Falling for you (Private)

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  • "Oh, is that so?" he smirked. "So, why did you originally go into that room?" he asked.

    "My first kiss was in high school and it was in front of everyone," he smiled. "My kiss with Jade was a dare."

    "Besides drama, what are you into?" he asked. "What is your major."

  • “That alone tells me that you rely more on Storm than I do on Mia.”

    “None of them were romantic, but they were all memorable,” he smiled. “My advice is wait until your ready and don’t think that everything will work out perfectly in the end.”

    “That sounds interesting, so you are a fellow creative person.”

  • “Sure I’m on her shoulder, but at least we can be together while conversing with others,” he smiled.

    “You can just feel it,” he said. “It’s like intense love for your partner in a specific moment,” he explained. “You want to kiss them so bad, that’s when you know.”

    “maybe we can work on a project together,” he suggested.

  • “I’m more surprised that you agreed to leave the house, you guys are comfortable in bed after all.”

    “Have you felt that way towards Haru yet?” He asked.

    “Yeah, we can become closer friends that way.”

  • “I think you can’t spend a single day away from him,” He smiled. “Mia and I won’t even kiss till the first date,” he said.

    “It’s okay, it’s just the feeling you get,” he smiled.

    “What drove you to date Harry?” He asked.

  • “Of course I could,” he smiled. “We haven’t slept in the same bed or anything like that yet. I’m sure that we could go one day without seeing each other. Not saying that I would do it, but I could do it.”

    “Yeah, we relate to each other and we both feel that intense urge to be with each other.”

    “oh, that’s nice,” he smiled. “Would you have been upset if you guys kissed and he wasn’t the one.”

  • "And so can I," she replied with confidence, "just because Storm and I are closer doesn't mean we would fall apart without each other."

    YUki glanced at Haru, wondering if she felt that same urge, "then how can I show him my feelings? You and Jade get along so well."

    "If I hadn't started to like him before the kiss then I certainly would not have agreed and I certainly would have slapped him," she smiled, "I realized when I kissed him what I was doing."

  • “I think you would revert to your old self and be super sad,” he chuckled.

    “I would say to be assertive in what you want, but if you are uncomfortable with that I would say to just be yourself, and be honest about your feelings.”

    “Oh, and are you glad that you pursued him?” He asked.

  • "Not at all, I was never sad," Jade huffed, but suddenly her mood turned soft, "was I really that different?" she asked Harry.

    Yuki nodded, "I'll do my best. I am happy to spend time with everyone, but now I'm more excited to spend time with Haru."

    Mia nodded, "it's only a trial, but its the best relationship I have had."

  • Harry nodded, “You were cold, reserved and unhappy or at least that’s how it seemed. You didn’t seem interested in us and you were closed off to all men.”

    “That’s to be expected,” he said “You want to explore your new relationship and you should be able to do that.”

    “That’s great,” he said. “Treat him well.”

  • Harry nodded and softened his voice and manner of speaking. “I have no idea how Storm got to you, but I’m glad he did because you seem much happier. Whatever was keeping you down melted when after the both of you came back in from the kissing challenge.”

    “Honestly, I was interested in her story and why she hated men. I wanted to try and ease her pain in anyway that I could,” he started. “When we were in the bathroom I got an idea of who she really was and that’s when I started falling for her. She was an injured soul just like myself and overtime I just fell for her.” Storm leaned over to Jade and pecked her cheek.

    “Without a doubt,” he smiled. “Also don’t think that I didn’t realize that you got Yuki to confess.”

  • Jade nodded, "what about you? Do you feel like you've changed? " she asked, glancing at Storm when his lips touched her cheek. She smiled at him.

    Yuki looked at Harry, "what about you? " she asked, "you and Storm both fell in love after the kiss."

    Mia blushed, "guilty as charged, but it was Harry's idea, " she smiled, "it worked out though, didn't it? "

  • Harry shook his head at Jade. “I didn’t change much, but I don’t talk to others as much as I used to.” Harry turned yo Yuki, “I fell for Mia when she sat on my lap,0 he smiled. “She felt familiar and comfortable, something that I’ve never felt with many people. The kiss sealed the deal.”

    Storm pecked her lips and offered her his hand under the table.

    Haru nodded, “but what if she felt pressured, what if she didn’t like me like that.”

    The waiter came and took everyone’s order before leaving.

  • She tilted her head, "so she is familiar? " yuki smiled and Jade glanxed between them, "ehat about you, Yuki? " Jade asked, " why did you fall for Haru? " she held Storm's hand.

    Yuki seemed to think about it, "i guess it was from the start. Or maybe it was gradually? I'm not sure. I think it started when he protected me from the dog."

    Mia shrugged, "then she could have refused."