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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ It felt good to be back. When she was a child, Aphrodite never saw herself as a leader. But as she stepped to the meeting hall with confidence, she feels right at home. This was right. "Meeting time, everyone!" Aphrodite calls out as she skips through the halls. She sits in her usual meeting spot, resting her fluffy tail over her dainty paws. "Come now, quickly!" She urges as members step into the hall.

    "Alright, alright, everyone take a seat because we got a looong one comin'!" Aphrodite says with a humorous purr ringing in her tone. She wasn't actually sure how long it would take, as she tended to go through meetings quickly, but she was simply excited to be back again. The Polaris adjusts her pink scarf around her forehead, grinning from ear to ear. "We have many joiners this week, I'm so grateful for that! Let's all give a warm welcome to: EPONA , KYOU , BELENUS , Lilias. , ANNELIESE. , Alcyneous and silentrequiem . Welcome all of you!" Aphrodite says with a purr, her whiskers twitching. She waits patiently for everyone to murmur their welcomes, her gaze looking for those new members.

    "Onto rank changes!" Aphrodite says brightly, "Let's start with the good news: Hakumen may step up to sun jumper, and OLWEN and EPONA are receiving a shoutout for their activity. I appreciate all of you working so hard recently. domino! is receiving a small warning - I'd just like to see you around a little more." Aphrodite says softly, her gaze looming over the crowd as she searches for those she called out. She smiles warmly, giving everyone a moment to process. "As well as that, VIDEO and IVAN are both receiving supernova titles. EPONA is receiving the stargazer title. Congratulations to all of you." She says with a confident nod of her head. They both proved themselves well, and she was proud of them.

    "Now then, be sure to attend the solar mural, as well as the solar dance when you have the time. Besides that, Video is making friendship bracelets, Olwen is hosting a welcoming party for all our new members, and Buckholtz has a juice stand. If none of those float your boat, well, try making your own little event!" Aphrodite says with a faint smile. However after a few moments, her smile seems to fade away. There's a more somber tone to her voice, "And as many of you know, Flora has been murdered by the Ruins. I have created a funeral for her, should you wish to attend. Flora will be greatly missed, and if we could all share just a moment of silence for our sun jumper, that would be nice." She says, falling silent on her last few words. She hangs her head for a moment, breathing calmly, in and out. After a few seconds of silence, she picks up her head again. "I want increased border patrols. No one should be patrolling alone to avoid something like this from happening again." She says softly. "Other than that, thank you ILYA A. for hosting last week's tasks. If someone else could volunteer to host weekly tasks, that would be fantastic. Meeting is dismissed." She says, trying to warm up her face with a kind smile. She waves her tail, a signal of dismissal.

  • Last week's meeting had been a disaster. There's nothing more relieving than seeing Aphy up on that stupid crystal where she belongs -- back at home, safe as anything. The feline's maw is curved into a bright, excitedly relieved grin as he looks up at her, stubbed tail wagging.

    On the topic of the meeting .. it seemed he and Ivan were both getting a title. Hakumen was getting promoted, as he ought to. Anddd then .. ongoings and .. Ah, yeah. Flora. Were they .. were they doing anything about that? It was worrying. Regardless, Video ducks his head, ears falling back.

    ... Patrols. Right. Maybe he should get his shit together and put together a Mars Division meeting soon, since that was coming up. Maybe he and the team could come up with something, and .. See what they could do. He huffs a sigh. He hadn't ever finished the last one, either -- oops.

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  • She had woken to find herself within a cave of some sort within the mountains, Whisper lying beside his sister with his head on his paws. Questioning her brother, he'd said there appeared to be a clan here on the floating islands that had allowed them to rest here and there were several creatures here with deformities which had caused the female basenji's ears to turn down at the news. But she had been left in the den after a while, her brother going out to scavenge some food for her and the unborn litter. The female had fallen back asleep shortly after, awakening to find her brother with a hunk of meat he'd stolen from a kill, as had become custom and hungrily ate it as Whisper lay down again, licking at a fresh cut on his leg from another predator attacking him over the food.

    Yet the female had wanted to stretch her legs a bit, so with Whisper's help, the pair of siblings had headed out of their den and wandered around until they'd come to an area where there seemed to be a few npcs and two other people. Her brother whispered that the winged feline was the leader and the canine was one that had led them to the cave they had taken sanctuary within and made their home. The female carefully sat down, leaning against her brother as she listened to the winged creature speaking of various things, one apparently being welcoming her and Whisper to the clan. "You told them we weren't staying didn't you?" she whispered to her brother.

  • Whisper had found a cave within the base of the mountain that was hopefully adequate enough, considering how they didn't know how many pups his sister was carrying. From what he understood, there was a chance of multiple fathers which worried the male basenji. His sister hadn't deserved what had happened to her, nor to carry a litter. The entrance was tight but he hoped it would deter any predators from harming his sister or the pups when they were born. Scavenging for food had been a bit difficult with there being quite a few npcs roaming about and he'd gotten into a fight with one, trying to steal what meat remained, only managing to come away with a big hunk of food and a bite to his leg to show for it. The male kept guard while his sister ate and then slept, the male not having had the chance to investigate any water source as he didn't want to leave his sister so close to her time on her own to birth the pups though he wouldn't be much help regardless but to serve as a deterrent.

    Yet they soon left their den, mainly because Alcyneous wanted to stretch her legs, and the pair would make their way through the tunnels, trying not to get lost, until they stumbled upon a gathering of different creatures. When his sister had sat down and whispered to him about them not staying here for long, the male nodded. "I did," he said just as quietly. "I said I wasn't sure how you would feel about staying in a place like this and were scared of heights, that's why we were offered a cave in the bottom of the mountain where they apparently live."

  • This meeting was not all sunshine and rainbows. There were people who were given higher ranks and mentions of a murder which made the bitch growl to herself, leaning closer to her brother's side. Whisper assured her he had told them they would not be staying and she was grateful for that but a murder on the floating islands where they were meant to be safe? It was disturbing. There were a series of events posted, something about a dance which she didn't have plans to go to. She was too far along to be try shuffling her paws across the ground. A mural and a welcoming party for newcomers. Alcyneous didn't have much to say as she yawned and her eyes began drifting closed, hearing a chuckle from her brother beside her.

  • It was good to see Aphrodite back in her rightful place. Not that she didn't want Video to be hosting meetings of course. He did great, but it was Aphrodite's responsibility. As she settled in to listen to the meeting, she was pleased to hear that she was receiving a shout out this time around. She was content with her current place in the clan, and didn't expect to be rising in the ranks anymore than she already had. As she listened to the announcements, she would take the time to make a mental note of the things she needed to be doing around the clan this week. With the dismissal of the meeting, she would rise to her paws and set off to begin completing the tasks she needed to.