the odalisque family guide

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  • the history and traditions

    history the odalisque family was founded by kairi in october of 2020 after she fell pregnant. wip

    traditons birth, monthly meetings, birthday celebrations, weddings, amd proper burials for the deceased.wip.

    • after birth, children are typically to be passed around before nine days of age to meet their immediate family members. gifts, wishes, and offerings may be exchanged.
    • monthly meetings will be held with a meal and a celebration to cover all birthdays of that month.
    • weddings will be held with immediate family and close friends. there will be gifts and wishes for the newly wed as well as a celebration of their love.
    • there will be a proper burial for deceased family members. immediate family will be present as well as any close friends. typically there is a blessing of the body and an option to share words of the deceased.

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  • members and positions

    head (1/1) the face and leader of the family. they are responsible for setting up meetings, appointing heirs, and adding or adjusting traditions and rules.

    • kairi

    heir (0/2) next in line to hold the head position. there is typically appointed two just incase something were to happen to one. they will step up and take the head position when the current passes or is incapable of carrying out their duties.

    • first heir
    • backup heir

    mediator (0/2) the peace-keeper of the group. they make sure that meetings and interactions are positive and everyone gets along, regardless of affiliation. these are usually strong and calm individuals who can deescalate situations that go south.

    • one
    • two

    members (unlimited)

    • name
    • name
    • name

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  • important links and threads

    meetings are held monthly and are usually accompanied by some event such as brunch or dinner, and a celebration held for those member who were born in that month.

    • 00.00 (link)

    litters are listed whenever a member becomes pregnant. please pm taylor . or leave a comment below with a link to the thread.

    • kairi x champagne (link)

    discord is used in order to include all odalisque members wth in family plotting and events with ease.

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  • rules and sign-ups

    in character rules are not to be broken in this family. failure to abide by the rules will result in being stripped from the surname and possible banishment depending on tbe severity of rule broken

    • do not harm family members, regardless of affiliation
    • do not harm children, regardless of affiliation
    • rapists and mass murders will not be tolerated
    • if your character doesn't attend two meetings in a row they will be considered removed from the family and assumed deceased. they can return after speaking to the head and explaining themselves

    out of character rules are super simple

    • if you have any issues, please pm taylor . so we can resolve them
    • please be respectful and courteous of others

    sign-ups will be available all the time. your character can either be adopted or birthed into the family. if you'd like to be a biological member, please find the link to current litters in the 'important links and threads' section above and leave an application for the litter of your liking. if you'd like to be adopted into the family, please fill out the form below. if you would like to be adopted by kairi in particular, please mention that in the 'other' section of your form.

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