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  • It was an ordinary day in downtown New Orleans. She got up, ran her errands, did the laundry, and now she was heading to her new job in the pouring rain. Great start to day one of her second week working at this club. Thank goodness she remembered a jacket lest she ruin her uniform. This wasn't her first choice as a job, but it paid well , all she had to do was mix a few drinks, serve a few customers who were way too forward for her taste, and call it good. Why did she agree to work for a place like this? Girls wearing bikinis flounced around, dancing and teasing their male customers, the uniforms left little to the imagination with the white, tie cropped blouse, the black vest, and black skirts that barely reached her mid-thigh. The way she countered that; taller boots.

    When she got to the club she hurried in the back door, let in by the bouncer there, and quickly shed her jacket, fixing her hair as best she could, tying it up into a French braid. Gosh she was a mess. Fixing up her makeup as best she could, she sighed at her reflection and swallowed nervously. Time to face the music. The small brunette punched her time card and headed out of the break room, moving for the bar across the room, ignoring the hungry gazes of disgusting men as she passed, flinching as one of them smacked a hand on her rump. She didn't say anything, just kept moving and let out a breath as she stepped behind the counter. This was her safe place. Nobody could touch her here. Behind the counter, she was just the pretty barista who never said much to anyone. Unlike her coworkers who flaunted their beautiful curves at every turn. How she ended up with a job like this, she still didn't know.

    The night dragged on, and she mixed drink after drink, turning down offer after offer from the men she grabbed the attention of. Were men really this shallow? All they seemed to wsnt was a pretty face and a sexy body. She was more than that... wasn't she? And how did their boss just let these things happen, like the touch she clearly hadn't asked for on her way over here. She'd never formally met him. His manager, a woman, had interviewed her and then apparently asked him for his input but she'd never laid eyes on the man who gave her this job, even if it did suck from time to time. She couldn't complain too much. She did appreciate the opportunity. She was learning much about herself working here.

    During a slow period, the brunette wiped down the counter with slow, steady movements of the damp towel in her hand. A man came up to the bar, a very handsome man with a chiseled jaw, dark hair, and captivating green eyes. He offered a grin as he took a seat and placed an order, his eyes never leaving her as she brought the glass of bourbon over to him and set it on the napkin. "You know, places like this somehow find the most stunning of creatures to be working the bar. It's one of life's mysteries." Charlie chuckled a little and couldn't help the shy smile. There was always one guy who tried the genuine completely route to get her to go to hed with him. "Unfortunately, flattery isn't the only care this creature desires," she replied, setting a bottle underneath the counter. "Ah, my apologies for being too forward. But I can't help but wonder how a lovely woman like yourself got stuck working somewhere like this," he inquired and she paused a moment to think. Because it was the best paying job in this neighborhood? Because she got good tips for showing off her curves a little? That was embarrassing. "It's um... it's a bit of a long story but... I just needed the money." They continued to talk a bit, until he left, and the brunette couldn't help but be a little disappointed he didn't even give her his name or his number. Fine, it was fine. He thought she was boring because she wouldn't sleep with him, fine then. He didn't like her standards then he could leave. She didn't need that kind of drama in her life right now.

  • benedict ?? vampire

    benedict rarely took a step into his establishment. he let his manager and workers run the place. it gave him a steady flow of money, and he never figured it to be very important for him to visit..however every once in a while he'd come to check in on a new worker, and he'd recently taken a look at an application from a new girl and today was her first day. the well dressed supernatural decided this could be a good time to pop in.

    the place itself wasn't the fanciest. which kind of annoyed him, but he'd never received a complaint. benedict let out an quiet huff of air as his drive stopped in front of his building. "thank you driver, i'll be here only for a short amount of time so you can stay put." he instructed and the elderly man who was in the drivers seat just nodded and gave a smile in the mirror before getting out to open the door.

    benedict dipped his head as he stepped outside the car, and reach his hand in his coat pocket for his wallet. he pulled out a one hundred dollar bill and handed it to the man. "for the grandkids,, say happy birthday to sarah for me." the ginger said and the man blinked with wide eyes, shaking his head quickly in appreciation as he took the tip. after that benedict headed inside and his green eyes shifted around before slowly approaching the bar. he could smell everyone,, and it wasn't the best experience of his life. he got a few cross looks from grungy men who whispered slurs and other comments based on how he was dressed, but he only grinned before pausing to listen in on a conversation between a man at the bar and the girl.

    he gave a squinted look from across the room then continued on his way once the man had left, and as he sat at the bar and let his eyes fix onto the girl there. "that was dreadful." he commented with another keen squint as he studied her. benedict decided not to hint to who he was quite yet, he'd like to get to know this girl.. she seemed fairly ordinary compared to most,, attractive however, and in the least creepiest way possible she smelled the nicest out of anyone here.


