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    Champagne and Kairi don't really know eachother, a chance meeting made by the hint of alcohol, desperation for closeness, and the song of the night, but what blossomed from their chance meeting would shape them forever. A fleeting feeling burrowing its way through both their hearts to call them together once more into who knows what it could end up being but, once Champagne is told of the existence of the litter, they both will know is that this litter will not be born out of love in the beginning, but it will be raised with love, care, and excitement, no matter what positions the parents hold with eachother. And nothing will stop the both of them from keeping their children safe.



    ⸸ Champagne Tormenta-Million is currently Capo of the Host division(HP, Asst Deputy) of the Cartel. Relations are here, here, and here.

    These kits will be half siblings of Morpheus Tormenta-Asimov-Million-Nightshade and Absinthe Tormenta-Asimov-Million and Summersend's children.


    ⸸ Kairi is currently a former leader of the Sanctuary and shp of the Tribe of Burning Eclipse and a current Honor(hp) of the Sanctuary.

    Champagne is a tall, vampiric high-content F1 Savannah cat with two pairs of glittery pink dragon-like wings, pale cashmere pink fur with darker serval markings with the gold "crown" horns, overgrown pink claws, and hot-pink and gold sectoral heterochromatic eyes. Kairi is a normal seal smoke tortie mink with green eyes.

    - Children will be required to have at a few mutations

    - Children will be F2 High-Content Savannah cats, max height being 17 inches and minimum 11 inches tall at the shoulder.

    Odalisque Family Guide

    Scelestus Family Guide


    I. The kids will start out at 4 months and be raised primarily in the Sanctuary, though will be encouraged at 6 months to dual-ally with the Cartel

    II. The Kids will be raised mostly by Kairi, though Champagne will try to be a constant in their lives

    III. All kids must carry the Odalisque-Scelestus surnames

    IV. These Children will have no idea unless stated otherwise of their relation to Summersend's children yet, though they will be half-siblings with them

    V. Names will be loner style, and nature themed!

    VI. This is not a FCFS! The choosing date will be the 30th. Will extend if need be

    VII. I'm not worried about any specific form but it does need the basics

    VIII. No depressing names! Cham and Kairi will love these children with all her heart

    VIX. We Reserve the Right to readopt out inactive kids if they are inactive without warning for 3+ Weeks!

    VX. Contact || EchoEye || if you plan to drop/go inactive


    - Slot one

    - Slot two

    - Slot three


    *•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ MORAL OF THE STORY ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*


    mockingbird tormenta-million-odalisque | aka "moxie"

    demigirl [ she/they ]

    4 months | ages monthly | 10.10.20

    the sanctuary | member | no titles


    champagne tormenta-million x kairi odalisque

    siblings here

    single | pansexual panromantic | no crushes | 1/2 ship

    monogamous | easy to court | falls in love easily


    f2 serval [ birth ] ━ health : 100%

    sporting an almost completely white coat, she has iridescent lavender serval spottings all over her body. her legs are long and sturdy, with tufts of fur sticking out from her elbows, not too visible, moreso cowlicks. all of her paws have longer claws than normal, shining with a darker silver color. going up to her shoulders, she has a pair of bat-like wings. the outside of her wings are white in color, and fades into a soft lavender color at the ends of them, which sparkle in the sun. her fur is a tiny bit longer than your typical f2 serval, making her seem a tad fluffier than her siblings. making your way up her neck, you'll find that a pair of dark purple-ish black ram horns curl around her ears, with two little horns sticking out of her forehead below where the ram horns began. her spottings and markings continue the same onto her face as it is on her body. her eyes are a beautiful, deep purple with black, cat-eye irises, narrowed into permanent slits. underneath her primary set of eyes are a pair of smaller eyes, with the same appearance as her primary ones. these are blind without the use of the sight, so are usually seen closed. both sets of eyes have glowing pupils when in the dark. sticking out of her mouth are two vampire fangs the will only ever barely peek out of her mouth. her nose is black in color. going down to the back of her body, she has two, long and whispy-furred tails. her blood and saliva are both a bright lavender color.




    smells like lavender

    aesthetics; purple, alcohol, lavender, lilac, neon signs, nightclubs, motorbikes.

    nightlife core, pastelgoth core, witchcraft core.

    azula and marceline aesthetics.


    ESFP | the entertainer | slytherin | chaotic good

    charming, deceiving, two-faced, natural liar, charismatic, bold, brave, curious.

    when one meets moxie, they would first notice that she comes off as either very quiet and keeps to herself, or very charismatic and outgoing. she changes the way she acts depending on the person she's talking to, out of a fear of not being accepted. she tends to be a bit wild in personality due to her constant need to be involved somehow, and the need to be in the center of attention. because of this, she can come off as a bit desperate for attention, doing things that are far too dangerous or complicated for her own good. she tends to lie when she feels cornered or doesn't want to be blamed for things. she also tends to make a big deal out of small things, taking them very seriously. she is quite the drama queen, and is deemed overly sensitive towards the things she loves. she hates competition, and will do anything she needs to just to get what she wants, whether it be a prize or romance. she is cruel and sly, and will sneak past even the ones she cares about just to get what she wants. all of this is hidden under a very sweet and attention-loving persona, and will turn flirty when she is at a proper age.

    ━━ TROPES

    alpha bitch, always someone better, antagonistic offspring, badass princess, the baroness, beauty is bad, blatant lies, control freak.


    easy physicality | easy mentality

    will start fights | will end fights | will run

    the sight, light manipulation, telekinesis.

    no weapons

    powerplay of peaceful actions is allowed

  • hey im just gonna drop these notes in here before i head off to work and then ill actually do it for real after lmao

    hopefully, maybe

  • i hate to do this but im going to rescind my application (i know its barely even started)

    site things have left a bad taste in my mouth and really ruined my "create new character" drive and if i do stick around, it's probably only going to be with my established characters

    i want y'all to have active kits and i just cant do that rn

    but if i have some sudden change of heart, i'll be sure to keep a lookout for readopts