Pull Me Out of the Trainwreck (BxG)

  • 20 year old Tristan Miller is the "it" man on campus at his college in Upstate New York. He is known for the wild parties he throws, his obscene amount of one night stands, and his very short temper. He is a guy who does not care about anyone no matter the circumstanace. Your character (name, personality etc is your choice) is a female who also lives on campus and just like everyone else knows about Tristan and his "bad boy persona." People don't know why he is the way he is, but no one ever seems to question it. The two rarely speak, just have two of their classes together, and have briefly talked at parties. Your character and her friends show up to one of his parties greeted by him and close to 50 other people. You notice a fight going on between him and his "best friend" on campus and you attempt to make peace and avoid them from killing eachother. Tristan and her become close and he lets out a side of him no one had ever seen before. This is just a loose discription to start, hoping to make them eventually catch feelings towards one another. I'm open for many plot ideas.

    Tristans POV

    I'm drunk. I hear my best friend Brody, a kid I had known my entire life, the kid who knows every detail about me, the kid whose family practically raised me because my mom was a druggie and my dad was never in the picture talking shit about me to some new kids on campus. "Hey bitch" I say angrily to him. I was taller than he was and I was more muscular than him. Maybe it was all the vodka I had drank but I was going to kick his ass. I don't care who he was to me. "T, chill out bro" he said to me. I shove him hard knocking over one of the plants that stood in the hallway. He takes a swing at me and we end up on the floor. I'm on top of him now, punching him over and over. I feel my other friends trying to peel me off of him and I just push them off.


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    Name: Mia Jay Brooks

    Age: 19

    Eye color: Hazel

    Hair: black

    Grade: College Freshmen

    Body modifications:

    Has a tribal tattoo on her left shoulder

    Also as has tattoo on her lower back


    It was all happening so quickly, suddenly there was a crowd arouns two people, somw of them trying to help get the apart, however it didnt seem very successful. Mia and her friend stoos over to the side as they watched the chias break out,

    "Whats going on??"

    Mia questioned slightly as she set her cup down and began to walk over to the crowd, pushing passed people before seeing what was going on,


    She yelled as she stepped in, helping a few other get in between the two, her stansing infront of him as to how he wouldn't launch passed her to get to his friend,

    "Tristan! Hey what are you doing????"

    She questioned as she had her hands on his chest to hold him back the other standing by his sides just incase he tried to go for him again

  • "We just have a bitch here tonight. Thinks he's hot shit" I say to Mia. I had a few classes with her and hey yeah I found her attractive, but this wasn't the time for my thoughts to get clouded. "Let go of me JJ" I say pulling my arm from my friend who was holding onto me keeping me from tackling Brody again.

    Brody had gotten up with help from a few people, his nose was bleeding and he had a large bruise already forming on the left side of his cheek. "Nah, don't worry about it" Brody said holding the paper towel someone had given him up to his nose. "Just like your deadbeat dad right Tristan?" he asks me.

    I had it at that point. I snap out of JJ's grip and try to go grab him but JJ, and two of my other friends grab onto me, Mia still infront of me. "Alright Brody get out I think you've caused enough tonight." one of our friends says. "Whatever, see ya'll later." Brody says walking out, a few people went out behind him. Once the door was closed my friends let go of me. "Chill out man" they say to me. "It's all good.. hes talking shit let him talk." another says to me. My fists were still clenched, my jaw pulsating. "someone get me a fucking drink" I say

  • Mia's heart was racing as for a second there she thought she was going to get thrown tk the side but was grateful when his friend caught his arm again. After Brody finally left along with a few others that had caused issues shs felt herself relax a bit, slowly removing her hands from his chest and grabbing him a cup,


    She said softly as she looked at his face where Brody was ablw to land a few good hits on him,


    Mia mumbled as one of Tristan friends brough her iver a wet cloth,

    "Hey your bleeding pretty bad..."

