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  • When it came to interior designing, Res wasn't the most... Adept. He knew how to work with colours in a way that would make them look decent, but understanding colour theory and how various colours had the ability to draw out feeling of those who gaze upon it were lost on him. His treehouse reflected that. There were a few plants - he wasn't the best at gardening - he would move about his room so they would get the adequate amount of sunlight needed for them to grow. There were a few colourful stones and small shells he thought were neat atop a stained, small wooden drawer adjacent from the doorway. Next to his bed was a small stack of thick science books with a few smaller books next to it. Though the spine was pressed against the wall making it impossible to tell what they were about (knowing Res, it's probably more science or classic literature). An ashen broom with a green cloth tossed over it is stationed against the side of the drawer away from the door, ready to be used as the male was quite diligent in keeping his various surfaces clean (he has long fur and lives in a jungle, he brings home lots of unwanted company). He suppose his space was cozy and welcoming, but he couldn't shake the feeling of... Emptiness, perhaps? Like, something was missing. No, nevermind something. Somethings.He wanted his house to be warm and welcoming, not only a safe space for him but others too. In order for him to achieve this, he needed more decorations. More items that held sentimental value- this one seemed as though it was going to take time. Thinking to himself, he thought for a moment. Bright green eyes abruptly shone as he noticeably perked up. You could never go wrong with hanging a few paintings up, right? It may take him a bit of time to gather the materials he needs but it wasn't like he was busy or anything.

    It was almost an hour later when the tabby managed to get his paws on the art supplies. He had to borrow some paint and brushes from another and the kind soul who gave him the canvases had no problem in giving it to him so long as they get one or two finished products. Res warned them of his incompetent artistic abilities to which the NPC would shake their head and insist anyways. Expressing his gratitude, Res would then return to his room to make sure he had everything. He should... Probably bring a few snacks while he was out there. Cookies? Cake? Berries? Fruit? Strawberries dipped in chocolate? His mouth watered at the thought, but he had no idea where to get such a delicacy. Sighing to himself, he pretended he didn't just get himself excited for something he can't have as he reached out his window. Reaching for the vines that grew behind his treehouse, he willed them to grow towards him. Snapping off the more slender ones, he tied them around his shoulders and used it as a holster for his canvases and the slender container the paint came in. As for the brushes, he settled for holding them in his mouth. He really should invest in a bag or something... This was getting tedious. It was a good idea and aesthetically, he was killing it. The dark green looked lovely against his brown fur and brought out his lighter tabby markings; the slight overall contrast giving very much earthy vibes. He could have went the whole nine yards and threw on a yellow and white flowercrown to bring out the white spots peppered over his face, shoulders and tail but that seemed like a bit much. He was busy! Now was not the time to accessorize-

    Res walked out of his treehouse, aesthetically pleasing but borderline impractical vine bag hanging on his side. He was careful not to break or dent the wooden paintbrushes in his mouth and the white flowercrown he (quickly put together) wore really tied the whole look together. A large, but gentle woodland faerie would probably best describe him in this moment. He thought it was cute and fun so he saw no harm in it. Sure the flowercrown set him back ten minutes and evening was soon to approach but he still had time. Right, off we go then. He thought to himself as he descended from the treehouse. Walking out of camp, the male would dip his head in greeting to those he passed and quickly moved out of the way of kids running from their parents. They shot him tired but apologetic glances which were returned with an all too knowing nod of his head and smile. Kids were great and he hoped to have his own one day, but they can be a handful.

    Continuing through the jungle the Thunderlands claimed as their territory, Res slowed to a stop when he noticed he reached the edge. Before him laid a vast meadow of various colourful flowers. He couldn't have found a more perfect spot to tap into his subpar artistic skills. Shaded by the looming trees and a gentle wind that would ruffle his long fur every so often... He hoped it didn't rain. He knew how unpredictable their weather could be. Looking towards the sky, he took note of the thin, wispy clouds that drifted aimlessly in the troposphere. The sun would be setting in a few hours- that should be enough time to get some paintings done. Hopefully.

    LLOYD L.  


    Similarly, Lloyd wasn't a very artistically inclined animal. He knew his colors and sometimes he knew what looked nice together, he could BS a design and force it to look nice, but he wasn't an interior decorator or an artist of any kind. The most he could do was put together gift baskets for allies, which he'd done a few times before, but even then they weren't anything to write home about. His own hut within the Thunderlands territory was proof enough that he cared little for any sort of interior designs or decorations as it was a pretty empty place. The most decoration it had was his bed, a few candles scattered around, and a small stack of textbooks about herbs and questionable medical practices that he'd borrowed from Cecilia and Nymeria, but that really was about the size of it.

