Plot with former seraphim fallen angel of Agrelos

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    Speaking: Black | Thoughts: Yellow | Attacking: Red | Details/Setting: Brown

    Past Life Events

    Born: Ancient Greece

    Died: 8 years old of typhus (first death as a human); Second death happened before Agrelos when his powers, memories and soul were forcefully stripped from his body.

    Age: Physically 2 months old. Spiritually thousands of years old.

    Backstory: Originally a noble child, he was the third born but was born sickly and frail. When he was five, he caught tuberculosis and passed into the afterlife where he was greeted by the Archangel Michael and given the body of an angel, allowing him to take a place near to the heavenly court of God himself. Trained despite being given the body of a pre-teen, he had the mind of a child which slowly grew over the years. Perhaps it was the mind of a child that caused him to so easily trust and befriend a demon named Korthreroth, a crime within heaven, but regardless he saw his friend despite being warned not to and grew into the Seraphim he became, his birth name being forgotten in favor of the name Yahoel. Over time, he grew underneath the care of the Archangel Michael and an OC Angel named Telantes. He tried to kill the seven arch angels and killed hundreds of angels to do so, absorbing their power and life essence into himself. He was also known for befriending a demon who was later killed by a Guardian Angel who he killed in retaliation before his fall. He then became a fallen angel, taking on the name Dagan. Despite his time on earth and losing the majority of his powers, except for Light Element, he was killed and sent to Agrelos, cursed to become an animal and given the body of a two-month-old leopon where he would take on the name Vritra.

    Events since Agrelos:

    August 24th 2020: Nearly drowned to death in Lake Minos

    August 24th 2020: Rescued by the deceased Flora and taken to the Court of Halcyon.

    August 25th 2020: Captured by Bloodpoppy who scarred him with a goat symbol of the red god.

    August 29th 2020: Returned to the Court of Halcyon.

    Unknown: Took on the name Vritra Seerow.


    Light Element-The only power from his time as a Seraphim and Fallen Angel (weakness is darkness)

    Shapeshifting-Able to change his gender and body
    Ice Element-Able to breathe ice, create and manipulate ice, have an ice pelt, adaptable to cold (weakness is fire, electricity, does not do well in hot environments)


    Vampire Ghoul-Two curses thrust upon him to punish him for his crimes of killing several arch angels and befriending a demon against God's orders, to take the blood and flesh of others to sustain himself in addition to normal food. These curses have not activated yet, but will when he goes through a traumatic event. As such, with time, he will become an ageless being when he is in the prime of his life (5 years old).


    Amnesia-He suffers from amnesia for his former humanity and time as a Seraphim and eventually fallen angel are gone. He will never get these memories back.


    Leopons are naturally fertile, both males and females, unlike other big hybrid cats where the males are sterile. Thus he is able to sire young.


    Goat Skull carved into flesh by High Priestess Bloodpoppy of the ruins upon capture


    Will eventually get a harpy eagle bird from the flights

    Will eventually acquire with a wolverine pet

    Shapeshifting Forms:

    Natural Form-Leopon with magenta eyes.

    Drakyn (griffin x dragon hybrid)-Magenta eyes, mixed bat-feather wings, feathers changing to scales with the body of a dragon and taloned feet but head and mouth of a dragon. (battle form 1)

    ? (battle form 2)

    ? (land scouting/spying)

    ? (air scouting/flying 1)

    ? (flying 2)


    Wings (eventually will develop)

    Ram Horns (will eventually develop)


    • Arrogant and believes himself better then the animals of Agrelos and speaks eloquently as it's the only thing he was allowed to keep when being put into as small of a creature as the angels dared. Unknowingly, the Archangel Michael did this for the child despite nearly being murdered by the child he helped raise after Vritra's first death.

    Anyway, does anyone have an idea for a clan for him based on the information given above? I want something that is active but I don't think he would join the ruins, just because he was captured and tortured. The backboards seem slow and not active from what I have seen, though they do have unique cultures I got to say, so I'd prefer not one of those either. I guess something that is moderate to fast paced.

    Plots done already:

    • Captured by Bloodypoppy; high priestess of the ruins and had a goat head carved into his shoulder.
  • Awh the poor babby 🥺 i can offer my tormenta-million character to perhaps adopt him as a son or family member by discovering him on her travels if youd be down? She lives in the cartel and kingdom but he doesn’t have to move if you’re against it 💕