the easy way, or the hard way [open -exiles harvesting bamboo]

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    The Dynasty had been warned not to challenge the Exiles. I’d come here myself to do it, offering them the chance to essentially bring about a ceasefire, if only they would submit to my clan. Like so many others though their pride and stubborn heads had lead to a refusal, and now they would pay the price for it. We would get what we wanted, weather they wanted to hand it over or not.

    My patrol was a large one, and among them were many NPC’s pulling wagons behind them. Axes, saws, and our claws and fangs, we were determined to take the bamboo we were after. It could mean the difference between freezing this winter and surviving to see the next spring- and we would kill to have it.

    ”Pair off on the two-man saws, those with telekinesis can take the axes! I want as many of these chutes brought down as possible before sundown!” I called to my clanmates, heading over to the supply wagon to grab myself an axe with telekinesis. ”If any Dynastians show up to cause trouble, show no mercy! Take them down quick and get back to work! You three(NPC’s) stand watch so we aren’t caught off guard by anyone!”

    A few NPc’s would nod at my words before going for the saws and axes and heading over to the trees, and I would follow suit, the blade of my axe sinking deep into the nearest chute

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  • Even though Helix had no doubt in the strength of his clan mates, there was still the worry that their sizes would be their downfall in this raid. To his knowledge, the Dark Dynasty was around the same size as the Exiles, but there was the chance he could be wrong. After all, the two clans hardly interacted, so there could very much be more going on in the Dynasty then meets the eye. Hopefully the number of Exilers that Decemberlights brought would be enough. If anything, Helix was comforted by the fact that some of the strongest ones were participating in this supply raid.

    "Gotcha. Someone come help me chop down some bamboo," he said to his fellow clan mates, moving to grab at one of the two-man saws. He didn't have telepathy, so he was going to need help. If a Dynasty member were to attack, though, he'd likely hand off the job to someone else to fight instead.



    Abaddon was quick to rush over, paws sliding as the black panther came to stop beside Helix, offering to help him.

    Besides, it was easier to get this bamboo together. If anyone came up and tried to stop them, Azazel would deal with them.