plot with a hedonistic disaster, maybe?

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  • this is my son, he's a hedonistic disaster as the title says. a very wealthy former bard assassin trying to settle down into a life of ease. he's currently staying in the cartel but will absolutely travel around if another character wouldn't go to the cartel! you can read more about him in his bio, which is linked in the spoiler below.

    open to —

    — ( )there's honestly very little he ISN'T open to, go wild with him!

    — ( )friendly acquaintances, drinking buddies, people to party with

    — ( )one night stands or long-term nonromantic relationships (doesn't do romance)

    — ( )being a bad influence to someone (i would say good too but,,, he's not)

    — ( )generally just pleasant chats, he's very charismatic and good company

    maybe open to —

    — ( )crushes on him? it probably wouldn't end well rip

    — ( )mentoring someone in either the ways of bards or assassins (unlikely but possible)

    — ( )being hired, again unlikely but possible with good payment

    closed to —

    — ( )litters, death, maiming or being maimed, the usual

    — ( )that's really it literally just go wild with him lmfao i have so much muse

  • ooh that'd depend on the trouble!! dev isn't the type to hurt people (anymore), but it'd definitely be up for breaking some rules and having fun.

  • that'd be perfect then! do you think they'd meet somewhere in neutral territory first? just to hang out and get to know each other before causing trouble?

  • cool!! i could make a thread with him wandering around near the exiles if that works with you?

  • got a quick starter up !!


  • drinking/party buddies with rec? she'd want to keep it on the down low because though her alliances (KoE, Drowned Rift, Wind Haven) aren't exactly enemies with the cartel, her main home frowns upon anti-clan alliances even though she couldn't care less about politics. maybe even a one night stand if they get drunk enough, but tbh despite her childish attitude almost everyone seems like kids to her due to her age.