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  • ☼ introduction

    The Medicine Guild functions differently than other three guilds. While it is still a very open guild, it has more structure and rankings. It is a neutral guild, not entirely pacifistic, antagonistic, or religious, like it's counterparts. Here it's guildmates may practice the art of healing and gardening, two very life centered activities, as well as destruction and preparing someone for death. Solaris Kingdom had always had an aptitude to dance on the line when it came to its medics, preferring to teach them all sides of their future jobs, rather than just the pretty sides.


    Those in the Medicine Guild become quick to learn poisons and what herbs may hide scents the best, along with their usual teachings. They are in charge of the garden and its upkeep.

    ☼ information


    The Medicine Guild's color is green. The Guild often paints their pelts with green suns to show their pride of their primary guild during festivals and festivities.


    The Medicine Guild base is roomy and well-lit, as it has to be in order for the Healinghands to do their works. It doubles as the infirmary for injured and sick Solarians. The storage for herbs is near the back of the room. Beside the storage is a wooden table of sorts, with books scattered and stacked on top. Many of these are for students to study, although one is a guide book, in case the Healinghands are not present and someone needs help. It contains basic remedies and treatments, and instructs the reader on where to find basic first-aid kits in the storage. Herbs hang throughout the hut to dry, and it is not uncommon to find loose flowers or herbs around that have been taken down but not yet put away. Cots are set up along one of the walls for patients who need to stay for more than a few minutes, so they have somewhere comfortable to stay.

    With the garden made after Thea Arcanium's reign drowned underwater in the Crater Pool, Solaris Kingdom had to make a new garden to tend to. This plot of land beside the Medicine Guild's hub, simply dubbed 'The Garden,' is well taken care of by the Medicine Guild as well as anyone with a green thumb. It's a raised section of land, bordered by driftwood and stone. A canopy is hung over it so that the plants inside are not scorched by the desert sun. While primarily used for herbs, as this garden is much smaller than the former one, many still sprout fruits, berries, vegetables, and flowers in the empty plots. Behind the Medicine Guild's Headquarters is a small clay fountain that works part of the time.


    In order to become a full Healinghand, the Students must complete a number of tasks. This is to ensure that they have the knowledge and practice needed in order to be trusted to take care of their Clanmates on their own. Students must complete eight tasks and one prompt.

    ☼ census


    Raeliana, played by Mirror's Edge


    Sangria, played by nya

    Merlot, played by tully


    Romani, played by hachi

    Marigold, played by puzzles.

    Lavinia, played by array



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