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  • Calina was doing better than she had been last week, despite the fact that more captures and murders had been thrown upon Shadow Veil's plate. She chalked it up to the blood and death being so saturated that she had no choice but to get used to it. Her lack of sleep also helped; her brain wasn't firing as strongly as usual, and thus her worries and anger were dulled. So was her grace, apparently; her leap on to the rock in the meeting room was not elegant in any way. At least she recovered well, standing tall before barking out, "Everyone get over here, it's meetin' time!" She waited for a few veilers to trickle in, and wasted no time hopping into the welcomes. "We don't have a ton of joiners this week-" She couldn't blame anyone for wanting to avoid Shadow Veil. "-but BRANDON M. 'n' AHEMAIT have joined our ranks so, welcome. sakura_cerise has also been out 'n' about more this week. Fun. Thanks for decidin' to join us in this chaotic time. Ask questions if y' need answers." It wasn't her sweetest welcome, but she thought she got everything across.

    Calina sucked in a sharp breath, knowing that the next section of the meeting would not be fun at all. "The Sanguine Ruins continue to hit us. They've attacked, they've captured, they've murdered- they fuckin' killed a child, even. Ambrose's still captured by them," She was working as fast as she could to get that tied up, but it wasn't fast enough. Even mentioning the poor spiritcaller's predicament left a bitter taste in her mouth, in addition to the guilt that was built up in her chest. Petra hadn't even been six months old yet, and yet she had died, and poor Grimm was left with trauma. Mystletainn had a close brush with death, too. "We're workin' on that. We're in the thick of war right now, I guess." What else was there to say? That it would be okay, and that it would be over soon? Things already weren't okay, and wars didn't have an expiration date. Calina trusted her clanmates to figure out that life would be back to something close to normal eventually.

    "I still want everyone avoiding the Ruins border unless you've got someone else with y' nearby. Even just goin' out of camp, it'd be good to have a buddy," She tacked that on, shook out her ruffled coat, and kept going. "I've got some better news. KALEO can step up to duskguard, if he wants it. Hanako ( Y. AMANE ), y' can become one of our darkseekers." Both of them were promising, and Hanako's promotion would round out the darkseeker team with four veilers. That made a strong higher position team, and she thought that Hanako, while young, could make a good addition. " SAKI. is gettin' a warnin'." She hadn't seen the duskguard around much for a few weeks, but she couldn't blame her. The warning was soft; if Saki picked it back up just a bit more, Calina would eagerly remove it. " HAZE D.H.B.K. , Nautilus , 'n' ulla jorda all get shout-outs." She admired Haze's presence for such a young veiler, and if they were a bit older and thus ready for more responsibility, they would probably have earned a promotion. Nautilus had made an impressive bounce back after her capture. Ulla was consistent as hell. Calina was lucky.

    "Beyond that, we've got some nice shit happenin' around the Veil this week," That was more good news. Although Shadow Veil was plagued with violence from their number one enemy, there were still good little events happening. "Mystletainn's doin' some decoratin', Athelina's got a picnic goin', Ulla's got a food fight, 'n' I'm also hostin' a pair fighting trainin' session. Mystletainn's on weekly tasks, so keep an eye out for that." She cleared her throat and was reminded that her friend's throat was pretty fucked up. Was hosting weekly tasks a great idea for him? She pushed the thought aside hurriedly. "The Sanctuary also invited us to their Harvest Ball. Attend that, if y'd like. I've got nothin' else to say, so meetin' dismissed, unless anyone has anything else to add." With her duty done, maybe now would be a good time to huddle up in her hut and actually try to sleep for the first time in days.



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  • Grimm did something he'd never done before this meeting he did his best to keep his form hidden shadows drappled over him Vermillion eyes dulling at the mention of the ruins. In truth the child wanted to crawl into the open be next to his clanmates,his family, but he was unwaveringly sure that they outside of a few did not crave his company currently. It was okay though he told himself right now he was simple mourning and nothing else was wrong.

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    Nautilus walked over at the sound of Calina's call. Her head lifting as high as it would allow her too as she kept her light colored eyes trained upon the shadowkeeper. Her attention was only momentarily broken when she paused to look for a place to sit. Noticing Grimm trying to keep himself concealed in the shadows pulled at her heart. A small frown pulled at her lips as she made her way over to him, not wanting the dark kitsune to feel as if he were alone in this situation. Quietly she took a seat beside him, the length of her tail draping over one of his own as she looked back up to the large luperca perched upon her rock. It was nice to hear a shout out even if it did not technically feel as if she had bounced back to her usual self. she was still jumpy and unintentionally weary of anyone that found themselves too close to her neck. Even quick movements that were unexpected by her caused the winged savannah to flinch out of reaction.


