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  • It'd been a little while since Cecilia herself had chosen to take her place at the meeting perch. It felt a little nice to be back up here even if the news she had to deliver this week wasn't the most pleasant. She'd noticed the disappearance of a large portion of her clan; Clove, Thanatos, and Incarnadine had all chosen to step down, and now Nimiane was comatose... Needless to say, there were a few spots in the high position team that stood to be filled. Regardless of these facts weighing heavily upon her mind, she called out to her clan.

    "Thunderlands! Gather for this week's meeting!"

    It took only a few moments for her clanmates to begin gathering under her perch. She chose to jump straight in. "Been a bit of a slower week, but with everything going on, that's certainly not something that we should be sad about. There was only one new joiner this week: emeraldwinter ! Welcome to the Thunderlands. I hope you enjoy your time here. And a warm welcome back to DRIFTINGCOSMOS ! If there's anyone I forgot about, please let me know."

    And now for the sad news. "We've had a few of our high positions step down this week. Incarnadine, Thanatos, and Clove have all decided to resign from their positions and leave the Thunderlands. I wish them the best in all that they do. And our new Sawbone Assistant, Nimiane, is now in a coma, so she will be removed from her position as well for the time being. This means that there are a lot of holes in the high position team that need filling, and I'll be on the lookout to fill them soon. That being said, selby r. , please keep up the great work. I've noticed your activity recently, and things are looking good for you at the moment."

    There were only a couple more things that she needed to attend to now. Like she said, this had been a bit of a slower week, and slower weeks generally meant less things to say. "While we have not heard from the Volary Flights recently, please keep an eye out for them still. Remember that they are not permitted to hunt on our territory. And now, with that being said, I believe I am finished with what I have to say. Now, please turn your attention to MARROK A. R. — I believe he has a few words."

  • A heavy heart beats in Marrok's throat, and his pawsteps are slow and heavy as he joins Cecilia at their perch. It had been only a week since he was last here, and not much longer past the day he was first welcomed at her side. His life has changed, week upon week. This one was no different. As her meager announcements conclude, fleeing from his mind like morning dew against the rising sun, his mouth opens for words he can't find. "I'm sorry," is all he says for one long moment. "A lot has happened this last week. Uh." He lifts a heavy paw to rub it over his face, his head, dragging it down his nape. "I haven't been around. And I won't be. One of my daughters is in a coma. I can't — I can't stay here, doing this. I'm not the leader this place needs."

    He doesn't know what to say as he looks over their faces, seeking out his family. He's been collapsing. When Marrok looks down to his paws, it's to hide wet eyes and a pained curve of his mouth. "I'm stepping down. I have to help my daughter first." His voice cracks. He knows what it's like now. He knows Freya's pain, he knows his father's. No longer is Marrok the child with an open heart. In the end, family comes first. It always has. "Thank you all."

  • falling in the black

    A lot happens and it happens fast. Blinking those red eyes as he comes into the meeting, he takes it all in. Sitting there to watch the loss of a leader and the sorrow in the others eyes. It was sad to see. He hated watching it. But, he offered nothing as he watched. All he could do was watch.


    slipping through the cracks

  • [] gone now are the old times

    It would seem that the meetings here would be held weekly. The news, he had learned, tended to be vast and varied. Sitting neatly by himself, he listened silently to the news, trying to glean any information off of the unfamiliar names and terms. And then, suddenly, his name. Selby blinked in surprise, at the mention. What had he accomplished in his time here? Running through the events of the past couple of weeks, he came up with nothing but pasta and confusion.

    Turning to better hear Marrok's words, he found himself nodding along in understanding. Family would always come first, and he believed that's the way it should be.

  • Fyodor fixed his dead colorless stare on Marrok. He was interested in what the co-leader would say ever since Cecilia hinted at it. The halfwolf guessed what would happen as soon as the words "I'm sorry" left Marrok's mouth and Fyod noticeably stiffened when it was confirmed.

    Marrok truly had nothing to be sorry for, even the idiotic Fyodor could see that. He watched the situation carefully, but no pity roused in his breast. In fact, something like jealousy or even hate festered under his skin — how honorable, now noble, what a great father while Fyodor was left sired by filth and abandoned by his mother. The halfwolf's tail tapped the ground three times before he opened his mouth to bark out, "Thank you for your service!" It sounded mechanical, almost against his will.

    He'd miss Marrok. Who else could he bother around here? Marrok's reactions were the most amusing to him.