    He didn't quite know what to expect when he slipped out of his home, but he didn't expect to catch a glimpse of Resonatinginnocence leaving camp looking like a traveling merchant and garden. But, he couldn't deny that he'd still seen stranger things. But with curiosity on the forefront of his mind, he trailed after his clanmate, catching up to the larger feline as he finally came to a halt and began unpacking all his materials. "Planning on working on something?" He spoke, a cocked head as he peered at all the things Res had been carrying. Paintbrushes, canvases, ... a flowercrown that he was pretty sure he'd never seen on Res' head before.

    Looking ahead now he felt his brows lift on his forehead, well, that was a pretty sight. He didn't think he'd ever seen the meadow before, or all those flowers. That really did seem like the perfect thing to paint. And while he was no artist, for a split second it crossed his mind to ask if he could join Res, but, he'd hate to impose on a clanmate who was practically a stranger.

  • If the feline was being honest, he wasn't expecting company... You'd think spending the vast majority of his life in groups would teach him someone is bound to interact with him in some sort of way. But the way he jumped when he heard Lloyd's voice would've made anyone guess the social butterfly known as Res wasn't used to speaking with others. In reality, he was easy to frighten. The brushes he was previously holding in his mouth were now scattered about on the ground and the male was staring wildly at his clanmate, bright green eyes glowing with fear. The terrified display lasted less than two seconds as the tabby quickly identified the male as another Thunderlander. One he's seen around at that. "Oh," he exhaled, a paw over his chest as he willed his heart to slow down. "I... I'm sorry about that I... Wasn't expecting anyone-" he stopped midsentence when he remembered carelessly dropping the brushes. Panicking, he quickly scooped them up and placed them down on the paint container after wiping off any mud that may have gotten on them. The weren't his so he needed to exercise the highest precaution when handling them... Which meant not suddenly dropping them.

    Returning his attention back to Lloyd, Res tugged at his folded ear sheepishly as he tried not to appear as embarrassed as he felt. Oh, r-right! He had made a comment about his setup, didn't he? He was... Painting- well, going to paint. Right, he'd forgotten for a moment. Lowering his paw back to the ground, Res nodded his head with a chirp, "Yep!" He sure bounced back quick, didn't he? Perhaps he was a bit too trusting... Clanmates could turn on each other at a moments notice, something like that isn't unheard of. Yet once he realized the cream cat belonged to his group, all fear and anxiety he felt dissipated. Never mind he doesn't know his name- that was unimportant. He wasn't a threat (despite his intimidating scars and stoic expression), that's all Res cared about. He wasn't the strongest fighter despite his large, muscular build under that long fur. He'd have to restrain Lloyd with his plant abilities... If he could manage to get him to stay in one place long enough for that to happen. Taking note of the size difference between the two felines, where Res lacks in agility, he makes up for in strength and it was probably vis versa with the other making his previous plan of attack challenging. That is, if they ever fought anyways which was highly improbable. Res wasn't the fighting type.

    Looking at his supplies for a moment, green orbs shifted back to the other male. "You can uh, join me i-if you like...?" It came out more like a question than an offer and Res felt himself flinch inwardly. Not a second later had passed before the young adult abruptly spoke up again, this time his tone was more panicked. "Th-that is if you're not busy or anything! I mean you were promoted and all - congrats, by the way - so I understand if you can't right now! We can do it some other time when you're available so let me know when you can because it's not like I'm doing anything anyways! And it doesn't even have to be painting or anything we can do something else, whatever you're most comfortable with- it's just that every time I've seen you, you always look a bit stressed and I'm really sorry if I'm overstepping my boundaries by making such an assumption! You're probably dealing with a lot to make such an expression so I thought painting might help since it could also be therapeutic and am I rambling? I feel like I've been rambling. I'm really sorry I'm-" he clamped his maw shut, the sound of his teeth colliding was loud in his head. Closing his eyes, Res sighed quietly as he lowered his head between his shoulders. "Sorry, I'm just..." He turned back to his art supplies and took a canvas and brush. He set it next to his own roughly a foot away and placed the clean brush on top. Taking the container of paints, he placed in in between their canvases and looked at Lloyd warmly. "Whenever you're ready; later, tomorrow, next week, next month... Just let me know."

    Saved it. God, he really needed to get better at first impressions.