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  • ❝There is a lot going on beneath the surface!

    — Rootlegs


    The long legged deputy pushed through into the Riverclan camp only to lay eyes on a surprisingly quiet camp. With a little frown to himself, his mind began to work on ways to get the clan talking and luckily for him he spotted his very close friend Berrybounce. Rootlegs couldn't think of a better cat to encourage others to feel comfortable and to have a chat with than the large red she-cat that was the motherly Sweetheart. Pale green orbs lit up and the frown was no more as he quickly made his way over to the surrogate mother to his children with Ryecatcher. "I need you help Berry. I was thinking we host a little mixer! Get the clan talking to one another and learning about each other?" He spoke his idea softly to her. Maybe it was his Councilor days pushing him to create this group or an unconscious dislike towards the unsettling silent camp, either way Rootlegs was keen on doing this.

    "Riverclan! Will you come out of your dens and join Berrybounce and I for a mixer? Nothing too heavy, just come out and talk with us." he called out to the clan as he took a seat next to the she-cat. He glanced between the dens and then to the beautiful femme beside him and chuckled, "how about I start?" Knowing that it was a little bit cringe, the father of many was no stranger to a bit of cringe and so he started introducing himself to one of his closest friends. "So I'm Rootlegs," he purred whilst giving her a friendly nudge on the shoulder. "I am a father of many, Riverclan's deputy and well I love to run and swim."

    // +Berrybounce and Brightfish+ hope this is okay <33


    The red-spotted tabby, graced with the fur of the fabled sheep, blinked as she came out of her own silent trance. It was so eerie. So quiet that when Rootlegs spoke to her, it was as if the clouds parted only for the light to strike her in the eyes. Jarring but, deserved. She turned her head to her friend with that warm smile bubbling up from the depths. Things had been so stressful for the older female. Brightfish was acting odd for moons, brushing off Berry’s talks with a flick of her tail. It was so unlike her and it made Berry sick with worry.

    The large ex-thunderclanner perked her tall, curved ears as she listened to Rootlegs. Oh boy. Rootlegs needing HER help? However had it gotten to this? She smiled, almost giggling at the fact Rootlegs was always the one helping her. She would say till her last breath this tom had done more for her, then any cat on this world. She gently nodded, her agreement quick and instinctual. It was way before her mind caught up with her and she blinked with sudden nerves. Talking had never been her strong suit if she was honest.

    But his words struck the air with its familiar melody. She smiled to herself once more, an accepting gesture as she was wrapped up in this little scheme. Bright had so much of Rootlegs in her, Berry thought as froths of laughter spilled from her muzzle.

    We don’t bite!” she added to inject some more humor into this little show. What did she care about anymore? She was an old perma-queen doting on her friends and kits. There was nothing sweeter than acting the fool in the company of friends.

    She was holding her paw over her surprisingly small muzzle. Her desperate attempt to let him speak while holding back the waves of giddy chuckles. She was almost snorting as he finished. Gasping to try and settled herself and speak her turn, Berry looked at her friend with all the warmth in her dark, molting amber eyes. She sniffled slightly, holding back a few stray snickers and dipping her wide, scarred head to the male beside her in greeting. She turned back to the clan smiling her luscious, sunshine kissed smile, one once rare to see on her maw.

    I am Berrybounce” she purred her voice dripping in the mirth Rootlegs instilled in her “I am the proud mother to several in and outside the clan. I walked a dark path once in my youth only to be saved by this silly tom, and my personal best friend, beside me” she nudged him gently with a hulking shoulder in return “I love my place as a RiverClan Queen. I love caring for kits and helping young mothers. Oh, and I like frogs” Her voice was alight with giggles as if the information was the funniest thing in the world. She shook her head once more to settle her joy. She looked back at Rootlegs hoping she said things right. She felt like she over spoke her turn.

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  • Her eyes were dull, unable to share in the amusement of her friends. The camp was as silent as her soul, and she'd be lying if she said that she wanted it to lighten up. She had enough sorrow to wallow in: Tempeststar's first death, the breaking of a promise that was pure, that was meant to last as long as she lived. Pipitpetal tending over Frogchirp's dire wounds, inflicted by none other than her brother himself, an unexpected twist, and even more worrying that he claimed to be innocent. The pain of her children dying, her grandchildren dying; it burned in her mind. She couldn't quite remember the last she spoke, other than typical, lifeless small talk throughout the day.

    She struggled to smile, to chuckle like her Clanmates could. Should she be laughing like they were right now? It reminded her of her youth, when she'd look bitterly at her denmates when they could play without a worry in the world. Had she not grown this whole time? An oversized kit? It sparked hollow amusement in her. While three years ago, she wanted to come back to a Clan of strangers, she wondered where'd they all gone. Dead, dead, dead; it would take her days to list the names of those she once knew who lay beneath the earth now.

    "Ravensong, senior warrior." She'd introduce herself, "I—" She decided against admitting her mood, instead choosing the half-truth, "Also a mother of many. I've had my own journey. Maybe one day I'll be able to share it." Her blue eyes looked to Rootlegs's green ones, hoping to find that familiar comfort, that trust of knowing such a wild tale and keeping it a secret.

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    Seedpaw sat sadly at the entrance of his den, as he did most days. Often he wonders if his clanmates had noticed this pattern, although those thoughts regularly ended with intense distress. He felt so predictable, stuck like glue to his daily routine while chaos quietly ravaged Riverclan. Emeraldsplash's exile disturbed him, perhaps more than it should have. He felt responsible, cats don't just do that out of nowhere. Emeraldsplash was stressed, disturbed, ill, he should have noticed, his job was to take care of the clan, was it not?

    But the sight of Rootlegs, Berrybounce, and Ravensong gathering so casually was warmly nostalgic. He closed his eyes for a moment and imagined his old home. A beautiful island separated from land by two glistening streams. Sinking into his fluffy, cloudlike moss at the of the day, surrounded by his old acquaintances. Including Frogchirp.

    His paws moving entirely on his own, Seedpaw trotted easily towards the group. Settling next to Ravensong, Seedpaw's tantrum about Tempeststar's lost death resurfaced in his mind, and he subconsciously added more distance between them. "I'm Seedpaw, I've made a lot of mistakes, but I'm here to serve my clan. I'll do everything I can to make my peers healthy and safe, so please ask us for help." He cringed, a bit intense, no?

  • Until the end of time...

    Needlepaw! Apprentice of Riverclan!



    An all to familiar voice shattered the otherwise silent and somber air, as a ball of grey and white chaos barreled into Riverclan camp.

    Needlepaw was scrambling after what appeared to be a frantic toad, it hopping away and croaking in distress as the apprentice almost caught it. The silver she-cat wasn't aware of the small meet and greet she had just disturbed, only trying to nab the warty creature. She would finally seize it, though rather unceremoniously. tumbling straight into both Seedpaw and Ravensong in the process. However, the collision didn't seem to faze the she-cat as she bounced right back up, the toad in her jaws and her bright green eyes beaming with pride.

    "GOT YA!"

    It wasn't until her proclaimed victory that Needlepaw would blink and looked around to see the others. Dropping the now deceased prey to the ground, she would flash them each a smile as she meowed, "Oh hey everyone! Whatcha all doin?"