The New World | 1x1 | Indoraptor needed

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  • The indoraptor, raised without affection and trained to kill. It was never affectionate and knew no loyalty. Thus, Dr Wu wished to breed it to Blue - in hopes the offspring would be more like Blue. However, in the event Blue didn't pan out.. Wu had a backup plan, a raptor by the name of Iblis was prepared as a backup.

    In this roleplay, the Indoraptor was severely injured - not killed - and was rescued by some of Wu's team. Wu's team managed to get it to an island where a scientist by the name of Avery took over his work. Avery created a new paddock - one for Iblis and her own pack. However, when the Indoraptor was recovered Iblis was separated from her pack and placed in a paddock where she was to meet the Indoraptor. A new island, a new adventure, and the possibility of a new pack.. Where may all of this lead? Will Iblis and the Indoraptor get along?

    However, on this island, another dinosaur is being worked on - one far more dangerous than the Indoraptor and Iblis is forced to cooperate with him to save her trainer. This threat is what happens when Wu gets the idea to combine a Spinosaurus with the primary gene inside the Indoraptor - The Indominus Rex, otherwise known as the Indoendocrin Spinedominus Rex.


    The white raptor was inside her paddock, lying in the brush wondering when she'd be returned to her pack. She wasn't entirely sure why, but, they had separated her from them. She was taken, told to remain calm by her Alpha and then placed all by herself in this paddock. She got up, hearing the familiar crane and turned in place, thinking her pack was being placed in with her however, the shaking in the box as it neared ground alerted her that it was not the case. She moved further back into the brush, keeping low as she observed the box, wondering what was inside. She heard her Alpha above - "You sure she's safe? Don't put my raptor at risk, Avery." "Of course, she's fine Lisa. She's sitting there, see? She's fine! She's an animal anyway, you don't need to worry about her. I'm sure if she was able, she'd rip you limb from limb." Of course, Avery knew that wasn't true, but, she wanted the woman off her back for the moment. "release him." She told the person and soon.. The box's door opened, and something hesitantly stepped out. Iblis growled, taking note that it seemed.. Familiar? yes, familiar. She slowly moved through the brush, coming out a few feet away from it, standing straight, but keeping on her toes in the event this Other dinosaur was a threat. She heard the signal, a small whistle to catch her attention to tell her food was ready. The soft bleating of a goat catching her attention momentarily before she returned her attention to the Indoraptor, claws flexing on her upper two legs and the talon on her feet tapping. She remained still, studying the other, wondering what they - he? Yes, she believed it was a he- was about to do. Finally, she barked, "Who are you?"