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It's with a heavy heart that we announce the shutdown of FeralFront. You can read more about this, as well as find a link to an alternative, great new place to RP, here:
If you'd like some free FeralFront memorabilia to look back on fondly, see this thread from Dynamo:

    "The Solaris Kingdom resides on the shores of an oasis town once forgotten by time; though there are few buildings left completely intact, the adobe homes have been rebuilt and upkept by the Solarians who found the camp. Protected by old growth and new alike, the village's most important asset—its lake—exists solely because of a stream running down from the Arcane Mountains. The camp is decorated lavishly with banners, flags, and other Solarian flourishes, found most notably at the head of the town: the largest hut, one that could nearly be described as a fort, sits as the home of the Dawningcrown and their family. Across from it, sitting on the shores of the oasis, is an altar dedicated to helios; the space in between the Dawningcrown's abode and the shrine is where the Kingdom congregates for meetings. Aside from this area, the town is largely split up into areas for each guild, with Solarians predominantly choosing huts nearby their guild bases."

    Due to the limited number of huts available in the camp, it was decided that Solarians should sign up for their rooms, so as to not put too much pressure upon their resources (those in question being living space). Solarians can room together either with their families or with 1-2 other roommates! It is expected that people take huts near their primary guild, though with many members residing in multiple guilds, it isn't by any means necessary. After 2 weeks of ic inactivity, the rooms are given up to make room for more active Solarians, though by no means does this have to affect things ICly.

    To sign up for a room, simply fill out this short form below. If no hut in particular is requested, simply leave the "desired room" section blank.

    1. [b]character name:[/b]
    2. [b]desired room:[/b]