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    Well, this was a bit different than the hay he was used to slumbering upon, the fluffy black kitten realized as he shuffled into the nursery for his first night. The air was still and stuffy, yet smelled fresh and wild at all at once. His amber eyes glinted in the dark as they surveyed his surroundings; attempting to settle down into the empty nest woven for him.

    The other kittens and their mothers fell asleep easily, signaling that this was routine for them-- a typical night just like any other. Not for Stag. For the former barn cat, this all felt so strange... like a surreal dream. He had to admit however, that the plush moss was much less poke-y than the straw bedding of his old home.

    At five moons, sure he didn't really need his mother as much as a newborn kitten, but things were a little lonely without the comfort of her warm pelt nearby and the sinking feeling that he may never see her again. A pang of envy echoed in the walls of his chest as he lay nestled down surrounded by kits who still had their families; head spinning in a haze of apprehension and fear. He tucked his obsidian nose under his feathery tail, as if he could block out the rest of the world if he just clamped his eyelids shut as tightly as physically possible.



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  • Turtledove has finally moved into the nursery after Cane begged her time after time. For now, she was silently sleeping with a paw up in the air, which made Cane smile. He was excited for their kits they were going to be able to raise. He noticed the lonely kit out of the corner of his eye. Most the nests in the nursery were big, just for the queens and their kits. Cane had insisted that he stay with Turtle, and eventually she gave in. So he'd been staring at her when the kit moved slightly. "Stag, is it?" He whispered from his best to the black kit. He'd heard that he came from a farm, specifically a barn but that was it. Maybe this could be a good chance for him to focus on being some what of a father. This could be good practice. "I'm Hurricanegaze."


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  • The prefix Stag had snagged a special spot in her heart, one much more favorable than any other cat she had known. Her lover, her boyfriend, her future mate was brave and noble and far too deserving of such a name - Stagheart. So she couldn't help the prick of discomfort that came with meeting a child with a similar name to her secret lover. Plus there was the kit factor - she wasn't sure if she'd ever been good at socializing with children but some of them seemed a little drawn to her. She liked the idea of being special to the kids but not keeping up her end of the bargain.

    Still, Honeybee plasters a small smile on her face and strides up beside Hurricanegaze, tilting her head down towards the young kit. "Hey there!" She chimes cheerily, pale blue eyes wide and welcoming. "Whatcha up to?"


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  • Children were.... certainly not Juniperstar's strong suit. Not in the slightest- they were hyper, loud, overly active- or, they were on the other end of the spectrum. Quiet, antisocial, unreadable. The cinnamon tom, in his youth, had leaned more toward the latter group- he'd stood a silent statue, a staple of their camp, a living landmark- observant and quiet, his eyes of green were sharply fixed upon the cats surging around camp- as a kit he'd liked to know everything abut everyone, to study them so he'd be unlike any of them when he finally started training to be a warrior. Unfortunately, that had perhaps been the beginning of his paranoia- in studying everyone so closely, he'd become acutely aware of the many ways in which they could kill him.

    Luckily, he was also aware of the fact that a kit couldn't kill him. So up to the scene he would wander, though in relative silence, his thorny gaze still lingering upon Stag for a little while, as if the kid was going to come and attempt to rip his throat out. "Yeah, you lost or something?" he asked stiffly and hoarsely, mouth barely moving as he said it, comically bad at hiding his slight awkward discomfort. Usually, hiding emotions was something that came relatively easy to him, but with his pounding head and wheezy chest, it was considerably harder.






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    "Hi, I'm... just here, I guess." He responded to Honeybee, amber eyes brimmed with some sort of desperation or sadness with a hint of confusion before nodding to Hurricanegaze. "Yeah, like those big things with antlers, or so my mom said anyway. I've never seen one." He shrugged. He didn't really want to think about his family right now, if he did he wasn't sure he could hold it together. He didn't want to embarrass himself in front of everyone though, that was for sure.

    "Lost? Well, kind of but not exactly." He murmured to Juniperstar, his gaze averted and fixed somewhere else, probably on a stray pebble or something. "I lived in a barn with my mom and brother and sister. A few sunrises ago I was out exploring all day and when I came back in the evening they weren't there. I waited for some time and they never returned." He explained, though he figured the tom probably didn't give a mouse tail about his life story. I was just answering his question though.



    ( solid black maine-coon with dark amber eyes ) ( 5 moons ) ( male ) ( kitten of trad. skyclan ) ( gen. 1 ) ( penned by crepuscular )