Kidnap this Cartelian Child?

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  • Heya, guys! So, I'm looking for someone to kidnap my child genius Morpheus from the Cartel. As many know, hes the child of Champagne and that could be used as a method of hatred?

    I'm looking for more of a detailed capture and holding for Morpheus. A way he can use his brain, defend himself- something for him to unlock his Emotion Manipulation with. He has an Eidetic Memory, and never forgets a face, so, if you want to capture him, you better be prepared for future backlash from him, because he will remember your character.

    Also, his friend Haruspex might be with him. Considering he's usually kept in his scarf to keep his snakefriend warm, but Haru is indeed a basilisk and will defend his friend if needed.

    So, any takers?

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  • December can do this- I believe he captured champ once as well so it might be fun to have a family hate him xD

  • We can discuss outcomes and any injuries that may happen here, then. I like to stay well-planned so nothing goes wrong, pfft.

    He's untrained in actual fighting, and his only actual ways of winning fights are the fact that his claws, bite, saliva, and blood are all a sedative-like poisonous that kicks in over time or, if given in large doses, instantly unless someone has a resistance to his specific poison.

    He also has four wings that are filled with sleep spore in the form of powder, so his wings are like powder puffs and pretty dangerous.

    There are multiple ways the thread could go down, and while Morpheus is incredibly intelligent and never forgets a face, he is still a child with no fighting experience, so his first instinct would be to run or outsmart his opponent. Probably profile his behavior and try to use that against Dec.

  • Sounds good! December doesn't have any resistent to venoms or sleep powder so I'm sure that could play a part in Morpheus eventually escaping- December under the influence of poison or sleep powder would likely be very receptable to emotional manipulation, so Morpheus could maybe use that to his advantage when planning his escape.

    For the holding itself, once he realizes that your boy has those sorts of mutations he'd probably try and take steps to avoid being manipulated by them, like tying their wings together so they can't flap out the dust, or caking Morpheus' claws in clay to block the venom glands in them?? What exactly did you have in mind for the holding portion itself? If I know what your plans on for him while in captivity I can sort of brainstorm a bit more accurately with you :)

  • I want him to be put under intense scrutiny, less physical damage and more mental damage on him. Test his intelligence and put him through hell by trying to convince him that nobody will come for him because he's not worth fighting for. (He's told himself that during his bad days, it's pretty much his biggest insecurity.)

    While Dec is free to scratch or bite Morphy, he can also suffocate him into passing out momentarily when he catches him. While he's holding him, he's free to put him under incredible amounts of stress. I'd love to see how they interact together, too.

    When being kidnapped, Morphy's objective is always to try and talk his kidnapper down from doing so using logic. If he finds out December doesn't give a fuck about logic, then he'd probably panic and switch up a bit.

    Hopefully this is easy to understand. I'm a bit of a clutterbrain.

  • No worries! I'm a bitter of a scatterbrain myself but I think I get what your saying. If you want we could do something where December has Morph following him around so he can keep a personal eye on him (so that way Morpheus can interact with him as well as the other Exilers)? And for the using logicc against December, he very well may be able to do that. December is as sentient as any other animal in the clans, but he is very in tune with his 'feral' side. He often claims that the clan animals are to 'humanistic', having forgotten their animality in favor of humanity.

    Because of this he's very instinct driven; highly territorial over borders, will kill children to ensure his own offspring are prioritized, will steal or take resources by force if they're better for his clan/pack, etc. This also means that he will often adhere to the basic rules of being a canine- act dominate with him and it will spark a violent fight, but act submissive and he's a lot more lenient with things. Something of a 'weak' spot that December has is that he has trouble hurting people that show signs of submission to him, so I'm sure this is something Morpheus could pick up on and exploit in some manner- December literally just piggybacked a prisoner into camp because they charmed him on the way over, so yeah lol

    Until he learns how to do that though, December will totally fuck with him. He isn't sympathetic towards kids just because their kids like most others are, so he'll totally try to break him down. And if you have specific ideas for putting Morpheus under pressure I'm always open to it, otherwise I'm sure I can come up with some stuff on my own :D

    Did you want to roleplay out the actual capture or just jump into the exiles with a disapearence thread? I'm good for either!

  • I'll make the disappearance thread for Morphy in the Cartel!

    We can just skip to the capture thread with him bringing Morphy into the Exiles, if you're okay with that?

    I'm more confident this plot will work now that I've read more about Dec. I'd love for Morpheus to follow December around and annoy him, like a little soldier acting good to avoid being killed.



    Sounds good! I'll get the thread up today and tag you in it- also, Deccys tags are here in case you want to browse them. I should have posted them sooner but I'm a total scatterbrain sometimes lol. I'm super excited for this plot. December will constantly test him, but Morph might also be able to learn some stuff to, like a sort of accidental mentor?? Either way I'm sure he'll come to learn a lot about December lol


  • hey I will get that thread up today for them. We've been having some activity issues over in the Exiles with everything that's going on so things have been slow over there lately. I'll make sure that's up today though!!