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  • with a scandal underfoot and the new intense need to cover it up, nimiane was doing her best to become a model child again. it felt like years since she last left camp (it had only been a few days,) and when her father mentioned needing someone to take over weekly tasks, she hurried for the chance. she had already redeemed herself tenfold - surely her fathers felt that even before her gifts, she was redeemed. after all, she was a gullible child that needed to learn. but nimiane needed to feel such for herself, needed to see the encouraging and happy smiles of others to feel secure in herself again.

    "hello everyone!" nimiane tried to puff out her chest, standing upon a stone that was shorter than she was. she wondered if her baba would let her stand on his back to look taller, but she didn't ask, figuring this was enough, "i'm giving out weekly tasks! i think i have a lot of good ideas so... ah, please ask away!" an itch of anxiety ruffled the fur on her shoulders but she remained with her smile.

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    I will take one. The male would state as he slipped forward. The male would look at the other with studying optics. Simply wanting to see how the other handed out tasks.


  • Following close behind the lion, Res would pop out from behind his friend and trot up to Nimiane. "I'll take one too, please." He meowed with a decisive nod of his head and a grin.

  • "I'll take one," said the Chieftess as she made her way over. It'd been a very, very long time since Cecilia had taken a weekly task, and she thought that now would be a good time to remedy that.

  • Oh. More tasks. Last time she'd had a task she struggled to even get the gifts out of the territory. Nonetheless, she figured offering her services again would be nice. "I'd like one, too."

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  • "I'd be honored to take one." Lunaire says when he arrives, smiling at the younger girl. She seemed happy to be handed this responsibility and, in the canine's opinion, giving tasks to the entirety of the clan sounded to be a pretty hefty responsibility. He smiles at her encouragingly, his tail wagging gently behind himself as he awaited his given task.

  • It would seem that Nim's tasks had already gathered a crowd. She had been working herself hard as of late and he worries she might be overwhelming herself — just in case, he comes and sits by her side first. His expression is warm and soft, his smile encouraging. He wasn't mad at her. She knows that, doesn't she? "You must have great ideas to draw so many people. Did you have anything in mind for me?"

  • It was a blast of nostalgia approaching the group of creatures that had assembled to receive their weekly task. How long had it been since he'd participated in this age old tradition? "I'll take one," his baritone voice joined the chorus of his clanmates, idly wondering what he'd get.

  • Considering it was Neo’s idea in the first place to take that trip to Volary Flights, the child hasn’t done so much in terms of atonement for his actions yet. A few meek apologies, frantic explanations, keeping his head low, but no gifts like Nim. Neo’s almost given up trying to redeem himself as the ‘model child’ - he doesn’t think he ever held that kind of reputation in the first place. It doesn’t bother him, but the disappointment and worry Neo saw in his fathers’ faces irks Neo more than any other high position’s stern words ever could. Maybe Neo could start trying, like his sister. And while perhaps the child has a fair way on his redemption journey, being productive and completing a task set by Nim seems like an okay start.

    ”One good idea please, and make it extra hard; I like a little challenge.” Neo pipes up, shadows trailing in the young cub’s wake as he settles by Mar and Nim.