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  • Her eyes snapped up at the sound of his voice and a light frown creased her brow. She blushed just a tad as she noticed him studying her. She wasn't sure she'd ever get used to men looking at her like she was an object to be toyed with. Swallowing, she fixed her eyes on what she was doing with wiping down counters and setting aside glasses. Their business was slowing down for the night and she was more than ready to call it a night. This well-dressed, handsome ginger had caught her attention however, she was curious about him. They didn't have too many high rollers come through here.

    Her hospitality kicked in after a moment and she forced herself to meet his eyes and put on a small smile. "Can... I get you a drink, sir?" She asked, as politely as she could, pausing to lean her elbows on the counter, inadvertently showing off a few more of her flawless skin beneath her white blouse. Her lips were touched with just a bit of gloss, loose strands of her caramel-colored hair hung in her sapphire eyes as she gazed at him, studying him, trying to get a read on him and what kind of drink he'd choose, like she'd been trained.

    She caught the snickers of a couple guys on the other side of the bar, a couple of them whistling in her direction to give them a show. She instead gave them another round of their drinks, going no closer than she had to, cheeks flushing a deep red at some of the things they were telling her. She definitely wasn't used to this kind of attention. Would this ever get better? She wished her parents were still around... at least they'd have some advice, maybe get her a different job.

    She wasn't one to flaunt the almost angelic body that she had. She preferred to stay on her own, in her own little bubble and not have anyone come on to her. At least ask her out on a few dates before trying anything like that.

  • benedict ?? vampire

    benedict kept his eyes on her, but looked away for a moment as he listened to chatter. his attention pulled back at her question. “oh hm,,sure.” the man thought for what seemed only a second. “vodka on the rocks..” he murmured softly as his eyes strayed to watch her tend to other customers.

    he heard how they spoke and it made him almost want to recoil. the tall ginger sat straight and placed his palms flat down on the bar as he gazed at the men who spoke. “you know chirping at her like you would a dog isn't going to do you any good, right?” he commented his gaze icy at the few men who looked his way.

    “i’m getting secondhand embarrassment just listening to you.. you’re all so desperate for any ounce of attention she’ll give you.” he said with a small sigh and he adjusted the collar of his jacket. with this benedict stood up, and moved around the bar to approach a few of the men.

    "don't get me wrong loves, i get it. she's young and attractive, but most of you are middle aged and probably married with three kids. why in the hell would she bother herself with you? that is unless underneath that predatory attitude you're secretly some rich bachelor...which i doubt. i mean.. i think if you had money you'd at least invest in a mirror?" once benedict had finished he could see a few men shifting as if they were ready to pounce on him or something.

    benedict had never been the knight in shining armor type. he usually would mind his own business depending on the situation, but this was his business after all. he lifted a brow however as one spoke. "how this you're business? you're just some high rollin' pretty boy with some fancy lines to try an win the girl." a disgruntled older man growled. "we're all just having fun." he muttered as he stood up to state benedict down.

    the ginger only grinned. "so you think i'm pretty? i didn't know i was your type..." he purred and caressed the man's face.


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    As Charlie watched all of this unfold, she couldn't contain the small smile that tugged at her lips. A guy had never stood up for her like this. It gave her a warm feeling inside, like maybe she wasn't going to end up alone in life. The smaller girl nearly burst out laughing at his little show, it was quite entertaining to watch this mysterious redhead toy with these disgusting people. He had had a point. Maybe they erfe unhappily married or something? Or maybe they really were just jerks desperate for attention. Either way, she wasn't interested in hooking up with men like them. They weren't all that attractive either.

    The man he was touching just looked creeped out. Who did this guy think he was? Pushing his hand away, he stood from his seat, glaring at the redhead. "Look pal, I dunno what you're playin at, but my buds and I are just having some fun. If you think its disgusting, then you shouldn't hire such hot waitresses," he growled, fists clenching. Charlie could see his frustration, but she couldn't read this mystery man. His accent had her melting, that fiery red hair was both fascinating and bold, just like him. She could have easily jumped into this mess but she didn't, she watched this all go down, silently thanking the redhead for standing up for her.

    Finally the other guys left, and Charlie blushed as she met his eyes for only a moment, looking back down at wiping out glasses. "Thank you, but you um... you didn't have to do that, you know..." she murmured, glancing up at him hesitantly. Those green eyes of his were captivating in a way she hadn't experienced in quite a while. He was like a Wraith, unreadable, shadowy, shrouded in mystery. Oh she would crack right through those layers and learn everything she could about him. And yet... she felt like she'd seen hi somewhere, or his picture somewhere. But where?

