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  • Tawnypaw had really never expected to be doing this.

    She let out a sigh, her nose twitching as she tried to pick up the fresh scent of a DarkClan patrol. Beside her stood Spindle, though she supposed she was Spindlepaw now. Alongside her younger peer, the two were now the newest medicine cat apprentices of ShadowClan, training under Icefeather. Though Spindlepaw seemed to be a natural, even from just a few days training, Tawnypaw was... struggling. She had always been better at physical work, if her macular physique didn't give that away already. Though she knew a few herbs from watching her siblings get treated in their youth, she really didn't have a knack for the job, despite her determination to help both her siblings and her clanmates. Either way though, she was going to try her best. If Tansystar and Icefeather thought she could do it, then she would prove them right, one way or another.

    The last time she had talked to any DarkClan cats was on a patrol, but now she was here to talk to them for a completely different reason. It had been Tawnypaw's idea to introduce both herself and Spindlepaw to DarkClan as the new medicine cat apprentices. Though she was rather... icy towards the other clans, she was smart enough to understand that medicine cats worked together. They traded herbs, shared advice and knowledge. Though she was apprehensive about the whole thing--why waste time on other clans when ShadowClan should be her priority?--she was going to try her best to prove that she was cut out for this position, and this seemed like a step in the right direction.

    Still slightly injured from the fight with the wolves, Tawnypaw hadn't felt well enough to make this trek until today. Though scabs still covered her low back and moving in the wrong way resulted in a less-than-pleasant sensation, she wanted to get this done as soon as possible, though she supposed part of her just wanted an excuse to get out of camp. She had been stuck there for days, allowed once or twice to leave just to gather herbs, which was less-than-thrilling for the girl who liked to keep her days productive, especially with her herb knowledge extending to marigold, thyme, and what mint smelled like. Yes, this felt good, even though her face looked serious and cold. At the very least, she could protect Spindlepaw if anything went wrong. That was something she felt confident in, even with her injuries.

    "Someone should be here soon." she mewed, her golden eyes still on the other side of the border. Though part of her wanted to just go and find them herself--she was a medicine cat now; she had that right--it felt wrong. Plus, she had no clue where she was going if she tried. She didn't like the rocky look of their territory either. Even the thought of it made her paw pads ache. "Remember, we're just here to introduce ourselves, maybe see Spidervenom, and leave."

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  • it couldn't have been too much of a surprise that he was out collecting herbs by himself. sure, he probably wasn't supposed to be but when had the medicine cat ever listened to reason? as he walked near the border, his nose managed to twitch at a familiar scent, his ears swiveling and perking upwards as he heard his name. ah, what? his paws took him to the small pair of cats, his head tilted slightly, while he set down the herbs. "tawnypaw, and who's this?" he voice seemed cold, and less than welcoming but it had always been that way, and besides... he kind of liked tawnypaw. girl had a bite to her, and he could always appreciate that. after all, spidervenom was far from the nice kind cuddly medicine cats everyone had been used to.


  • Intimidated. She was intimidated

    Spindlepaw's life had never had much outside interaction in it, especially when she was still living in the tree hollow with her mother. The only real contact she had outside of Lumina was the patients who would come every so often for her mother to treat their wounds, and even then, Spindlepaw never particularly talked to them.

    Joining ShadowClan had been a brand new experience for her, but she found many of the cats there kind and welcoming, especially since she had been merely a kit back then. Had they not been, well, she'd probably be wolf food.

    Hesitantly, the calico looked up at Spidervenom with her pale green eyes, and began to speak. "I'm Spindlepaw. We're, um, ShadowClan's new medicine cat apprentices." she whispered, flattening her ears. She was nervous, so very nervous. The other Clans were foreign to her, and she already had sworn allegiance to ShadowClan, so that would make them hostile towards her. Well, at least she thought that. Clan life was different, and she was still adjusting, but being a medicine cat and learning more about herbs, what was basically her family's bloodline talent, was soothing to her and helped her to relax and adjust at her own pace.

    "It's nice to meet you," she quickly added, moving closer to Tawnypaw. She would protect her if something bad happened, right?


