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  • It'd been a spur of the moment decision to ask to do weekly tasks. He never came across as an animal fond of attention or ordering others around, and standing before the Commune Guild, Osiris would experience both. The male stood tall for a change, giving a flick of his torn ear as he stared down the few animals who'd already noticed this sudden change in demeanour. The tip of his tail curled in thought, before two lashes came from the appendage. He swallowed a lump in his throat, rehearsing what he was supposed to say over and over again. Eventually, he cleared his throat. "Alright everyone! Gather around for your weekly tasks!". A burst of confidence seemingly betrayed by the otherwise uncertain air to the feline. Osiris sat down once he'd got his point across, internally preparing for the mass of Solarians ready to ask him for a job.

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  • ☆☆☆ marigold seemed to always need something on his plate, and a weekly task was the sort of low stakes to-do that he most adored. after all, there were no consequences if he didn't fulfill one, yet it was gratifying to get finished regardless. "i'll take one, please," marigold said on his approach.

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  • *:・゚➵ Sorin was laying in the sunlight as he heard the call. Eventually, his head lifted slightly, and ears pricked forward towards the one who had spoken. His eyes soon followed, noting the scruffy looking tom cat. His interest was immediately turned down and off as he realized the male's aging scruff. Sorin settled his head on the ground again, eyes open and staring at NPCs as they walked by him, not passing him a second glance. After realizing what had been said, however, he sat back up slowly. The kitsune wore a frown on his lips as he slowly rose to his paws and began to meander to the space where Osiris and Marigold were positioned. "I'll take a task," he called up to Osiris in a rather bored voice, a pout to his features as he peered at him. "A-as long as it's not dangerous!" Sorin added on quickly, a bit more emotion to his voice.

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