    She mumbled slighlty as she took the cloth and gently pressed it to his eyebrow, her friend coming up next to her and watchjng her closly to be sure she was omay and that Tristan wasnt going tk turn aggressive again

  • I move my head up and away from her. "I'm good" I say. I wasn't one to take help from people. Made me feel weak and gave people like Brody oppertunties to talk about me and my past. I was never agressive towards females. I could be a dick, yeah sure. Never aggressive though. That is one thing i never did. I take a sip from my drink and look at her. "What did he even say T?" One of my friends asks ripping me away from my thoughts and making me stop looking at Mia. "Nothing.Not important." I mutter. I look down at my free hand and look at my knuckles, already bruised. I open and close my hand a few times to stop it from feeling so sore.

  • Mia sighed as he pulled away from her, lowering her arm since he wasnt going to allow her to get the cloth on him,

    "Hey girl we're fixing to have to"

    Mia's friend whispered to her as she showed her the time,

    "Okay Sarah... give me a second okay?"

    She said softly to her friend before looking back at Tristan,

    "You okay?"

    She questioned him curiosuly as she hears what Brody had said to him after the fight was over. She sidnt understand what had gotten into them two to even start this. From her knowledge they were really good friends, she always saw them together basically everywheee they went!

  • I look back at her. "I'm fine. I'm not finished with him.. but I'm good." I said to her putting the cup to my mouth and downing the rest of the drink. "People wanna talk shit so be it. But out of all people he should know I won't let it happen." I say. I don't know why I was talking to her so much. We had only spoken a few words before this all had happened but hey whatever I guess. I decide to get bold and I place a hand on her small waist. "You don't have to go you know" I say my eyes trailing down her body. Deep down, I knew what i was doing was wrong. She just watched me beat the shit out of someone. This is how I kept my persona up and I will do whatever it takes to keep that going.

  • (Small plot idea care to hear it?)

    Mia felt his hand ans sighed as she gently took his hand in hers and put it to his side,

    "Tristan im not like that and i dont do one night stands"

    She whispered since everyone was basically back to doing their owns tbings so nobody was really paying attention,

    "Im glad your okay though"

    Though she stayed for a moment longer she grabbed the wet cloth and put it in his hand,

    "I was clean the blood off before it dries okay? Ill... ill see you in class"

    Mia offered a small smile before she turned her back and walked away, finding her friend out in the parking lot waiting for her.

  • (yes of course! what is it?)

    "Damn." I say keeping my hands at my side. I was respectful. "Worth a shot" I say with a signature flirty smile of mine. I look at her as she begins to turn. "See you around." I say taking the wash cloth, rubbing at my knuckles to take the blood off. She was reall y different, a good different. Sucks she didn't want to, but hey I'll live.

  • (i was thinking just to add a bit of tension to the whole story lol. Okay so what if Mia is currently in a relationship but a pretty unhappy one at that. Hes rude to her, cheats on her, is a complete d*ck head ya know. So that way when her and Tristan do start you know talking and stuff and do start getting closer it becomes a issue with her boyfriend and he starts being even morreee of a d*ck, be it verbally or physically. And she trys to hide it from Tristan, thinking hes gonna freak out (which he does end up doing) and beats the sh*t outta her boyfriend and then i havent reallt thought of stuff for after that but yeah whatcha think?))

    Mia got dropped off at her dorm by her friend, waving her goodbye as she walked inside and sighed as she shut the door behind her. She was currently alone in her dorm, he roomate had move out quiet sometime agao but personally she loved having the whole room to herself. Yawning she kicked her shoes off and slipped into some shorts and a whire cropped tank top before climbing into bed, sinking into the sheets after a stressful nighy and was soon knocked out

  • (yess that works for me just introduce the storyline whenever you feel is right)

    The next morning was Saturday and most of us didn't have any classes. I was hungover, but I had to go to football practice or else coach would kill me. Unknown to most the Football scholarship and the frat money is the only way I can afford to live in the big ass house we share on campus. I go to the field and am greeted by Brody. As a team our coach has a huge lecture on why we shouldn't be beating people up and why its a shitty idea but after hes done bullshitting we start practice. When Brody fumbles the football I had thrown to him I get annoyed. "Ay Brody, maybe you gotta get checked for a concussion whoever hit you last night must've hit you pretty hard if you can't catch the damn ball!' I yell to him. I was captain so these comments I made a lot to my teamates, but it was always light hearted. I considered them family. But right now.. not so much. Tomorrow we had our first game of the season and confident that we were going to win me and the boys had already started planning a party for Sunday night.

