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    Spiritkit had so far proven to live up to her name, she was aloof, strange, and often said weird things, not that Spiritkit cared what people thought, though she knew they were wrong in a way, when she found something she was interested in, her brain switched to a one track mind like mentality, and Starclan and everything about the concept amazed and intrigued the pointed kit, she needed answers and she knew the best cat for that was the most Starclan connected cat in the clan- Sparkflower. Taking a deep breath the kit poked her head into the den, her eyes wide and uncharacteristically anxious, "Sparkflower? It’s me, Spiritkit- are you there?" The child asked softly.



  • "Oh quiet down, I've had enough"

    "I guess it's now or never" — Sparkflower

    All lived up to their names-including her. Sparkflower was genuinely an energetic, kind and determined cat. So, her name had been quite fitting for the young medicine cat. She had been busy sorting herbs when a soft voice caught to her ears and she turned to look at Spiritkit while a hum in greetings to the kit came from her chest. "I'm here Spiritkit, may I ask if everything is okay?" she asked the she-kit warmly while her green gaze shift to look over at them. She remembered the first few times she had entered the medicine den and oh... how the overwhelming scent of herbs kept greeting her nose. She wondered if it had been the same for many others.

    "I want no trouble"

    "Speak" "Thoughts"