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  • Olwen was the next to arrive, not having anything better to do at the moment. The line was sure to grow long after awhile, leaving her to do her best to make it to the beginning of the line. "I’ll take one too please." Plopping herself beside Video, she would wait for the tasks to be handed out.

  • Ivan has been, admittedly, behind on his tasks. Perhaps if he got a good one he would carry it out. All he wanted was to feel useful — god, he hadn't been feeling so well lately. It would do him good to start being active with his responsibilities instead of being idle.

    "I'll take one."


  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Oh gosh, there were so many faces! Aphrodite smiles, nodding her head.

    " VIDEO , can you host a talent show?" She says. " OLWEN , can you take out a patrol to the Cartel for some shopping?" Then, " Hakumen , could you host a mock raid between our members?" And two more. " IVAN , can you take out a patrol to make sure there's no buggers on our border?" And lastly, Deb. " DEBIRU , can you host a tea party?"