life can be like that ;; naming dragon/baking

  • so lean on me

    The woman was in the canteen working hard. She had cleaned up and now? Now she was, with the tiny dragon doing her best to help, cooking a few pies. It was hard work, but she enjoyed the smell. She was letting one bake and turning to finish the cherry one. An apple one on the counter and the pumpkin one baking. Three pies would be great. The baby dragon was currently fighting and chewing up an apple core. Dragging it all over her counter. Hey! No.. A soft sigh left her lips.

    Stop! She would reach out to scoop her dragon up and let her loose on the counter before her. You need training. But.. How can I train you without a name? She would watch the little creature tilt its head. Her eyes flicked over the pies. Taking in the heavenly scent and closing her eyes. Tiny chirps made her eyes open and she spotted her companion attacking the core again.

    Oh for heavens sake.. The words seemed to make her dragon pause and she blinked. That was it then? The idea came to her and the smiled brightly as she turned to pull the pumpkin pie out and put her cherry pie in. I guess we will name you Heavenly, like the smell of these pies. How does that sound, little dragon? She was met with excited chirps and she turned to look at her companion who seemed to bounce on the counter.


    and find your feet

  • If he recalled correctly, Helix had been there when Pixie found the tiny dragon all by itself. He didn't stick around long enough to see what she did with it, but he assumed she must've kept it. Had he been in the situation, he wasn't sure if he would've kept the dragon or not. A baby dragon could very easily mean that the mama dragon was around, and he didn't want to deal with that shit. However, it seemed that Pixie was lucky, and that her little dragon baby was an orphan. Helix wondered if she ended up giving it a name. Probably did, if she was planning to keep it and raise it.

    Helix had arrived in the kitchen shortly after Pixie had given a name to the dragon, so he didn't quite hear it. "Mmm, are you baking in here?" he asked, taking in the sweet aroma of the pies. Ah, he wished he could indulge in their sweet flavors without feeling sick. Even the smell was starting to cause his stomach to turn; sweets were honestly the worst on his vampirisim. Trying to ignore it, he instead turned to look at the newly named dragon. "So, what're gonna do when it outgrows ya?"




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