Obligé de Rester (Bungo Stray Dogs) PAFP

  • **Spoilers for s2 of the anime!**

    Hello! I have an idea for a Bungo Stray Dogs rp that I find super interesting and I wanna dive as deep into the possible routes this can take as possible. The premise is based heavily on Chuuya, however I would like to see how it could go with other characters in this situation as well. Especially a Mori, because he's the one who is going to have the most information here. Also, an even more alternate-alternate universe in which Dazai still joined the agency but Odasaku never died would be an interesting route to take it as well.

    The following characters that I'll accept for this are listed in order!:

    Ogai Mori, Sakunosuke Oda, Chuuya Nakahara, Doppo Kunikida, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Atsushi Nakajima,

    TW for Suicide, Self harm, and violence

    The whole idea is where Chuuya is still Arahabaki, and double black worked out the same way it did in the anime where they became counterparts of each other before Dazai left to join the agency. Three days before the beginning of the prompt, the agency got into a small altercation with the port mafia. Chuuya sought out Dazai and it escalated, Dazai threw the fight. Having unleashed all of his anger on Dazai, he knocked him unconscious and stabbed him in the stomach before being dragged away. Atsushi and Kenji carried Dazai back to the agency, and they're having a very hard time keeping Dazai stable and healing him.

    Along the line, they find out that Dazai is also a god in a similar way to Chuuya. It explains why Dazai just cant seem to die. Angst ensues, and how it goes from there is dependent on which character Dazai is paired with.

    Once that's established, I'll write up a starter for us!

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