Troubled Denning

  • River's pregnancy was progressing before her very eyes and there was no sign of the father in all this time period. It bothered the molly as she dug into the earth with her paws, shaping out a den away from the safety of camp and her tribe mates. The Prey-Hunter could hardly believe that she was only three weeks to her time of kitting. It was this bothersome reason that the Prey-Hunter had been searching, she realized it later since the Night of Stars, for something. The molly had wandered the territory until she'd found somewhere that seemed secluded and far enough from the den to remain until her kits were old enough to become to-bes though she was losing hope that the tom that had sired her kits would show up before they were born.

    Having selected an area near to the border of Viper's Snare and Sharptooth Rocks, despite the risk of rogues and predators, River had made her den off the beaten path, hidden from sight in a small crag that was just tight enough for the pregnant molly to squeeze her body through. Using driftwood from the beach and some vegetation that grew about the territory, she had gathered it in front of the den entrance to secure it and provide a barrier, even dragging some of the viper snares forward to help deter predators and rogues. Now the female had to find nesting materials and thus, it was for that reason that she was in the Cliff Meadows at sunset, looking for such material. The molly stared at the sun as it set as she wandered the meadows, having squeezed her body out of the tight entrance, thankful she wasn't too fat yet to potentially get stuck but she would need to figure out another option for getting within the den to hunt. It might be necessary to dig out a second tunnel and entrance which she would need to block and conceal as well but if it worked, perhaps the female might use it repeatedly, not that she could see herself having many other litters.

    If she couldn't even keep a tomcat that had fathered her litter by her side, what reason did she have to potentially end up having more kits in the future? This litter would be bad enough being raised on her own with herself as the sole provider...her parents had said they wouldn't be helping after all. River Through Cool Valley sighed as she searched for materials to create a nest, sniffing over the ground, picking at the grasses that she found that felt soft under her paws. In her head, she tried to figure out what else she would need. Moss might be comfortable...maybe some feathers and skin which meant she needed to hunt, pluck and skin her prey to add for the nest. At least, living on her own, she could make it as big as she wanted. But maybe it should be bigger then normal...maybe the tomcat that had sired her kits...that she hoped they'd become mates...would show up. He would need a comfortable place as well.

    OOC: So I have never had a pregnant cat (thank god) but have dealt with pregnant strays before. So I know nothing about if cats have an instinct to den like dogs and wolves. But from what I remember, the stray pregnant cats would give birth under the garage. Basically River is sequestering herself away from the tribe for fear that her unborn litter (which is due in 3 weeks) will be harmed by her fellow tribe cats, especially those npcs that may blame her for her brother's actions. She will remain in this solitary den on her own (unless her mate is ever created and shows up) until the kits are old enough to become to-bes (at least that is what I'm thinking at the moment) for their own protection. Two of her cats will be stillborn, the other male and a female (unless for some reason they are created in these next two weeks). I'm playing three daughters and a son of this litter on this account, because I don't feel like creating countless emails just to make accounts for kits. The den itself is set on the border of Viper's Snare and Sharptooth Rocks, in a craggy rock face against two of the spires that has a tight entrance for protection for River and her kits plus mate if he's made. She'll dig out another tunnel and exit which will also be concealed but the entrance of the den is currently hidden with driftwood, brush and briars to serve as a deterrent to rogues and predators, as the second entrance will be. The entrance slopes downwards for a quarter mile before opening up into a rocky den.