it's their soul- wt, decorating!

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  • Sam felt like crap. It wasn't something to say gingerly- the way she felt, admitting to that tabby that she couldn't remember them, their faces, their names? It kind of stung. But, she supposed, busying herself with other things, brought her attention away from it. She had searched in their storage- having an NPC show her the way there was more then a little embarrassing- and brought forth a plethora of fall themed decorations.

    That's when she had raised her voice, turning her head towards the stairs of the mansion. She was unsure where her counterpart was. "Ilya! I have the goods." She called, turning her head back towards the pile she had hauled out. And, slowly, Sam had started to take some leaf-strung tinsel, winding it into the bannister of the stairs. She worked methodically, stair by stair, her paws bringing it up, over, back through, then the next stair.

    Whenever the rather.. fluffy counterpart of hers decided to show up, she'd look towards him. "If you could set some pumpkins or the like on the tables? Kind of like centerpieces." She prompted, moving to the other bannister.

    ILYA A.



  • Similarly to Sam, Ilya also felt like crap. For different reasons, mind you, consisting of an near constant throbbing in his jaws and the slew of physical symptoms he'd recognized himself. He hates himself for taking on a task such as this, but he'd hate to leave Sam to decorate the mansion by herself. It wasn't a very gentlemanly thing to do, so he sucked up all of the pain he was feeling and eventually made his way out of his very dark room.

    He's blinking the weariness out of his eyes when he hears Sam call his name from downstairs. She has the goods, she says. He wishes that it didn't sound as if she were about to give him something shady under the table. "Coming," The tigersune rumbles as he turns the corner to descend the stairs, moving past Sam as she worked on the banister with leaf-strung tinsel. He pauses briefly to look, his hazy stare gazing almost through the decoration than at it as he tries to focus on it. He gives up quickly, the glance-over lasting for barely a couple of quick seconds before he dips his head to the doecat. "Looks good." He comments before she gives him the task of setting up the pumpkins on the table in such a way that they would be like centerpieces. Ilya nods, turning to walk the rest of the way down the stairs.

    He squints at the amount of fall decorations gathered in the room. Pumpkins. He hopes they are fake pumpkins—the shiny plastic ones they could put on the table and not have to worry about them going bad when it came to eating dinner with the family. Nevertheless, he starts to put them up onto the table, lifting them by their green stems and adjusting them with his paws to make sure they lined up evenly with the rest of the table. However, the pumpkins by themselves were bland... Even as someone who didn't have an eye for decoration could tell that it'd be boring to have just those there.

    Ilya turns back to the decorations settled on the floor nearby, looking for something that would accent the orange pumpkins now sitting on the table. He soon finds a jar of presumably fake leaves, colored brown, red, and yellow. He brings the jar of fake leaves to the table and "sprinkles" the leaves around the base of the pumpkin centerpieces, sniffing quietly. "We gonna hang anything from the chandeliers, Sam?" He asks her, glancing over his shoulder to where she was working on the other banister.

  • [ BIOGRAPHY ] he hears voices from the stairs as king prepares to head back upstairs to his room. approaching the stairs, he spies ilya inspecting sam's work and starting to decorate as well. the leaf-strung tinsel is already wrapping around the the banister, reminding him that the fall celebration event is coming up soon as well as the night market. the mansion sure will start to look more like autumn and 'spooky' themed. "y'all need help here?" king would ask, mainly towards ilya as he glances between sam and him. the capo supposes he could spare a moment of his time to help speed up the decorating process before settling into his room.

  • Oh, look at that, they were getting started on the decorations! Even though they had just gotten started, she already liked where they were going with the leaf shaped tinsel that was being wound around the bannisters of the stairs. There was all kinds of decorations that she could spy as she made her way down the stairs herself, carefully stepping past Sam as she worked on the other side of the stairs, though she did hope that if they used pumpkins that they knew what they were getting into. They'd have to be swapped out every once in a while, to ensure that they didn't go bad and cause any issues, or...oh, wait, right, those weird plastic pumpkins, right they could just use those...why were those a thing anyways? Shaping plastic into the shape of fruit like that, what if someone tried to eat one?

    Ah, well, nevermind that, the duo looked like they were just getting started, and she couldn't wait to see what the final result was going to look like, oh she was sure that when they were done she would barely even recognize the place! "Um, I have a little time free myself, if you'd like any help, th-that is. Oh, and please be careful with hanging things from the chandeliers, even if you have wings, we don't need anyone falling from that height!" She was sure that Ilya would be just fine, he seemed like a very capable flyer, but there was no harm in reminding everyone else present that climbing up there, at least without some support, would be a bad idea


  • Ilya. A soft huff of relief left the doecat as her eyes shifted to the far fluffier member of the Cartel. She blinked at him gently, watching his unfocused gaze try to center on her. Her ears twitched, sensing that her counterpart in this task might not have been feeling the best today. She sighed gently- at least she had given him a good task- but straightened up at the compliment. She flashed a tiny grin, perhaps what set her apart from her typical grumpy outlook. "Thanks." She prompted in reply.

    She finished with the tinsel, as more people filtered in and Ilya worked on the centers. She looked towards Ilya, her ears standing tall, before tilting a bit. She eyed the chandeliers up top, and she had to be honest- she hadn't even thought about them. Getting up there would be too much work for herself, she supposed. Sam shrugged a bit. "If y' want to? I'm not objected to it. Maybe a fake spider?"

    As she looked towards King and Wavepool, her eyes stared for a moment. She had been picking people's names up lately, but sometimes it wasn't enough to match faces to names. She shook her head, and refocused a bit. "You um. You can help if you'd like. Not like I can stop you either way." She prompted, tilting her head a little bit. Strangely, no quip followed, no strange tease towards either of them.



  • Brandy's prowess in sprucing the timeworn mansion up for the season seemingly proved inefficient, as not one, but two of the Tormenta-Million's colleagues were assigned to finish the job. Entering the foyer on diligent striped limbs, the tabby approaches with the initial intentions to extend a helping hand paw. The fleeting moment the doecat's figure is caught by his vision, however, that motive fades into obscurity. Despite the two not even being incredibly close to one another, Jasper simply couldn't handle having a friend forget his entire identity. In fact, had he not ventured so close already, he'd alter his trajectory altogether and head upstairs instead.

    In an attempt to prevent ill-found sentiments from whirring about his mind, the Capo's coppery hues avoid Sam whilst they combed the environment. Putting on the parking breaks near the watery nurse, Jasper's rear end plants itself into the wooden flooring as he directs his attention to Ilya. "I'm here for moral support," he affirms curtly, eyeing various ornaments as its being applied to the background. It's only a matter of weeks until all this décor fell victim to the cardboard boxes, anyways, as the winter holiday finery eagerly awaited to replace it.