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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Roman had instructed Oz to go host a border patrol. He figured that he was going to start a little border scuffle while he was out. After all, his claws were itching for a fight. "Brigaders! I'm heading out to patrol the Solaris Kingdom. Feel free to start trouble if you feel so inclined." It wasn't a raid or anything, but just to piss them off and remind them that the Brigade was still an enemy that they needed to look out for.

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  • [ TAGS ] Oh, some action! This sounded like fun. Bounding over, I flashed Ozy a smile. Ah, the dead-but-not-dead Golden Lieutenant! It would be nice to work alongside the hellhound and be able to gauge his skill. Obviously he had to be a worthy opponent, considering he was second-in-command of the group, but it would be nice to see his skills up close. "Alright! Painted Brigade, back in business!" I cheered, though I wasn't sure if the Painted Brigade had ever gone out of business? Hmm.

  • Ozy had started his weekly task huh? He sure was glad to see that. Now the real fun could begin huh? "Like hell I’d miss this. Can’t wait to hear them whine and complain about this. Oh, and what’s better? They likely don’t know Celia is leader! How fun that’ll he when they threaten to come tell the leader!" He began laughing almost uncontrollably by the end of his comment, finding the though quite hilarious. Regardless, the wolf was ready to head out whenever Ozy was prepared to lead them out.


    This seemed like a good excuse for him to get out and release some pent up tension. Quietly the multi colored hamster began to follow in behind the group heading towards the kingdom. Hopefully a fight would break out or something, he was itching for some bloodshed.


  • She didn’t exactly know what the patrol was for, it causing trouble on an enemy’s border? Sounded intriguing. The caracal flicked her tufted ear as she followed after the others.

  • With the word given to head out, Roman would fall in behind Ozy and the rest of his clanmates. He was ready to be able to do whatever he wanted and stir up some drama. "Can’t wait for this one. It’s gonna be good." He chuckled, as he eagerly waited for the border to show on the horizon.