THE TROUBLES OF THE WORLD ◇ meeting sept. 15

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  • There was a sort of emptiness in the pit of his stomach as he stepped up on his post, looking down on the crowd who gazed up at him. He didn't expect to be doing a meeting this week, or every week now. It didn't settle quite right in his brain, to not look to the side and see his fellow Shepherd standing beside him. It was just him, a little white speck, looking down on his clan. Not theirs or ours, his.

    "Sanctuary, please gather for a meeting," he stated, a mild bleakness in his voice as he waited for everyone to arrive. Usually, he tried to be in high-spirits, or at least have some sort of zeal, but there wasn't a trace of that anywhere.

    Once everyone made their way over, he would begin. "Time to get the bleak news out of the way," he started, "Grave is stepping down as Shepherd.". His tone was blunt, like a boulder smacking on the grass, the blades trembling from the impact. He wasn't sure what it was about this news that made it so hard to say; he had seen blood splattered on tranquil meadows, fires crawling up sturdy trees, but this was the worst. It wasn't like anything happened, it wasn't like she was even gone. He just missed it, he supposed, the nights they spent sketching hundreds of maps, sprawling across pages and pages of his sketchbooks. It was all changing now. "I hold the great honor of giving her the Ancient title, as is customary for all past Sanctuary leaders,". He sucked in a breath, hoping to quell the sight tremor in his voice. "Her determination in battle, her focused mind, and her complete dedication to the Sanctuary make her well-deserving of this title.". He paused for a bit, let the quiet breeze whisper through his ears before continuing on, as he had to.

    "As for regular announcements, welcome our newest member Magdemi ! Shoutouts go to Onepunch and Crysantha!".

    Now, some good news for once; the promotions. "As for promotions, Onepunch is promoted to Neophyte and...". Another pause, but not as bleak this time, instead, it was more him wondering if his decision was truly a good idea. "Mischievouswonders, you've shown great interest in the Harbinger of War position, and, if I tell the truth, you've shown us all multiple times that you could easily handle the position, so, I am promoting you to Harbinger of War.". Man, that was something he never thought he'd say. "There are no demotions, but Illuvatar and Rhodostephes are getting their first official warnings. All of us would really like to see you around more."

    "Regarding everything that's going on, we are hosting our harvest ball, so please attend if you would like! Mysticpaw is hosting a lesson about wisps and Missy is holding a battle assessment. As for more fun things, it seems Onepunch has a new pet and Chrysantha has set up a juice bar,".

    "Unless anyone has any questions, meeting dismissed,".

  • An interesting second meeting, to be sure. Chrysantha tries not to let the resentment consume him this time. He did sort of, uhhh .. live here full-time now, after all. Still though -- being on the listening end of a meeting is surreal.

    Somehow, Chrysantha hadn't even been entirely convinced there'd been a second leader. He'd never met her before -- maybe it was for the better she step down, in that case. An absent leader was one of the worst, after all.

    Hey-hey, though! He, uhh .. got a shoutout. It's a bittersweet victory, but at this point, Chrysantha will take what he can get.

    "Congratulations!" He chirps, tail giving a twitch against the ground. He could at least safely say the promotions were earned -- uh, presumably, anyways.


  • remember the days of the innocence

    A promotion was not what he expected. Strolling forward, the tom would settle in with his new.. Pet. The thing clung to his cape and hardly left. Hearing Grave was gone was sad news, but he felt nothing really. Thank you. I will do my best. Would he though? He never cared for ranks. Ah, well, he could at least pretend.


    before it came in waves

  • Mischievouswonders drifts forth at Hev's call, a lazy yawn parting from his jaws. The vulpine spirit drifts close to Chrysantha, brows lifting with a particular curiosity as to what the man was going to say today. The start of it all was rather sudden and surprising, frankly. Grave had stepped down? He figured something must have been wrong when he had stopped seeing her altogether for a little while and he frowns pensively. Well, he hoped she got over whatever she was dealing with. Grave, although leader no longer, had proven herself to be a valuable asset to the clan. If she was gone then they'd be down one more good citizen of the Sanctuary.

    Next were welcomes and shout-outs -- and before long, a second announcement. Onepunch had been promoted to Neophyte and himself to Harbinger of War. Good. Heavensdoor was likely questioning whether promoting him to such a position would turn out to be good for the long term health of the clan, but he'll prove with time that he was the right choice to go with. This current form he had honestly wasn't doing him any favors. He needed to get an actual body soon enough. Eugh. "I'll do my best to prove I'll be the best around." The child says brazenly with a challenging smirk shifting across his features. "Congratulations to every one else. Good job." He clasps his paws together briefly, listening to the rest of the meeting half-heartedly. When all was said and done, Missy would retreat to his pocket dimension -- he had some planning to do.