sunrise in the morning :: nine lives ceremony

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  • "I guess it's time." He looked towards the molly standing by his side. Sparkflower had given him herbs to sustain him on the journey and showed him the way. It was strange standing outside. He wasn't sure how it looked yet, but he did know he'd be the first Skyclan leader to receive their lives in this territory. Slightly alarming, but it probably would've hurt more to stand in the same spot his loved ones had before they died. He took a breath and nodded towards the medicine cat before entering the stone hollow. It was a stunning sight, and his next breath was shaky. It felt illuminated by the spirits, and he could feel little grooves below his paw. He leaned closer to the ground to view what he could feel and realized they were paw prints embedded in the stone. They must've been from cats long ago who had discovered it. On one side there was a ledge, or cliff like stone that had water running off it. The pool was fed by it, and it make him feel the same way the Hidden Grove did. Hurricanegaze knew it was time, and finally he touched noses to the water. It was only a few short moments until he awoke in Starclan.

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  • ♡♡♡ How far they had come in such a short time. How much had changed in the span of mere days, mere moments where it felt as though the very fabric of the world around them had changed? People left, died, moved on; were born, exalted, accomplished their goals, yet at the end of it all, they were here. Hurricanegaze had ended up here, to take on the lives of the leaders, to follow in the pawsteps of so many that had come before him, and to be yet one another that would follow in the line of many others to lead after him, to put their own mark on the world and within SkyClan. But that was the future. A future that Hurricanegaze would dictate from this moment on; strengthened by his past, humbled by the present.

    Gentlewish stepped forward first, the white she-cat, once blind, once hurt in so many ways herself, radiant in the strange glow of the StarClan cats, more at ease than perhaps she had ever been in her living life. At first as her pawsteps carried her forward she paused, before a slightly sad smile carved its way onto her lips, millions of words, thoughts; days, weeks, and months that she had never gotten to have with him flashing over an expression of sorrow but joy to see him once more. But she could not waste too much time. There were many others that would follow her, and even in StarClan she would not align herself more important than those she had spent her entire life following and trusting.

    "Hurricanegaze," she spoke aloud, dipping her head low to him in the respect that he would soon be offered, though it was fleeting as she continued her paces forward until she was paused before him. "I am sorry I am not there with you now, but I am proud of you. Our friendship was shorter than I would have liked, but I thank you." There was too much more to be said, but instead she merely smiled softly before taking in a deep breath. "Hurricanegaze, we once spent an evening in the forest... talking about the world around us. About our fears, about ourselves, and... and there, we created a bond of trust that I, even now, have not forgotten. May you ...use those lessons to lead SkyClan in the same ways that you changed my life. To be honest to yourself about your fears, your shortcomings, but also your accomplishments... Don't sell yourself short. Be true to yourself, and to SkyClan." The she-cat leaned forward to touch noses with the soon to be leader before stepping back. "I give you the life of honesty. May it never fail you."

  • As Gentlewish steps back, another cat steps forward. The calico form of Heronstar had not been seen for some time among the ranks of StarClan cats, and one could be forgiven for thinking she had been lost when StarClan began to fade. But, no she had remained, watching over the family she had left and the beloved clans she had called homes in her life.

    To see Hurricanegaze in StarClan, made her feel both sad and happy. Sad because Juniperstar had died, but happy because she had always known the blue tabby would find himself as leader one day. "Hurricanegaze," She spoke his name aloud, and bowed her head in greeting. "It is good to see you again, my friend," She mewed, amber eyes sparkling with the platonic affection she had bore for him in life. The fomrer leader coughed to clear her throat, before continuing. "Hurricanegaze, in your life you have been witness to many dark events in SkyClan's history. We were both witness to the countless times BloodClan threatened our land, and you witnessed survived the rat invasion, the great move, and the recent conflict with ThunderClan. It would be easy for someone to be consumed with worry and fear when experiencing such events, and you could be forgiven for wanting to succumb to such feelings when serving as leader. Not only do you have your emotions to contend with, you have those of an entire clan. But throughout all of that it is important to always the light in the darkness, the hope that something better awaits you on the horizon. Find it, cling to it, let it guide you." Heronstar took a step forward and touched noses with Hurricanegaze before stepping back among the gathered cats. "I give you the life of hope. May you never lose it."

  • The tiny Chartreux she-cat waited for Heronstar to step back before she glided forward, golden eyes full of stars and fur shimmering as she moved. She purred in quiet greeting, the former medicine cat of SkyClan standing shorter than Hurricanegaze but radiating a calmer presence than she had in her last moons alive. Then she had been hurt and tired and not taking care of herself. But now, she was here to give the gift of a life to the newest leader.

    "Hurricanegaze, congratulations. You've made it far from the little injured tom we found at the border. And because of everything you've survived, I'm here to give you a life of hope. There will be many times in your leadership where you might want to give up, or where those around you will want to give up. Things are going to be hard at times, but you need to know when to maintain hope, and how to give it, how to spread it. Use this life well to help not only yourself, but the Clanmates who will look to you for guidance and hope." With that, Brookfur stretched up to press her nose to his forehead, purring at Hurricanegaze when she pulled back, looking proud.