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  • Ah, there he was. Tawnypaw had only spoken to the tom once before, on her last border patrol here. He seemed just as blunt as ever, though Tawnypaw couldn't say she didn't appreciate it. Cut to the chase, right? "Hello, Spidervenom." She waved her tail in greeting to the medicine cat, her demeanor, usually friendly and lively, turned serious and courteous. She paused to let Spindlepaw introduce herself. Noticing her nerves, Tawnypaw gave her an encouraging smile, just big enough for the girl to see, but minute enough to be hidden from cats less perceptive. She moved her tail to brush it against her peer's side before returning her gaze to Spidervenom.

    "Yes, we're ShadowClan's new medicine cat apprentices." she mewed again, echoing the words of Spindlepaw. "Snownight's successors. We thought it would be polite to inform DarkClan, for transparency's sake." She supposed that comment was hypocritical, but she wasn't about to tell Spidervenom that Snownight had stepped down, leaving Icefeather to refill the position until Tawnypaw and Spindlepaw were trained. She was honest about their reason though--she wanted to inform their neighbor of the rank changings, incase they were needed for some reason. It was only polite (once again, hypocritical, considering her lack of mention when it came to the wolves). She paused for a second, glancing down at Spindlepaw before speaking again. "Spindlepaw, this is Spidervenom. He's DarkClan's medicine cat." She recalled that Owlgaze had relinquished his position, something Spidervenom had told her when they last spoke. At least they still had a medicine cat.

    She blinked at Spidervenom, tilted her head. "I do have a few questions, if you have the time." She gestured towards the herbs he had with him, none of which she recognized, though she supposed that was more because she just wasn't good at herb stuff. "I'm wondering if there are any different herbs in DarkClan that we might not find in ShadowClan." The question was less for her and more for Spindlepaw. Tawnypaw knew she probably wouldn't remember anything she learned during this encounter, but maybe Spindlepaw would. She did ask for specifics, though, for something more... personal. "Anything that might help recurring illnesses? Or just general cold symptoms?" While they had herbs that could heal specific issues like a runny nose or shortness of breath, part of her hoped that there would be something more universal. She was thinking of her siblings; maybe Spidervenom could tell she was talking about someone close considering the softening of her otherwise hard features. She blinked at the medicine cat, her invisible brows squinting a little. "Anything at all?" Worry didn't appear anywhere in her, something that might communicate that nothing was urgently wrong. It was more her optimism talking, her hope that she could somehow make her littermates' lives more... normal.

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  • 「 can people just untie themselves — uncurling like f l o w e r s 」

    Technically, as an apprentice, Flurrypaw wasn't supposed to be out in the territory by herself. However, she was a moon shy of her warrior ceremony and she wasn't actually alone because she was with Spidervenom! Or rather, she knew she was with Spidervenom, but he didn't actually know that. Hickoryroot had been swept up in a patrol on the other side of the territory and he had asked her in a last minute frenzy to keep an eye on the medicine cat for him. So here she was.

    And of course, she was only graceful when it wasn't important. Paw slipping on wet leaves as she stalked closer to where Spidervenom was, Flurrypaw tumbled from her hiding place and landed with a giant oomph in front of the medicine cat party before her. Blinking bright golden eyes up at the trio, upside down but still grinning brightly, Flurrypaw chirped a cheerful, breathless, "Hello there!" from her back.

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  • Lets' Go Home

    "Visitors?" Nightblaze would appear not far from the small group, expression emotionless yet curious as her gaze flickered from the shadowclan cats to her own medicine cat and daughter. Raising a non existent eyebrow to Flurrypaw (they would talk about her being out alone later), the warrior would dip her head respectfully to the she-cats who had introduced themselves as Shadowclans' new medicine cat apprentices. "Congratulations you two. May Starclan light your paths as during your training." Her golden gaze would move to her medicine cat next and her next words would be rather surprising, "Spidervenom, perhaps we can escort them to camp so they can see and study your stores? Flurrypaw and I can assist you in carrying herbs back, if need be."