stop your crying — plot with haiiro

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  • i finally have the energy to play haiiro again which means i need plots with him!! he's been sticking to himself for far too long and he needs to interact with more people. haiiro's currently a member of the shadow veil, but he's very likely to visit both the sanctuary and the thunderlands since he used to live in both places!! you can find his tags here for more information on him <3


    - friends/best friends

    - teaching y/c about medicine

    - healing y/c after finding them injured

    - rivalry or enemies


    - romance: would have to be a long-term plot and sort of a slow burn since he's going thru it, only open to guys

    - adopting children: would have to talk about it, but definitely open for this! he loves kids and would take any of them under his wing

    - fighting: it's rare that he would start a fight, but definitely a possibility, esp with characters from sr!

    - getting captured: it's not high on my list of priorities, but i wouldn't be against it


    - being killed/maimed

    - litters

    i'm also 100% down to plot over dm if you'd rather talk that way! just shoot me a message and we can chat <3

  • of course! he would 100% be down to help her, especially once/if he realizes that she usually deals with it on her own! he used to be the same way so he would be super worried haha

  • 👀

    I recognized him from somewhere but I had no idea it was from the sanctuary... kairi just found her old remains and is having flashbacks from her time as paige / olive / weddingbells / annabelle / temperance / braille / the list goes on... maybe they could get together and she could ask him about his life and maybe he could somehow spark some more vague memories for the lady???

    I mean i want them to be friends anyways bc he's a cutie but just a thought for thread