PARANORMAL ACTIVITY // Interact with a ghost! (Ends Nov. 1st)

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  • Howdy everyone! I've been given permission to temporarily play a mischievous ghost for the remainder of October as a way to try and encourage activity as well as get into the Halloween spirit!

    The ghost in question goes by the name North, and he is completely unrelated to all clan and tribe cats. (I'll have a temporary account made for him hopefully tomorrow so I can start posting then!)

    Optional Tasks

    • Discover his weaknesses (Hint: one weakness is something medicine cats use, the other is a power! Adversely, he seems especially attracted to clans that have characters with one of the other powers.)

    • Discover how/where he died (Hint: he can do more near the location)

    • Attempt to befriend the ghost...? (Though he's certainly no Casper)

    • Banish/Save him (In the end, the choice is yours! Whether to StarClan, The Dark Forest, or somewhere else entirely, a simple ritual in the place of his grave will send him off.)

    What can he do?

    • Show himself and speak to the living for a short amount of time

    • Brush pelts briefly (small energy use)

    • Lightly nudge an object (the further the distance, the more energy it takes)

    • Make a character's breath cloud in front of them as if they are cold

    Who does he target?

    Everyone is fair game, but especially those who are easy to startle or young. He doesn't care if you're a kit, a naughty apprentice, or a skittish warrior– if you give him the chance, he'll be sure to make an impression.

    Extra Info

    North is a blue lynx point tabby tom with near-silver blue eyes. He appears to have been around 15 moons old at the time of death. He is also a Highlander cat and exhibits the naturally-curled ears and short tail of the breed– although his seems a tad bit longer with tassels of fur hanging from it like the leaves of a willow tree.

    Personality-wise, he is a playful trickster at best and a mosquito-like nuisance at worst. He is physically incapable of harming living cats (not that he would intend to initially) and so the most he can do to someone who angers him is drag prey away from them when they go to take a bite or blow air in their ear when they try to sleep. You know, annoying little things.

    It appears he's not fully aware of the clan (or tribe) lifestyle, making it quite obvious that he must have been a loner during his time alive.

    Other Notes

    If you have any questions, either about North or the mini-arc, feel free to ask! I wasn't sure if I should spoil all of the information on his weaknesses and such, so let me know if you would like to know OOCly and to leave it for the characters to discover ICly. <3

  •   North — tom, deceased


    Tracking with the aforementioned ghost nuisance's temporary account


    "Speaking." Attack in underline

  • oooh, i would love an interaction between him and wolfkit! she's very curious, and could either try to befriend him or bombard him with questions about his death (and how she can help send him to starclan). maybe even try to do both!


  • Sure thing! I get the feeling he would either attempt to confuse her by moving something around her or he would attempt to scare her by randomly appearing: but if she just tries to play with him or acts nice in general he'll definitely learn towards being more of a playful spirit than anything. Though he may not want to speak about his death right away, she might be able to get some information out of him about it :eyes:

    I can make the thread if you like by the way!

    Also I hope this makes sense, I got home a bit late so I'll fix any grammatical errors tomorrow, oops–

  • i think the scaring idea would be fun! she'd try to put on a tough act after the initial fright but probably wouldn't be able to help herself in wanting to befriend him and learn more about him. i could definitely see her riling him up, though, by being pushy asking about how he died

    if you could make the thread that would be fantastic! and no worries, everything made sense to me ♥


  • oo i love this idea! maybe duck and north could interact? duckpaw's very friendly and quite oblivious, so he would most likely try to befriend north.