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  • ✦ ✧ Welcome to the official October event for ShadowClan! In order to get more activity within the Clan, the HPs have decided to put up a challenge. Because Halloween is coming up and we're all waiting for the time to watch spooky movies and tell ghost stories, we're going to incorporate that into IC roleplay! This thread is where you will keep track of the threads you've created or participated in. There will be prizes (most likely badges or artwork) at the end of the month based on how well you've done.

    The goal for this month is to create spooky or autumn related threads. Oneshots or group threads, even private threads are fine. Give it an October theme and you'll qualify. As we get closer to Halloween, it'll be fun to see all the spooky stories you guys have decided to share.


    Public thread creation - 10 points

    Oneshot - 7 points

    Public thread participation (at least three posts) - 5 points

    Private thread creation/participation - 3 points


    Post using the form below to count and tally your points!

    1. Username - 
    2. Character name(s) -
    3. Created Thread(s) -
    4. Participated Thread(s) -
    5. Total Points -


    - Trigger Warn any potentially triggering content using TW // (insert trigger) in the thread title!

    - Be respectful. If someone has a potential plot in mind for a thread, go along with it!

    - Please don't use slurs or harmful language without first speaking to a HP about it.

    - Have fun! While this is a competition, everyone wins! Don't pit yourself against someone else!


    While we're still trying to figure out prizes, please let us know if you are willing to share your talent (be it art, badgemaking, etc) to help!

  • username - popkorn / ONEKIT

    character name(s) - onekit

    created thread(s) - one +

    participated thread(s) -

    I'll do better {BIRTH AND *OOPS*} [2/3]

    spooky scary skeletons || TW: CORPSES [2/3]

    total points -

    (tracking with my form to keep track!)


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