Name help (:

  • I need name suggestions for my new character. He is a basilisk snake and i would prefere if it was a double name and something cool or powerful, or villain like even? idk, i have a bad ref of him below. I appreciate all help i can get because i really have no idea what to name them aside from Yashua maybe??, but i'm trying to found different names for him so please help me <33


    ( ねじれた世界で目が見えない夢を開く )

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  • oh that looks really cool!! i can’t wait to see him!! as far as villain names go, perhaps something based off disney villians?

    — hades

    — jafar

    — scar

    — captain hook

    — shere khan

    these are just a few but you could use some as a prefix like hades for example! ex: hadesfear ; hadescry ; hadessorrow

    hopefully some of these help you out! if i think of more i’ll come back and edit my post or post again!!