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  • Welcome to the Panic Room,

    where all your darkest fears are gonna come for you — Tags

    It was so quiet outside of the trees and whispers if waves on the lake shore, the sound of wind and scavenging birds filling the damp air. It was a step down for sure but a step in the right direction hopefully. At least in this group of misfits she might have a chance at gaining a pawhold on some real power. All the stories and bedtime stories told to her as a young cat would surely prepare her for the new branch of her life path, leading straight into the forsaken territory of blood thirsty tyrants. Or so she was told. In all honesty, Persephone hadn't seen hide or hair of any felines once crossing the rank border of this forsaken place Bloodclan now called home. But perhaps they were watching from the shadows, just waiting to pounce on any unprotected creature who wandered in range. "Hello? Anyone out there?" The long furred black she-cat settled herself down at that horrid smelling line that told her where she should wait to set her paws, anticipating the arrival of someone to her loud call for attention.

  • "Insanity."

    — Stitches


    Having healed from her sickness, the small Singapura that was the leader of Bloodclan was seeing more daylight than she had in the past month. As such, her short messy pelt wasn't the most pleasant scent and coupled with grotesque beady eyes, Stitches was as feral as they came. The genuine call carried through the winds over to the little leader as she patrolled the border on her own. Large ears twitched to the sounds and a devilish grin grew on her pale maw.

    Skipping to where the sound had come from she purred back, "there is I who is out here." Bounding high and then slinking low, the eccentric she-cat hopped all over the place until she came close to the black femme that sat at the border. "Hi! You're looking awfully lost now aren't you? What is it? Family? Loved one?" she questioned, her yellow orbs fixated as her head tilted ninety degrees.

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  • Welcome to the Panic Room,

    where all your darkest fears are gonna come for you — Tags

    Her call had barely rode the wind when a small she-cat poked her head out and approached, hopping about like a startled rabbit seeking cover. A frown almost tugged at her lips but she forced a smile to part them instead, flashing pearly whites at the strange creature before her. What a spastic feline, surely she shouldn't be out on her own with those kind of mannerisms. Persephone watched with tightly contained distain as Stitches approached her and drew close, breathing in the scent of stone and chilly nights. "Not lost. Just looking. I heard through the vine that Bloodclan now calls these lands home, is it true?" She would have preferred to speak with someone.... more stable? No, higher ranked? Perhaps. Either way, this was not the kind of greeting she had expected to receive.

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  • "True enough," The calmer youth approached, [color=daa520]"What do you want?"[/color] He wasn't quite sure what he could idle about. There wasn't much small talk to be made, or at least, not by him. Stitches was far more... experienced in the socialization part of this whole thing, and if anything, he thought her quirks made her all the better at it. She was an interesting figure, unpredictable. He'd like to get to know this stranger too. Would she turn out to be a vibrant character, or someone who blended into the backgrounds? Was she just a passerby, or was she finding somewhere to call home? He had to admit, he'd grown beyond his habit of mimicking his elders, considering that he was old enough to be considered an adult now, but it never hurt him to analyze how everyone else acted.

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