    "speaking thoughts"

  • After Brookfur took her place back among the cats of StarClan, a large ebony figure departed from the group. Stars dimly lit his dark fur, chartreuse eyes fixated on the newest leader of SkyClan. They had never known each other well, as Pantherfrost had only spent a short amount of time in SkyClan before passing away, but he had always liked him enough. "Hurricanegaze," He rumbled voice still as deep in death as it was in life. He halted before him, lifting his head proudly. "In life, you may find your faith torn two different ways. As you know, I ended up leaving ShadowClan, the clan that took me in as a rogue and trained me up into a noble warrior, all for a SkyClan she-cat who stole my heart. In the end, I chose where my loyalty lied. So, with this life I give you loyalty. Use it well to always know where your heart lies, and what you must do to best serve your clan." He leaned forward to touch his nose to the new leader's forehead, letting the life course through him before pulling away and dipping his head. With that, he moved back to take his place among the other StarClanners.


  • Marigoldpaw

    Thunderclan - Apprentice - Female - 9 Moons - tags

    The next cat to step forward after Pantherfrost would be an unfamiliar face to Hurricanegaze, a small fluffy golden she cat with ginger markings step forward, she had been an apprentice in Thunderclan before her untimely death, but now she was here, having the honor of bestowing a new life to the leader of Skyclan, dipping her head she looked up to Hurricanegaze with a polite smile, "hello Hurricanegaze, my name is Marigoldpaw" she said before pausing, "in life, I had the habit of pushing the rules, exploring and discovering new things, tonight I pass on the life of open mindedness to discover new things, use this life wisely, as progress is valuable to a clans success" she then said, her voice more mature than what her young apprentice appearance gave her credit for, letting him have a moment to absorb her words she then reached up to touch her nose to his forehead, letting the sudden energy of the life run through her as she passed it on, the overwhelming feeling of excitement and eagerness coursing through her veins as she finished, withdrawing with a bow of her head she stepped back into the line of the rest of the Starclan cats, pride for the new and promising leader glinting in her gaze as she waited for the next cat to step forward.


  • This was weird. But he was sure it was equally weird for Hurricanegaze, too. Juniperstar had only ever been on the receiving end of a nine lives ceremony, and though those nine lives had failed him and left him here at the ripe old age of twenty-four moons, he would not miss giving Hurricanegaze one of his nine. The cinnamon tom simply hoped his successor would take better care of his lives than Juniperstar did.

    There was nothing different about his appearance in StarClan than in the realm of the living. Every scar still adorned his body, even the largest, the only one he had never been proud of. The cold, thorny glare of his green eyes, even toward his friends and those he loved, was tangible- the taut and tight-lipped scowl ever present. But there was a tranquility in the stardust shaken from his pelt, a peach in his posture that had not been there before. A knowledge that now... now he did not have to be afraid of dying. Now he was with his mother again, and now he had this honour of seeing his friend one more time before he joined the Stars with him.

    "I hope I don't have to introduce myself," he said drily, the beginnings of a smirk on his lips. Though his physical body was forever locked in an expression of struggle and terror, Juniperstar's spirit stood with all of the poison and vitality that had coarse through his veins in life. He boldly stepped forward, and touched his nose to Cane's, and with his words would come a feeling of burning, scorching strength, or struggle so violent that it could not be bore, of pride so valiant and powerful that one's chest could burst with it. "With this life, I tell you to trust your heart. It knows what is right most of the time, and when it is not, your Clanmates will change it. Self-doubt is weakness, in a leader's position- so to lead your Clan, you must trust yourself and trust SkyClan above any other Clan's words, above any other leader's propositions. Because you alongside your Clan are the only ones who truly know what is best."

    And he would step away, silently observing, lingering, sat straight. Sadness swelled within him, envy, and pride all at once. A strange cocktail of emotions that he did not ever think he'd be rid of.


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    For the seventh life, after her cinnamon son a scarred, old, gray molly would step out from the starry crowd. Today was a day of sadness, but also a day of happiness. A leader has fallen- that leader being her son, but a new one was rising. Her former apprentice... She feels an immense amount of pride as she walks over to him, a smile plastered on her features. All of her apprentices had ended up making quite the names for themselves? Mothshine who had served as Juniperstar's deputy for the first half of his reign, she had been incredibly close to that girl and hoped she was doing well... Wherever she was. Crazy to think if she hadn't gotten that injury, she may be the one standing here.

    Though she was definitely not complaining, Hurricanegaze too served under Juniperstar as his deputy. While only for a matter of minutes, he did nonetheless. Pride radiated off of her, she was incredibly excited to give him a life. "Hurricane. Hello." She greets with a purr, stopping in her tracks as she finally is standing right in front of him. "I hope all is well... I know being a new leader is hard, but I know you'll prevail and lead SkyClan excellently. Times are gonna be tough for awhile, you've got to stay strong, alright?" She pauses for a moment, waiting for him to respond.

    She moves to place her nose upon his forehead, "SkyClan needs you back home- so its time to move onto your seventh life. With this life, I give you motherly love. Love your clan like a mother would her kits, give them everything you have even if they don't give anything back. Sacrifice every last life you have for them if needed, defend them to your final breath... and never stop fighting for them." Once the life is given, she takes a step back.

    "Lead valiantly Hurricanegaze. Remember, even when it doesn't feel like it, StarClan is watching over you always." She gives once last big smile to her former apprentice, before trailing back into the crowd of cats most likely after her son.