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  • *:・゚✧ This felt wrong, very wrong. Órfhlaith had been a Veiler almost a year now, just over two weeks until in fact. And it felt wrong. Between Ver, Riptide, Calina and Ulla, Órfhlaith had no clue how she'd be able to live up to such great leaders, even if Ulla's reign was so short, the doe had proved herself a great leader during that time and before tenfold. Mystletainn she had no doubt about, he was determined, intelligent and a natural born leader from what Órfhlaith had seen of him; she was just an ex-herd horse with good medical skills that happened to have been in Shadow Veil for a relatively long time enough to be alongside Mystletainn for highest rank at the time of Ulla stepping down.

    To say she felt inadequate would be an understatement, but it wasn't about her, it wasn't about her and Mystletainn. This was about Calina, Ulla, and Shadow Veil as a whole. At least the ceasefire with the Sanguine Ruins was holding up, to think not long ago she was worried about being a Midnightbringer, she thanked whatever deity existed that Mystletainn was stepping up as well. She suspected she would be taking many cues from him, that he would turn out the better leader, but for now she had to try and take up the mantle without making a fool of herself.

    She felt like her thoughts were acting like a broken record by this point, but as she stepped up to the leaders rock to start their announcement, all she could think about was how this felt wrong. "Veilers! Please gather for an announcement!" Saying those words were a lot different to hearing them she'd decided. Seeing the fire in the meeting room lit again for the colder seasons looked different from this angle, the sight of Veilers coming to gather towards her looked weird. Sorry Mystletainn, but she felt relieved that next announcement was his to make.

    "Ulla has, stepped down from the Shaderunner role." She paused to let the information process. "And with Calina still sick, and the Shaderunner poisition void, Mystletainn and a' have, stepped up as Shadowkeepers together." Shadow Veil has changed so much and Órfhlaith didn't like it, it was times like this that she missed the herd. "We understand that this has been a stressful time for all with the Ruins, and quick turnover of leadership, so once again, Mystletainn and a' have decided to suspend any warnings, promotions or demotions until the next meeting, we have a few gaps in our positions so we'll be lookin' out to fill 'em. Regardin' the Ruins, the ceasefire has t'ankfully held, however, a' still advise everyone to be careful, especially if yer near the border; a' know that many of us have our personal issues with the Ruins, myself included. But currently a' don't want any conflict, especially while we're in such a period of change, there will be a time for justice, but it's not now." Now to address the elephant in the room. "A' understand that Calina and Ulla have left large shoes for us to fill, and a' want to make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable as we try to live up to them, so a' want to say that if any of ye would like to talk or have any questions my den is always open. This meetin' is dismissed unless Mystletainn has somet'in to add." The equine looked for her co-leader to see if he had anything to add. She hoped any other meetings she'd have to hold would come easier.

    we had dreams and songs to sing

  • everything seemed to be tumbling perpetually down an endless hill, with no signs of stopping any time soon. she had hardly been home long from her visit to the thunderlands to share news of ulla's leadership, when the torch was passed on once again, this time to mystletainn and orfhlaith. the feline heeded the call with a stony expression, holding resolute and masking the wavering sense of stability that churned inside of her. she had total confidence in the new shadowkeepers, but how many more would be lost? how many more would fall ill, or disappear in the night?

    she listened to orfhlaith speak in silence, gaze unwavering except to flick to mystletainn every so often, and then to hold steady on him as the equine female finished her speech and gave him the floor if he so pleased.


  • Mystletainn felt like he was dying.

    Not in a literal sense-- He was alive and well, despite the still healing gash to his throat. But it seemed that everything was falling apart around him, what with the Ruins. It seemed like only yesterday that he had gone to the wishing well with Calina. She had been well-- Stressed, but capable of all the great things she had always been capable of, and he had pressed his forehead to her warm fur in affection and that had been that. And then she was sick, all in a snap of fate's fingers. As Orfhlaith spoke she was resting in the infirmary, where she remained for all this time, dead to the world. He found himself talking to her sometimes, just to try to feel normal. It didn't work.

    And then Ulla stepped up, and there had been hope, and now she was gone too. Stepped down after only a few days and then vanished, and the cold and empty feeling in his gut only became bigger in her wake. His sister, his family, and she was gone with the wind. But life went on and the mantle was passed on to the midnightbringers, as Ulla had never asked a shaderunner to step up to take her crown.

    He was spaced out as he stood next to Orfhlaith. He had stood upon this stone times before, to call for weekly tasks and to hold announcements when Calina asked it upon him, but it felt surreal now. Like it wasn't quite right. As the mare passed along the mantle to him, he snapped out of it, then shook his head. "You summed it up perfectly," He wished Calina and Ulla were here. "You all may carry on with your duties."