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  • ☆☆☆ it felt as if a meeting this week was completely and utterly pointless, but marigold supposed that holding one was necessary regardless. hell, blackweed was technically supposed to hold this one, but since she asked him to take it on, mari had to just build one and get on with it. "dynasty, please gather for a meeting!" he called, exhausted after thinking of what to say for it. pointless, really, but it was necessary. he had to do this for the sake of the clan.

    ☆☆☆ "i'd like to start out wit' a warm welcome to ROSEWAR. , an' a welcome back to spacegem. good to have you lot around, yea?" he said, hoping they'd show up. with things starting to relax even despite some... other happenings, it was nice to have more than one name to say aloud for that portion. "haven't got much going on this week, admittedly, but feel free t' join our divisions if you'd like, or take an oath of loyalty! konnie's also told me she'll hold a round of weekly tasks, so look forward to those." it really wasn't all that much to say, but it was decent enough filler and it fit his typical formula for his meetings.

    ☆☆☆ atypically, mari would usually have notecards, and he lacked those this week. well, he'd lacked having those at all in the dynasty, his meetings tending to go better back in the kingdom when he had as few notes as possible, and it felt good to be without them. " better than sex cake stepped down, and i'm going to extend a warning to jack . . on the other hand, THE THING can step up t' jade guard an' 1004 's getting a shoutout. there's a blanket warning to everyone, even if unofficial. we've all got to be around more, arright?" he had planned on doing badges that week, but plans changed. "meeting's dismissed." sometimes a short meeting was a good thing, since he already put in an excruciating amount filler for what he had available.


  • luckily it looked like she joined right at the tail end of drama as the sparkly pink cat didn't think she could stand it. it was hard leaving behind the place at its' worst, but it seemed that the dynasty hadn't fallen apart as she feared. she didn't mean any harm to louis, but it looked like he was somehow taken away from leadership before he did damage and 1004 was perhaps removed as well. most names went over her head as she had either not seen them before or was barely getting to know them, so the she-cat was more quiet this time around. maybe she could quietly sneak her way back into the medical division to work alongside 1004.

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