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  • »»» The last meeting was the first one they'd been to since Cade was captured. Now they were here again, and for what? They may have been a duskguard now, but it didn't mean much. It meant nothing to them and nothing to anyone else. They still might've been doing what was expected of a duskguard, but it felt almost like a waste of their own time. For someone as young as them, it was just a title. There was nobody that would turn to them or ask them for help like they might other older duskguards. It felt like an honorary title, like they were in a club but nobody really wanted them there. It didn't really bother them it gave them more time to focus on what they were actually trying to do. A rank was temporary, but knowledge was permanent.

    Sitting idly by the wolf pup listened with a flat look crossing their face, dull yellow gaze staring right through Calina as disinterest overtook them. They were wondering what they were going to learn from Anxi the next time they met it.




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    War. War was nothing unknown to the woman. It was an inherent factor in the world, for it always followed wherever conflict could arise. Anyone could go to war for any reason. Living beings have killed one another for lesser things. Over scraps of food if they were hungry enough or simply just because of jealousy. She had seen many wars fought in her past life, and she had been a participant in many as well. Though, Ahemait was assured in the fact that when she included herself into the messy game of kill or be killed, she shed blood for the right reasons only. And from what Calina describes of the clan named ‘Sanguine Ruins’ they are just the sort of beings she would be happy to kill. Their souls wouldn’t know rest once she made her presence known.

    Lowering her skull in a polite dip of her head, she would listen on to the rest of the meeting. It was quite an interesting affair, aside from the mention of the ‘Sanguine Ruins.’ She had never experienced something of the sort, but it was a fairly efficient way of relaying information. Very interesting. “Congratulations,” she would offer to those promoted.

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  • Nothing said in today's meeting so far was new to the Iberian wolf. There were a few newcomers and the war with the Ruins was still ongoing, unfortunately. He knew that he would take part in an upcoming rescue mission, which he was admittedly pretty nervous about, but mostly because he didn't know what would happen.

    First up on the promotions, however, was his name. Wow, so quickly? It seemed that Calina saw potential in him, so hopefully he wouldn't let her down. "Thank you, Calina." He acknowledged, while also glancing over towards Hanako who had also received a promotion.



  • ✦ ——— Compared to most meetings, this one was rather short and to the point. There wasn't much said, other than a reminder to stay away from the Ruins border, a few event announcements, and a couple of promotions. Focusing on the latter, the boy heard his name being called out, noting that he had received a promotion again. Well, that wasn't much of a surprise at this point. Though he had a feeling this would be his last one in a while, so he had a feeling that being recognized every week would become nonexistent from now on, which he was fine with. He didn't like being in the center of attention anyways, but he would admit that getting to step up to Darkseeker made him happy. It gave him a purpose at least... so he wouldn't simply be sitting around in boredom, awaiting the next shade hour. He had other things to focus on now that didn't involve the afterlife, but rather just... life. He thought he'd never be given a chance to do such things again. "Thanks!" The boy exclaimed in gratitude, dipping his head.

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  • Meetings were great, but they just became repetitive after a while, and she was having a hard time getting used to showing up for the same stuff every time. Calina always did her best to keep it short and simple, and that she appreciated. Sylmae moves up beside Haze and bowed her head in greeting before she lifted her eyes to their leader and listened. “Congratulations, everyone! You all earned it!” Mae called out once she was done talking.



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    Ulla arrived quietly to the meeting, her mind preoccupied with plans of the future. There was a part of her that thought she should be preparing more. That surely there was something else she could be doing to keep the Ruins away, but she had already lined the border with poison and had.. .taken care of what little business she wanted to attend to there. There was nothing else she could really do except hope that they didn't attack. Besides, there were a few other things unrelated to Shadow Veil's politics. She and Arya were still putting together their wedding, after all, and her attention was needed there. For now, though, she would focus on announcements, quietly nodding along as Calina made her announcements, appearing to agree with each of them. There was nothing dramatically different from their situation last week with the Ruins, so it made sense that the announcements there would be brief. She hoped that soon enough there wouldn't be any announcements at all about the desert dwelling clan, but it was better to prepare for the worst rather than the best. When the meeting dismissed, Ulla would stick around in case anyone had anything to add or if any questions were asked. Given they were in the middle of a war, it would be understandable if there were a few extra needs that needed to be met.