

    ~Sister to Pinescorch, Tigerstrike, Nightfire (missing/believed deceased)

    Icewing ~ Pure white she-cat with light blue eyes ||-WickedLillies-||

    ~Daughter of Snowlight and Lionleap (deceased)

    ~Mate to Blackheart

    ~Mother to Snowbird, Deerstep, Frostrike, Eagleslash

    Fernshade ~ Dark grey she-cat Sweetpea&Honey

    ~Daughter of Nightfire(Deceased) and Darkflare

    ~Sister of Thistletalon, Maplelight, Nightblaze (deceased), Blackfire, Maplelight, Shadowheart

    Darkflare ~ Black tom with white chest and blue eyes White_Raven1387

    ~ Adopted Son of Robinshine and Tigerstrike

    ~Adopted Brother of Stormwhisker, Brambleslash

    ~Mate to Nightfire (missing/believed deceased)

    ~Father to Thistletalon, Nightblaze (deceased), Fernshade, Blackfire, Maplelight, Shadowheart

    Blackfire ~ Black tom Wolfiee

    ~Son of Nightfire(Deceased) and Darkflare

    ~Brother to Thistletalon, Nightblaze (deceased) , Maplelight, Fernshade, and Shadowheart.

    Tigerdown ~ Golden tom with black stripes kiwifrosty

    ~Son of Honeyfern (Deceased) and Falconscreech (deceased)

    ~Brother of Hollowshine, Buckdash and Duskfur.

    Duskfur ~ Brown tabby she-cat Sanctuaryforall1

    ~Daughter of Honeyfern(Deceased) and Falconscreech (Deceased)

    ~Sister to Hollowshine, Buckdash, and Tigerdown

    Hollowshine ~ Dark brown tabby she-cat Sweetpea&Honey

    ~Daughter of Honeyfern(Deceased) and Falconscreech(Deceased)

    ~Sister of Duskfur, Buckdash, and Tigerdown.

    Deerstep ~ Tan she-cat with one white paw Wolfiee

    ~Daughter of Icewing and Blackheart

    ~Sister to Snowbird, Froststrike, Eagleslash (deceased)

    Midnighthawk ~ Dark grey she-cat with violet eyes MidnightHawk

    ~Daughter of NPC and NPC (left at border)

    ~Adopted Sister of Ashfall, Redwillow, Dawnriver

    ~Mates with Froststrike and Buckdash

    ~Mother to Driftfire, Lakethunder, Fallowsoul, Ryewhisker, Splashheart, Acornpaw (Deceased), Shadowkit(frost) and Airkit(strike)

    Redwillow ~ Ginger tom with green eyes ||-WickedLillies-||

    ~Son of NPC and NPC (left at border)

    ~Adopted brother of Midnighthawk, Ashfall, Dawnriver

    Ryewhisker ~ Light brown tom Sweetpea&Honey

    ~Son of Midnighthawk and Buckdash

    ~Brother to Splashheart and Acornpaw (Deceased)

    ~Half-Brother to Driftfire, Lakethunder, and Fallowsoul

    Splashheart~ Brown she-cat with a splash of white on her face Wolfiee

    ~Daughter of Midnighthawk and Buckdash

    ~Sister to Ryewhisker and Acornpaw (Deceased)


    Stormpaw ~ Soft grey tom with dark blue eyes ||-WickedLillies-||

    ~Son of Springleaf and Ashfall

    ~Brother to Flypaw(pelt) and Larkpaw(song)

    Larkpaw ~ Brown and gold tom with amber eyes Sanctuaryforall1

    ~Son of Springleaf and Ashfall

    ~Brother to Flypaw(pelt) and Larkpaw(song)


    Briarkit ~ Tortoiseshell she-cat with violet tinted eyes ||-WickedLillies-||

    ~Daughter of Midnightfire and Hawkice

    ~Sister of Lionkit(fang), Jaykit(talon), Emberkit(claw), and Copperkit(spark)

    Willowkit(soar) ~ silver she-cat Sanctuaryforall1

    ~Daughter of Chloe (died during kitting) and Blackfire

    ~Sister to Sunkit(spot), and Ravenkit(cry)

    Ravenkit(cry) ~ Black she-cat with dark midnight blue eyes ~Ravencry~

    ~Daughter of Chloe (died during kitting) and Blackfire

    ~Sister to Sunkit(spot) and Willowkit(soar)


    Snowlight ~ Pure white she-cat with gold eyes kiwifrosty

    ~Daughter of NPC and NPC

    ~Mate to Lionleap (deceased)

    ~Mother of Icewing


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