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  • Abigor had just recently completed his Red Trial. He was lounging outside camp by a rock, sunning himself with the heat of the burning star in the sky whilst the cold air blew around him. He was on his back, and around him flew balls of various colors of light. They pinged off one another, bouncing to and fro, as if dancing. He grinned to himself, enjoying the way the light scattered in the air when the balls slammed together. Like mini explosions of water balloons made entirely of an intangible substance.

    Once again he was disappointed at this meeting. He would have to take it another step further in order to get that rank he so desired. Baptism was next, eh? He'd have to talk about aranging that soon. Humming to himself as he relaxed the day away, the large mountain lion paid little mind to his surroundings.

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  • Jups liked to play with balls of light, too. He could enjoy them for hours at a time, just making shapes out of them and watching as they changed colors with but a thought in his mind. Most of all, he liked putting on small shows of light with others. He has this idle thought in his head as he happens across Abigor who laid across the sand with his paws to the air, warming himself up under the sun. Jupitercub approaches eagerly, watching the lights Abigor manipulated bounce off of each other like actual rubber balls. "You're pretty good with light magic too, huh?" The youth would question once he had scrambled up next to Abigor, laying down and rolling onto his back to look at the lights too. He thinks he's decent at making orbs of light appear and moving them around. He's recently tried to make lines of light instead of orbs. It was taking a lot out of his free time to practice it, but he imagines he'd get it eventually.


    y o u ' r e j u s t o n e l e s s p e r s o n ₊˚.༄*。

  • Light elementals were always such a surprising find; it wasn't an ability that was put on display as openly, Zach himself being one of the culprits of that minor crime. Not like it wasn't for good reason. There was probably a whole list out there somewhere of all the good and useful things one could do with it, but it seemed like all anyone could scrounge up from their brains was to entertain themselves, and occasionally burn some eyes out on the battlefield. The most that he regularly put his power to use was illuminating his pelt in darker places, but that he had little conscious control over, so maybe it didn't count. The aforementioned eye burning came slightly more in handy.

    Abigor appeared to be one of them, batting around balls of light while he lounged around. He couldn't police what others did in their free time, nor did he really want to take that huge burden upon himself. The person in question was a very small and unfortunate exception. He had recently completed his Red Trial without a hitch, but the priest had already decided to withhold relief of his suspicion for the time being- times were simply too complicated to allow for otherwise. "Hm, yes..." the feline creeps up the other side, opposite the approaching Jupitercub. "I assume you are planning on visiting the church to arrange a baptism?" The second tier had expressed interest in knowing the ways to gain the god's favour, and this was what Zach believed to be the first step for new initiates. Or the last for false believers. But he wouldn't say that.

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    The male would slip over next and pause. What exactly did this clan see in this so called god? He was trying to kill them and yet these bunch were out for his affection? Fallen would not voice this, but would arrive on the scene and watch. Wondering if he was looking to do just that. Get baptized. He would silently look to Jups and then back. This would be fine to see, right?


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