    She thought back to the night of the car accident that killed her parents, and very nearly killed her. Her new lease on life had thus far yielded nothing promising, and she was stuck in a job like this where she was treated like an object, like trash, day in and day out. What would her dad do? If he was here, what advice would he give? He would probably tell her to keep moving forward, to keep pushing through because there was something special about to happen in her life. She doubted that with how things were going currently. She hoped he was right.

  • benedict ?? vampire

    benedict watched the men leave and let out a small chuckle, and adjusted his tie. his eyes met the girl's as she thanked him, and he lifted a brow at her blushing. he watched her a bit more, then returned to his seat at the bar. "i know." he responded once he'd sat down. "but it just seemed so easy to get under their thin skin,, people like that are usually rather sensitive about themselves." he said simply and gave a small half smile.

    benedict hummed softly as he watched her,, she seemed lost in thought. "what are you thinking about?,, if you don't mind the inquiry that is.." the english man asked his voice soft.. now that things had calmed down he could smell the girl even more,, well her blood. he took a small gulp, he probably should've brought blood with him.

    the ginger shove the thoughts out of his head as he refocused onto the question he'd asked.


  • The brunette was so caught up in her thoughts that she almost missed his question entirely. Snapping back to reality, she smiled a little and continued wiping down the counter she stood behind. "Oh... uh... just um... thinking about my parents... is all..." The girl before him paused a moment when she realized she'd forgotten his drink. Shoot. Vodka on the rocks, right. Once again she found herself leaning over the counter to place the glass on a napkin before him. She wasn't usually so scatterbrained but this guy was definitely distracting with that... alluring... English accent and his fiery red hair... stop. She couldn't be thinking like that. What would her boss think if he saw her slip away with the redheaded man before her? She'd probably get fired for leaving her job and abandoning the customers. No, she needed to just stay here and focus before she dropped something that would come out of her paycheck.

    This was definitely not the most glorious of jobs. In fact, if she had been able to get any other job, she would have taken it. Unfortunately, she got amazing tips in addition to her paycheck every other week. A curious thing, really. Show off some of her curves, flash a smile and she had these people drinking out of her hand, almost literally. This wasn't who she was though. She felt like a stranger in her own body when she was here. Maybe she'd get used to it, she still wasn't sure if she wanted to. The other gals that worked here had been here for years, worked for years in this kind of thing. They were confident in themselves and their abilities to seduce a pretty penny from the customers who stepped foot inside this building. She just needed a couple of weeks, she'd grow accustomed to the catcalls and flirtatious invites, surely.

  • benedict ?? vampire

    "your parents?" benedict echoed then watched her, his eyes lowering to the drink she'd placed before him. he tilted his head a bit, and gave a small smile before looking back to her.

    "parents are important.. especially when it comes to a young person like you, they help to mold a growing mind. things they say.. how they act. everything they do makes an impact." he said and hummed a bit lifting the glass she'd sat down and taking a sip, once he'd placed it back down he looked around. "..so love," he started as he focused back onto charlie.

    "is this your first time working a job like this?" benedict asked then paused. "oh..hm, hope my questions aren't keeping you from your work.." he added softly then lifted his hand, and pulled back his sleeve to peer at his watch. he'd already been in here a while, he clenched his jaw in thought then lowered his hands again. it'd probably be best if he'd left soon.. he'd need to get something to eat, and he'd prefer it not to be some innocent.


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    Her interest was piqued when he started talking about parents and the important role they played. He wasn't wrong. They influenced much of a child's life. She remembered her dad always telling her to trust her instincts. They hadn't been wrong so far. Her mother was a kind soul who found the good in everyone. She saw the potential in everyone, in Charlie. A smile touched her lips as she averted her gaze for a moment, focusing on the circular movements she made against the smooth surface of the bar counter. She only wished she'd had more time with such good people. They brought so much life and light to this world and now that they were gone, she'd always felt a void in her heart, in her life that she wasn't sure would ever go away.

    Her eyes drifted up to meet his again as she smirked and gestured to the nearly empty bar. "Oh, of course. As you can see, I'm slammed busy," she teased, chuckling a bit. "I'll um, admit this is the first time I've had a job like this, yes. It's uh, the best paying job that isn't too far from my apartment. I can walk here at least without too much trouble." The brunette brushed some hair from her eyes as she bent down to put away a bottle of bourbon. This was probably the first conversation she'd had with a guy here that didn't involve them asking her to come home with them. So far, anyway. He seemed like a decent guy, certainly good looking.

    "So, are you a regular here?" She asked this a little further into the conversation, hoping that wasn't a weird question to ask. She was merely curious, he seemed to know his way around. He wasn't fazed by the other girls walking around in tight clothes, in fact they seemed totally chill with him being there, like they knew him. They usually pounced on a new customer like cats on a mouse. It was an odd thing to watch, how they reacted to all the attention, but also hilarious if they were flustered or just plain confused. Most people just came here for a drink or two, not to be bombarded with attention from plenty of pretty faces.