go ahead and cry little girl // plot with panya [open]

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  • ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿ — anything that is beautiful, people want to break

    . . . . . Panya here is a traveling loner living in the unclaimed wilds of Orcaida, usually avoiding the claimed territories but sometimes accidentally crossing into them or briefly staying for business. Panya is a six month old shapeshifter, but usually resides in her rat body, which can lead to problems when interacting with other characters - namely, they keep trying to eat her!

    Panya is open to most things right now, but some plot points / ideas I already have in mind are:

    - People trying to hunt / eat / kill her, as she usually resides in her rodent body, and she's seen as prey to most carnivores. This can result in y/c realizing she's sentient and apologizing, or even them trying to eat her anyways, but shouldn't result in any lasting damage or death.

    - Friends. Panya is actually quite lonely, and if anyone can/will see past her physical appearance she's actually a sweet girl. Some threads around this could be her visiting y/c clan and riding around on their shoulder, or her helping them by grabbing things in hard to reach places, or even just them playing games. She's very playful, so she'd prefer the company of younger characters or those with the same/similar mindset.

    - Protectors. As stated above, she'd constantly getting into dangerous situations due to her species, even with less sentient beings as she's pretty low on the food chain, so it'd be cool if while in a specific area someone could protect her from overzealous clanmates and/or wildlife.

    - Thief/Locator for hire. Panya's main source of trade comes from selling her skills at finding lost things, and/or stealing objects of interest for other parties. She mainly requests payment in herbs and foodstuffs, but will also trade for things like cloth, bottlecaps, and other objects of personal interest that she can use to adorn her nest.

    Some tentative plots ideas are:

    - Relationships; because of her shapeshifitng limitations, and lack of interest in permanently joining a group, I'm very picky about this. She's not likely to develop romantic feelings for people unless they really stick by her side and pend a lot of time together, and it'd be hard (but not impossible) to make a relationship last due to her bodies being unusual. However, i'm not at all opposed to crushes, but anything long-term/serious would have to develop icly.

    - Joining Groups. This would most likely be temporary if it happens, but she may join a group if y/c invites her to stay and sight-see, or offers a business deal.

    Things Panya is closed to (for now) are:

    - Litters; panya is young, and she's not likely to have kids without a loving relationship.

    - Death. Pretty self explainatory.

  • Maybe Panya and December could end up becoming friends?

    December is the Commander of Warfare over in the Exiles, and he definitely has a side of him that embraces violence when it comes to outsiders or enemies, but at his core he's actually a really easy guy to get along with- as long as you aren't an enemy. He's playful, hard-working, has a playful sense of humor, and is super social, the kind of guy whose just as willing to get his paws dirty with work as he is to party and get drunk with his friends. As the Commander of Warfare and someone whose very in-tune with the wolf nature that lives in him Decembers main interest in life is making sure his 'pack' or clan is at the top of the food chain, and this is were that violent/apathetic part of him comes from- when it comes to every day living though he's a pretty decent guy.

    I was thinking it might be fun if December were to hire Panya as his 'side-kick', if your up for it? She would spy on enemies for him, steal things from people, help him with day-to-day things, etc. I can totally see her riding around on him all the time and acting as his friend/familiar. And December would of course act as her bodyguard/protector, basically making sure nobody tried to make a meal of her or go after her should they find out she stole from them or something.

    Let me know if your interested!

  • Panya & Fid could be friends? Fidelity would be protective/non-hunterlike towards her at first, but as her training goes on she'll start prioritizing adults > children and growing more violent, so they could either drift apart or have some fight that makes Fid more set in her utilitarian ways & is another kind of character dev for Panya?

    ooh and also if she's gonna be hanging out with December in the Exiles, their friendship's break-off would be sooner since Fid's "job" is to protect WH from enemies & she's gonna freak if she discovers she's been hanging around w an enemy


  • I love both these ideas - for her and December, Panya would likely visit a few times first to establish their friendship, before deciding on actually staying for a while, as she doesn't quite understand the sense of unconditional group loyalty a lot of agrelos has and is more loyal to individuals, but would be happy to spy/steal for him for protection and food once that connection is there.

    Also, i love the idea of her ties to December and the exiles ruining her and fidelity's relationship - I'd love to develop her sense of betrayal and values a bit more, because as stated above she's a rather neutral creature but she really puts her friends first above everything except her own safety, but hasn't had much life experience just yet.

  • Yes to all of this!! Perhaps the discovery of Panya and Decembers friendship could also cause a bit of a rivalry between Deccy and Fidelity as well? Fidelity could see it as December poisoning panyas mind and destroying their friendship, which could make for some fun fights in the future perhaps?

    I can get a thread up for December and Panyas first meeting if you like- I'll tag you once it's up :)

  • ooh heck yes, both plots sound super cool! I can make Panya & Fidelity's 1st thread if you'd like, I just gotta come up w a meet cute :0



    I would love for nikolaii to develop a slow friendship maybe even adopt her and even in return he wishes to protect her because she is younger and a fellow rodent haha.