  • (Okay awesome))

    Mia sighed as she laid in bed, scrolling through her as she switchdd iver to her messenger and messgae Andrew. Her and Andrew had been together since around probably 8th grade. He was all she knew but over the years he had gone from prince charming to nothing more than your average jerk, however she didnt have the heart to leave him.

    Andrew had left her on read for hours now, making Mia frustrated as she shut her phone and finally got out of bed. She walked over to her closet and contemplated an outfot for a while before deciding on some tighting fitting low rider skinny jeans with rips in the upper thighs and knees and a cute but large blue flannel shirt, the sleeves hanging downt o the middle of her hands with her arms down,

    "What am i forgetting..."

    She whispered to herself before grabbing her scrunchie and pulling her hair up, leaving a stand or two down before grabbing her phone and book bag and heading outside. Mia walked out to the football feild and climbed to the top of the bleacher before leaning against the metal back of the bleachers and starting to read her book, humming softly as she would occasionally look down at the boys practicing

  • At the end of practice coach leaves and Brody comes up to me. "So.. since you got pinned back last night, show me watcha got bud" he says challenging me. I try to ignore him,really, for the betterment of our team but he shoves me as I try to be the bigger person and walk away. I throw my helmet off and get in his face. "Come on then, dont be a bitch!"I say. "Nah bro" JJ says getting in the middle of both of us. "not here, not now, not today." he says to us. I sigh but turn around to walk away when Brody goes "deadbeat motherfucker."

    "Yo Shut the fuck up!" I scream at him. "Mommy won't come to senior night when you got scouted for this team right T? What was she doing? Oh yeah she was busy shooting heroi-" he can't finish because I'm already punching his face. "fuck.. you......you son of a ....bitch" i was saying as I hit him, hard. The guys let us do our thing. Better to get it out now they guess

  • Mia waa reading before ahe heard the yelling once more. Looking up from her book her eyes went wide before she quickly began to head down the bleachers, leaving all of her stuff at the top including her phone before joghing out onto the feild,


    She yelled in the same tone as last night before she got inbetween them once more, JJ and thrn stepping in again to avoid Mia getying heit from taking them on by herself. As the boys got pulled apart, Mia back in the sams position as last night with her hands on his chest pushing him back with two boys on each side of him. She looked up at Tristan and shook her head,

    "Hes not worth it"

    She whispered before glaring at Brody,

    "I dont know what the f**k your issue is to keep f**king picking but your suppose to be his friend!"

    She yelled at him, throwing all fo the boys as her 5'3 little self was yelling at a full grown man,

    "Why dont you stop being a little b**ch and mind your own business. Yall got a game tomorrow and you really wanna start sh*t?? Immature f**k"

    She hissed at him before some other guys grabbed Brody and tried to get him to go wirh them. It eventually working, and the boys leavjng the feild, Brody flipping her off as he stormed away.

    Mia sighed as she shook her head and angrily walked back to the bleacher to grab her stuff

  • "Listen bi*ch" Brody said to Mia. "Ay, not cool don't be disrespecting the lady like that" one of Brodys friends said pulling him along with him. As the rest of the team leaves I follow Mia. "Hey"I say leaning up on the bleachers as I spoke. "I'm not some asshole who likes to punch people all the time." I say looking at the cuts on my knuckles. I don't know why I felt the need to explain myself to her, I never did that. "Honestly, tomorrow night.. if you're down you should come down to the house, we're throwing a rager." I say to her. I had my helmet I had picked up off the turf with one hand the other just rested on the bleacher railing. "you can bring your friends if ya want." I say with a casual shrug.

