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  • *:・゚➵ It was the dark of night when Eigengrau awoke. It was strange being awake in the middle of the night. The moonlight filtered in through the windows, landing on his facial features. In a groggy state, the wolf-dragon hybrid stood slowly and slithered from his home. He found himself at the Gaia, pawprints still staining the bark. They were fading away now, pink and blue and yellow paint chipping with the weather and time. He lifted a paw to one of the prints, placing it there gently, gingerly. His paw was much larger than the one beneath it, so after a few moments, he lowered his paw and head. His long ears flicked back against his skull for a moment, eyes shutting and lips curled back into a thin line. He slowly sat back on his haunches and opened his eyes to peer up at the Gaia, chocolate optics focusing on the bark, and eventually the leaves. The laughter of wisps could be heard around him, their conversations. They were vague though.. Faint. Like a flicker of light in the night. He hummed to himself, merely observing his surroundings.

    It was peaceful here. Eigen was grateful for that. It was lulling him to sleep. It was almost as if the wisps were singing a song, a quiet lullaby. He turned around to lean against the Gaia, tail curled about his body. His eyes shut, but he did not fall asleep immediately. He merely listened.

    mischievouswonders; sorry this is kind of like weird but i didnt know where to start lol

  • Mischievouswonders always thought of what it was like to sleep. Sometimes he would close his eyes and try to drift off into a slumber like those who were alive, but he would always end up blinking his eyes open, disappointed, when he found out he couldn't dream like others could. This meant that the wisp was up even during the latest and darkest hours of the night, unaffected by tiredness although he felt the part rather frequently. To keep himself from getting bored, he would often wander about at night. If he were lucky, he would be able to strike up a conversation with someone who was more of a night-owl or someone who wasn't having a good night's rest.

    He doesn't find anyone like that for a while. He drifts around the Gaia, listening to the wisps as they whispered low to each other, resting in the tree's branches and sprawling roots. He is simply wandering until he comes across Eigengrau, who is leaned up against the Gaia's rough bark. He seems to be resting though not entirely asleep. Missy could only wonder what could make someone get up in the middle of the night to sit among the Gaia and her children. "Why are you up? Did you hear Her calling your name?" Comes the vulpine's murmur as he drifts down from a higher branch, settling upon the lowest one closest to the resting hybrid. Mischievouswonders makes himself comfortable upon it, crossing one forearm over the other as his tails lazily hung from the branch. His usual smile curls up at its ends, hazy half-lidded sunny eyes glowing faintly as he stares down at Eigen.