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  • Solarflare had finally settled into his new home and had volunteered again for weekly tasks. The large feline padded towards the center of camp again. The young warrior was happy to be a part of something bigger than himself. It was weird that he had stayed away from the clans for so long, yet here he was. He was thriving in the clan, proudly living with a new name. The golden-furred brute padded forward. There wasn't really a reason for him to be so involved in the clan, but Solarflare seemed to be attached to the rest of the clans. His emerald eyes looked around first, noticing a few new faces. The rest of them were familiar. After hearing that the sickness that had plagued a few of his fellow clanmates wasn't able to be spread, he was glad that no one else would get sick. However, he hoped that they would be able to heal them soon so that they could return to ThunderClan.

    "ThunderClan," he called out. Solarflare's voice was loud, yet friendly and welcoming. "Gather around for some tasks!"

  • "I'll take another task Solarflare." Pumpkinstar meows as she hurries over to the scene, she had been rather absent recently for... many reasons. Maybe this task could help her get back into the swing of things.

  • In all honesty, the ticked lavender she-cat wouldn't mind having a tad bit more work on her paws after her busy morning and the golden tom's positive demeanor was certainly contagious. Spicepool would let out a quiet laugh and pushed herself to her paws before approaching behind Pumpkinstar. With a gentle smile, Spicepool would look towards the young warrior and dip her head respectfully. "I'll take one, as well." She purred.

  • He nodded as Pumpkinstar approached. The tom smiled warmly. "Of course, Pumpkinstar. Maybe we could organize a patrol to clean up the leaves that are now falling due to leaf-bare approaching." Solarflare felt that would help clear the air as well. Things were pretty tense around here. "Spicepool, if you'll organize a patrol to gather fresh moss for the elders' nests."

  • "I'll also take a task!" Chirps Bluekit as he hurriedly races over, he was bored and would happily take a task (even if it was something boring like cleaning) to keep himself busy.


    Soon came Ivorycloud, eager to put in some extra work. Her mind whirled for a moment, realizing that she already had some work that needed to be done, but the she-cat figured more couldn't hurt. It would keep her busy, distracted from the fact that her friends were becoming a little more distant than usual now. A fulfilling task would keep her from asking herself where everyone had gone. Like a storm she came to stand next to Spicepool, her fur fluttering in the wind, going in all different kinds of directions. "I'll take a task, and I'll join the others on their tasks, too. If they'll have me." She shot a smile towards Spicepool, happy that her friend seemed to be doing better now than when she had last saw her.

    let me be your coffee pot

  • "Ah, the young inspiring Bluekit! Glad to see you up for a task! Set up a small game for the others in the nursery! It might be chaos for the queens, but it's just what we need in these trying times." The tom mused as he gave the young kitten his task. "Ivorycloud, yes. A task for you! Perhaps you could organize an herb patrol. I know that with those recovering from recent events, we need a new stock!"


    Rose was, perhaps, a bit to young to be of much use, but he was determined to try anyways. Padding over, the kid had an unusually serious look on his face, his determination showing clearly even in his posture. "Can i have a task?"


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  • “Ah, another one for a task! Please assist Ivorycloud in organizing an herb partol!” He was kind in his tone, hoping that Rosemarypaw would be up to the task as well.

  • Pumpkinkit

    “I’d like a task to!”Pumpkinkit piped up as she padded forward joining many of the others. The torti colored female looked excited though she figured a simple task would be given to her. She wanted to start getting use to helping her clan out as in another moon or so she’d be made an apprentice.

    Thunderclan - 5 moons - Female

  • “Another young soul willing to help out! Help Bluekit with his task! The more the merrier while helping...pick up spirits around here!” He nodded, hopefully they’d see the clan whole again.