  • Mia sighed as she looked down at him,

    "I know that... whatever hes saying to you, you got all the reason to wanna punch him. Hell i want to punch him"

    She joked as she walked back down with her things, looking down at her phone and frowning as Andrew blew her off yet again,

    "You know what, i may actually come tomorrow"

    She said with a sweet smile before she dug in her bag for a second a pulled up some wrapped tissues. Opening them and handing him a few,

    "Hes busted your eyebrow open again"

    Mia said softly as she lointed to the blood on his face yet again,

    "But ill think about it okay? If i show up ill look for ya, stay out of trouble"

    With that she gave a gently pat to his cheek before she casually strolled off, humming softly to herself as she scroled through her phone, sending a rather nasty text to Andrew expressing how upset she was with him to once again just receive hateful words

  • I give her a smile. "Alright sounds good" I say to her as she walks off. The next day we all show up to the field around 6 for the game. We start playing and of course were in the lead, right now it was 21-3. I score touchdown, after touchdown the announcer bellowing "Number 26 Tristan Miller with his fifth touchdown of the night concluding our first game of the season with a giant win!"

    I raise my arms up in the air and pump my fist, cheers erupting from the student section. "We can't hear you!' I yell to the crowd and put my hand up to my ear signaling everyone to scream louder in triumph. My team surrounds me as we celebrate in the middle of the field before showering and heading back to the house to start the night off right. I was sipping on a beer as I talked to some freshman girls who I could easily get in bed. I decide againsit it being flirtteous and letting them have there fun talking to me. My face didn't look to bad now just the cut above my eyebrow. I was dressed in a pair of black pants and a tight white t shirt, when I moved you could see my back muscles rippling through my shirt.

  • Mia wasnt able to make the game due to some personal issues. She had drove over to Andrews house and caught him cheating yet again. It turned into a big fight and he ended up slapping her. Of corse she stormed out afterward and went back home but as soon as shs got though her bedroom door she completely melted down,

    "Stupid f**k...."

    She whispered to herself as shs laid there curled up on her bed before remembering about the party tonight. She had to think for a whilw befofe finally getting out of bed and walking iver to her closet. She decided to wear some small ripped jeans shorts and a black cropp t shirt, slipping her shoes on and heading out the door. As she walked over to thr house, sighing as she sww all the people she wondered if she shluld just go back however shs shook her thoughts away and slowly entered the house.

    Mia noticed a few people that she knew there and stopped, said hello, and moved on before seeing Tristan over by the kitchen area. Making her way over she gave a small wave to him as she approched,

    "Hey, heard you played a good game"

    She smiled up at him, folding her habds infront of her

  • I wave off the girls that were sitting by me. My cocky side pulled through and I shrug “Yeah I really did, super good game” I say. I was proud of myself. Football was something I was not only passionate about but good at too.

    I study her face before I see something and reach forward to move her hair out of her face. She had a mark on her face from someone.. either hitting her or punching her. “who did that?” i said my voice no longer fun and playful. I lean back in my chair trying not to show to much concern but I was very concerned. “don’t lie to me.. I’ll find out anyways” i said crossing my arms and raising my eyebrow at her. i wasn’t trying to be an ass i was just concerned.

  • Mia sighed as soon as he moved her hair, she had thought she covered it up enough and shook her head,

    "Dont worry about it"

    She said simply,

    "I dont wanna think about all that right now. I came here to have fun"

    She said with a cheery smile before looking over at the counter,

    "Imma gab a drink real quick, ill bring you a full one"

    With that she walked away and frowned slightly as she walked iver to thr karge table that had all the alcohol on it, grabbing herself a strong mixed drink and him a beer before walking back over and handing it to him,

    "Here ya go"

    Mia said sweetlt before taking a seat, starting to drink her cup as she watched the party getting a bit busier