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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Leading the patrol was Ozymandias, the quiet shadowy beast stalking the Kingdom's border. He hadn't been to the Solaris Kingdom in a long time, and they had been overwhelmingly quiet recently. So had the Brigade, but Oz was surprised by their absence. He wondered if something had happened in the Kingdom, which is why he decided it was time to start some trouble on the border. With raised tensions, he was sure that someone would start barring their fangs. "Anyone see anything interesting?" He muses to his clanmates.

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    Heavy were the steps of the polar bear as Approachingstorms followed behind Ozy, her owl companion rested comfortably in the saddle on her back. She seemed to be more interested in the area around her than the actual patrol, but the unfamiliar smells certainly caught her attention.

    "Sand, sand, and sand. Not very interestin'."


    As Nikolaii finally caught up with the pair he glared out across the golden sands of the desolate kingdom before looking back in their direction with a bit of a sneer coating his lips. What are you waiting for? An invitation? He asked before glancing back out across the sands. He was not about to stand around holding his waiting for something to happen. This place was rather quiet and what better way to draw in a crowd than with a good light show? A snort fell from the rodent's nostrils as he stood to his hind legs, ebony and crimson lightening dancing across his multi hued pelt before he began to channel it further. He aimed a bolt of the element directly at an npc knight in the distance, watching the knight's figure convulse from the unexpected shock. A faint albeit visible line of smoke could be seen rising from the body, indicating singed fur. Nikolaii did not pack enough of a punch to kill the poor kingdomer, after all that would defeat the purpose of letting them run home to squeal about brigaders at the boarder.


  • The whole trek to the territory, Alecto could feel something pricking at the back of her neck. She couldn’t quite place it at first, but as they grew closer and closer, she realized, it was familiarity. A certain homesickness ate away at her stomach as her paws touched the hot sand of the desert. Ah, it had been a long time since she’d felt the coarse earth underneath her paws. BloodClan - er, the Sanguine Ruins - had called a desert like this home once, and while she welcomed any change of pace, she sort of missed how the ground always felt warm on her calloused paw pads.

    Alecto shook her head. Now wasn’t the time to get caught up in nostalgia. They were here for a purpose, and she wouldn’t stray from it just because of some long gone memory. The Brigadier came to a slow halt beside Oz, rolling her shoulders to loosen up in case there was a fight. Oh, she hoped there would be a fight.

  • Different voices piped up with Ozy’s question, leaving the wolf muttering softly to himself. While he wanted to be on this patrol, he didn’t understand the thought process of some of his clanmates. "Of course there’s nothing interesting. The Solarians haven’t even bothered to peek their heads out yet. Of course it’s boring." He muttered, shaking his head with the comments of his clanmates. Did they really think a freaking desert would be interesting? What idiots. It wasn’t meant to be interesting. It was just sand and heat.

  • Anti-clanners all carried the tragic virus of narcissism. The female's crimson eyes narrowed to slits as she made her way forth. Her thick, sharp claws extended, flexing into the sand as she came to a stop before the pitiful patrol. A hamster? She smirked, pulling her chin upwards to scoff. "Ah, well, well, well..." She muttered, rolling her muscular shoulders. "To what do we owe the pleasure?" The lioness flicked her ears, keeping her smirk firm across her maw. She was itching to tear into their flesh. She wanted to paint the sand with their blood, but, unfortunately, her home didn't permit such. Well, unless provoked, of course. If it came to such, she'd be delighted. Maybe the Kingdom needed this. A war. They needed to get their claws dirty. Release all the pent up anger and aggression, especially after Sangria was so callously taken from them. Oh, yes, someone was going to pay. And the Brigade was so generously stepping up to the plate? Ah, she couldn't wait for what Orion had to say about this.

    "I suggest you all turn tail and go back to where you came, if you know what's good for you."

