Agrelos + Warriors RP Rules Reminder!

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  • Hello FeralFront!

    Staff wanted to give a clear reminder on some rules when roleplaying. This is for Agrelos and Warriors RP, but has been more of an issue in Agrelos as of late, so that is the world we’ll be referencing.

    IC actions have IC consequences

    Agrelos is a world for everyone on FeralFront. While each of us have our own characters, plots, and plans, the fact that we are all roleplaying together means that it is very unlikely those plans will happen perfectly. Characters must adapt to the in-character (IC) situations around them, and when it comes to public threads, some things are unavoidable.

    Remembering this is hard, and sometimes it leaves you having to handle situations with your character that you didn’t want. When we speak of IC actions having IC consequences, this is what we mean. You cannot simply stop an attack from another character just because you don’t want it, just like entire groups can’t prevent others from raiding them.

    If you are ever concerned or unsure, staff are always open to answer questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Other than that, we suggest just embracing the spontaneous chaos that may erupt. You may just have a bit of exciting fun, or a new relationship spring from it!

    OOC knowledge does not translate to IC knowledge

    When OOC information is discussed or plotted, sometimes in the excitement members forget it hasn’t been revealed IC and their characters speak or think of it anyway. This happens often with relationships and exciting plot moments.

    When it does happen, it can upset the natural progression of plots and occasionally kill the excitement of them. Knowing secrets OOC that your character doesn’t know can be hard to RP sometimes! But you gotta remember to keep IC so that the story can play out naturally.

    Everyone has messed this up at some point, even me. Sometimes mistakes happen, and you alter them and move on. However, it has been happening more often as of late, so please take the extra moment to ensure the information your character is saying OR thinking is something they would know!