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    She was tired of being landlocked. She was born with wings, two sets of them she might add, for a reason and that reason was not so that she could walk around with them all her life. Her last attempt had been when her uncle Polaris was still here in the veil. The pair of them ended up with virtually no progress that day with the exception of hovering off the ground for a second or two. Her pastel brows pulled together as she took a second to wonder upon the blind draconic tabby. Was he aright out there on his travels? She certainly hoped so. A low sigh fluttered from her jaws as she pushed herself to dainty paws. Her mouth felt dry as cotton as she looked over the edge of the spire. It was such a long way down, but she had climbed all the way up here and she was not keen on climbing all the way back down. With a steady breath Nautilus extended her leathery wings, lean muscles bunched in anticipation. After taking a second longer to psyche herself up she made a jump.

    Wind whistled vigorously past her as she began to plummet towards the treeline, sea green eyes wide as she fumbled with what to do next. All of the instructions she'd read within her book went flying out the window as she continued to fall. During a moment of pure fear she made a split second decision to let go of her booksmarts and let instinct take over. Squeezing her eyes shut she felt her wings catch the current as they extended further, leaving her to soar and coast upon the wind. Tentatively she opened one eye and then another, feeling the gentle breeze against her ivory pelt rather than the harsh battering of before. A shaky sigh of relief came from her lips as she tested a downward flap of her wings and then decided to try a turn. The apprehension she wore upon her face before melted away, leaving behind glowing optimism. She was actually flying.


  • Ilya doesn't remember when he began his lessons in flying. Usually, when one had wings, it was the parents job to teach their children how to fly, but Ilya had neither of those growing up. He had taken it upon himself to teach himself how to fly and he could confidently say that was he was pretty decent flier—decent enough to where he could teach his older half-brother and one of his cousins how to fly. Had he known Nautilus didn't know how to fly, he might've offered to teach her (free of charge, of course).

    Ilya was nearby when he'd caught the girl's form on the top of the spire. It was a ways up, but his keen eyes could very well spot the movement at its top. However, with her being so far up there, he couldn't identify that it was Nautilus that had climbed to the top of the spire. Even so, Ilya's heart leapt into his throat when he saw the figure jump away from the ledge and into the air.

    His knee-jerk reaction was to fly up there himself, his own wings practically snapping outwards. His right wing strains with the sudden movement, but he ignores the way it aches as he leaps into the air with a strong flap of his wings. The wind rushes all around him, rustling his crimson tipped feathers, dirt displaced with the strong and admittedly rushed takeoff. He doesn't falter until the figure above him—which becomes clear to him as he ventures closer—spreads her wings to catch the warm currents above the pine trees. His heart thrums in his chest. He's been panicked before, yes, but the emotion he felt coursing through his body was like... pure terror. (At what? At the thought of losing her?)

    He rises through the air still until he reaches the height Nautilus is at now, twisting through the air to fly just beneath her. "Nautilus," Ilya calls to her almost out of breath, his brows still scrunched together with heart-stopping concern. "You gave me a heart attack down there." He'd never taken off so fast in his life. He's sure he jarred the old injury in his wing from flying up here as quickly as he did, but it was worth it to make sure Nautilus was okay.

    He took a moment to examine her face, how she seemed so happy to be up in the air—it was just like how he was when he flew. He often used it as a way to escape from everything, even if only for a little while. He knows better than to scold her for startling him when she was clearly excited to be flying for the first time in her life. His expression softens, a sigh leaving him as he forced himself to relax. "You're flying, congratulations. Now, do you know how to make a landing?" He asks her, a light tease in his voice as he smirks up at her.

  • Grimm watched from the ground smiling behind his ever present mask watching the only family that as far as he could tell still around and seeing her happy and succeed made warmth bloom in his chest, maybe he'd make a mural of this and give it to her later as a gift. twin tails curling around his paws he'd watch Ilya join her and something..slyer would form in his grin sometimes having memories fractured as they were of a past life was useful he decided.

    And at last I am here Bio

  • In their old body, Ambrose had a pair of wings. They were dope as hell looking, resembling the appearance of a bat's wings. That's where the coolness ended, however. As sick as they looked, Ambrose's wings were entirely useless. As much as Ambrose tried to fly, the damn wings didn't do a thing to lift them from the ground. It was as if some higher being decided to fuck with them. Hey, here's some wings! But guess what, they don't work! HA! Honestly, it was a whole load of bullshit to Ambrose. Their wings were just a nuisance at that point, really. They guessed that was one of the only good things that came out of dying and getting a new body. Their new fennec fox body was plain and simple. Nothing annoying like a pair of useless ass wings.

    Still, though, Ambrose was a bit jealous of those that could fly, even now without wings of their own. Seeing Nautilus soaring made envy twist in their gut, but they weren't going to say anything about it. Well, they wouldn't say anything mean about it, at least. What they might do is complain a little, as was their nature. "Whoa, look at you go!" they called to their niece, following her with their eyes as she flew. Hearing Ilya's question, the spiritcaller couldn't help but spurt out in laughter. "You got a good point there, buddy. Landing has to be a whole different thing to learn." Not that they would know.



    The feeling of being hundreds of feet up in the air, soaring well above the trees, was both surreal and terrifying. It took several seconds longer for her breathing to finally settle into a steady rhythm once more. She turned carefully, avoiding the spire as she came back around to it and then she heard a voice down below. A very familiar voice that was rather close. With a bit of reluctance she eventually looked down, avoiding looking too far down for the fear that she would spook herself from the elevation. Sea green eyes found that of concerned crimson, ivory ears straining to hear his voice over the whistling wind. I..I'm sorry. She apologizes sincerely.

    As smart as she was, she had failed to stop and take into account how if she did wind up injured or worse, how it would affect himself and his line of work. However, his expression softens and her smile returns. That is until he throws out a very valid question. Land? Yet another thing she failed to think ahead of time about. Hesitantly she looks to the ever shifting ground beneath them before looking back to notice his smirk. No I don't, but I can count on you to teach me. Right Ilya? She dares to bat her lashes as the last two words fall from her lips, her smile pulling into a grin.

    Embarrassment from her earlier mistake would have pushed her into finding a solution on her own. But there was something about the tigersune beneath her that made her not mind receiving help just one more time. Hearing a shout from down below she looks to spot both Grimm and Ambrose. Carefully she extends a paw and waves it, acting as if she moved too quickly it would throw her off balance. Thanks Ambrose! She calls out in return.


  • clancy has many powers he knew of, and he also knew he could shapeshifte into many different animals, one has to have some wings. However, shapeshifting took alot out of him and he only did it for things that were important, like interviews and such. He couldn't see he particularly enjoyed flying, he liked floating much more. Nothing touching you and nothing keeping you in the air. Just a floating mass in the air, left with only thoughts and imaginations to ponder. Something that was well, much more in Clancy's 'aesthetic', if he would say so himself.

    As the male came up, taking a seat with the group as he watched Nautilus take flight, a grin showed on his face. Not only because he was able to watch someone learn, take in, and teach themselves how to do something new. But he also was made aware of the relationships inside the clan. Nautilus and a more unfamiliar character, Ilya, seemed fairly close. Maybe, one of them would be open for an interview later, seemed like a newly born topic that clancy could pry his little curious brain into. "nice work mademoiselle" he congratulated with a excited nod. Such interesting characters, all around him, it was really starting to made him excited for interviews.