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ "Oh look, there's one." Oz says. Despite everyone's complaining, Lola emerged from the Solarian shadows and it was perfect timing for the group. Crossing his steps over the Solarian border, the hound bares his teeth at her as a quiet, low growl rumbles deeply from his throat. "You're a bold little lady - Aren't you?" He remarks, taking another step forward. "Why don't you do something about it then?" Looking at his group over his shoulder, he urges them forward with a whip of his head, "Either fight a Solarian, or steal their food. Get on it."


    "Fuckin' hell, she's a bold one. Hell of a lotta' nuts you got there, girl!"

    A loud, mocking laugh left the Viking as she walked over to stand behind Ozy, looming over him with her massive body. Arne, the grumpy owl he was, flared his wings up threateningly as she waited for Ozy to start a fight with the chick. Seriously, how was one so damn ballsy, getting all threatening with a group of people? She's all alone, isn't she?

    "Not to be a dick, but 'yer gonna get fuckin' toasted, sweet cheeks. I suggest 'ye scurry on home with that tail tucked between 'yer legs."

    She laughed loudly, a heavy laugh- before sparks began to permeate from her thick fur, the crackling in the air around her from the high voltage. Yeah, she was gonna shock this bitch like an electrical circuit.

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  • A bold little lady?

    The female could hardly believe her ears! Was he blind? She was a former Sanguine Ruin's Warlord. She gutted her enemies and displayed their corpses for all to see. To call her ballsy, nearly earned a chuckle from the female. She wasn't overestimating herself; if anything, they were underestimating her.

    Ah, now he was provoking her. The lioness couldn't stand idly by while intruders threatened her land. Barring her fangs, a growl barreled from her throat. She leapt forward, attempting to push him into the ground with her weight, claws outstretched. Throwing down the leader would surely encourage the rest of the group to fall suit. Despite her confidence in taking out a few scrawny idiots, she hoped some Solarians would have her back soon. She couldn't hog all the fun, now, could she?

  • Alecto’s sharp gaze snapped towards Lola as she appeared, and a sense of bloodlust began to pool in her belly. There was something about the lioness’ white pelt that almost begged for it to be doused in crimson blood. The wildcat’s claws dug into the sand, and she sneered as the other female spoke. Damn, she sounded like a proper bitch if she’d ever heard one. Stuck-up assholes needed to be knocked down a peg.

    As Lola lunged forward towards Oz, Alecto would attempt to leap onto Lola’s shoulders and sink her claws into the muscle. If her attack succeeded, she would then proceed to try and deliver a vicious bite to the other’s neck.


    Fighting, fighting, fighting. It was all anyone ever did, huh? It made his lips curl downwards and his shoulders slump somewhat with displeasure. He remembered one of these animals, the hellhound at the front, he was one of the animals that had tried stealing from the Thunderlands. Lloyd remembered trying to be nice, trying to talk them down from their attempts at stealing. He still didn't want to fight, really, it was the last thing on his mind when he still had a family to find. His poor brothers wouldn't be here to help him this time. All of them were gone. And now there was already a fightt, there was no talking anyone down from this one. Wind buffeting his fur, shoulders tensing, dull eyes narrowing the small feline aimed a sharp crack of wind in Alecto's direction in an attempt to offset her attempt to jump on Lola. "Please, just leave," he spoke towards the Brigaders, exhaustion coating his youthful voice. Didn't they have anything better to do, or was this really all they did? Whatever the case, he hoped this got over with soon so he could get back to looking for his brothers, that was still his top priority, and it always would be.

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  • Orion couldn't take this. On top of everything else, now the Brigade was attacking them. Briefly looking up to check that the crown which symbolized his status within the clan was secure, the old mutt ran up to the conflict. "Stop," the Dawningcrown commanded. The words came out with more force than those who knew the kindly leader had ever heard. He was angry. This was not helpful. If these Brigaders didn't leave, Orion was going to force them to. He wasn't sure how, but he would. Turning to look directly at the smug hellhound who seemed to lead this group, Orion loosened his shoulders and stood tall. "Leave now. You are not welcome here. I will try to settle this peacefully but I will force you to leave if you won't leave of your own accord." Orion prepared himself to pounce if he needed to, muscles tensing as he stayed on the defense.

  • "Stop!" Roman mocked, laughing as he moved towards Orion. Did he really think acting nicely was going to get them that far? What a fool. "Do you really think we’d listen to you telling us to stop? You aren’t in charge of us!" With that, he would attempt to leap onto Orion, locking himself onto his shoulder (by means of digging in his claws, biting or both, whichever happened to work) and drag him down with himself. If that were successful, he would then aim to flip him over, pinning him to the ground. He would then set an electric barrier around them, hopefully preventing others from aiding Orion. "You still want to play nicely? Ask for mercy and peace?" He’d growl, almost begging him to fight back, or at the very least humor him.

  • These people reminded him of the loners he'd once avoided. Crass, callous, and cruel. Everything Orion had spent a lifetime working against. As Roman lunged for the mutt, Orion pulled away so that the other dog's claws only grazed his thick fur. He wasn't going to let this young fool take him down. Orion defended once again, beginning to circle around Roman. "Unlike you, I have morals. I don't hurt others unless I have to," Orion spat with contempt. "And I don't care who is in charge of you! You're on my territory, so you're under my jurisdiction." The old dog screamed the words with rage, pent up grief mixing with the anger. He felt something bubbling up inside of him, something he'd never felt in his seven years. Unknowingly, Orion attempted to change the emotions of the Brigaders to extreme terror. He didn't know what he was doing. The Dawningcrown just wanted these intruders to leave.


    Though there was fear, Stormy had been taught that there was never no fear in a true warrior. Despite the terror, a rather intrigued grin took its place upon her face as electricity fizzed and popped around her, static shifting the air around her as storm clouds brewed overhead, thunder cracking in the sky- a warning.

    "Oops! It'd be a shame if 'ye got 'yer pelts all fucked."

    The polar bear chuckled, moving around the group to lock her eyes onto LLOYD L. , grinning at the man— before the polar bear rushed forward and swung a large paw at the male, attempting to smack him upside his head to try and disorient him.


    They hadn't changed. Not a single bit. It'd been two months since he'd last had the displeasure of interacting with the Painted Brigade and they were still the same bratty children as last time. Oh, but on the bright side, there weren't actual children here this time. Jolting to the side in an attempt to avoid the larger feline's paw he winced as he felt claws scape against his cheek, heaving a sigh of relief as he didn't get a full-on concussion from her giant paw and instead it only drew a tiny splattering of blood. Jeez, that was a big paw for a regular cat. Instinctively, he'd form a gust of wind, aiming it right at APPROACHINGSTORM. in an attempt to throw her off balance. Hopefully, it worked considering it was pretty much impossible to grab onto sand to keep one's footing. If he was lucky with throwing her off her paws he'd then aim to flash a shimmering light of green in front of her face to temporarily blind her. If he managed to do that, he'd draw his sword and clench it tightly within his jaws, forest green eyes narrowed on Approachingstorm as he was ready for the next time she planned on attacking.

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Chaos had a feeling to it. It was a mix of emotion, and it was the only time Oz truly felt anything. There was passion in his attacks, adrenaline in his veins, a desire to hurt others. As Lola jumps at him with her claws outstreched, he stands there, bracing to take her attack headon without fear. Despite her pushing him down with her weight, he cranes his neck in an attempt to bite LOLA on her left foreleg, hoping that she would draw back before he did too much damage. "How about you pay us to leave? How's that sound, Mr. Morals?" Oz snarls through barred teeth. Oz had been emotionally manipulated before - He knew what it felt like. He knew it was building up, and he wouldn't be surprised if it built up on other Brigaders too.